“Strangeness Behind Bars” .. Attendance and Departure Book Converts Engineer From Innocence to Death

In the world of crime, everything is allowed, to accuse, to hide, to accuse others. In the end, everything can be done behind bars, but despite this, the truth also cannot be hidden, no matter how long it takes, and no matter who did it, the decisive moment must come when the facts are revealed, and the right goes to its owners. The Seventh Day presents, during the month of Ramadan, successive episodes under the title facts from the book “The strangest cases” by Chancellor Baha Abu Shaqqa.

The events of this case were numerous, such that each situation made it an exciting event that constituted a complete case in itself..

Councilor Abu Shaqqa said: “I first encountered these events in the early 1960s when I was an officer of the Giza Public Prosecutor’s Office. Important factories in one of the centers of Giza – by killing his young wife..

The facts and evidence of the crime were puzzling because, according to my colleague, his wife had been found murdered in her luxury apartment in one of the high-rise buildings opposite the Giza Zoo. And that she didn’t know. nothing about the crime or its motives or the perpetrator, as she fell in her absence, and added that the apartment door was unusually open and she cried out for help as soon as she saw this horrible scene, which she did not think or think about..

When police moved immediately after notifying neighbors of the incident and examining the crime scene, it was found that she had suffered multiple stab wounds to her chest and heart. Surprisingly, it is that when searching her wardrobe, it was discovered that her jewels and jewelry were intact, and she was not stolen, even her gold bracelets, her wedding band and a precious diamond ring that she had by hand. the murder was not with intent to steal..

The investigations were active and ended with the validity of what the maid decided, and that what she decided was the truth and that she had no part in the events of the crime. However, the accusing fingers were pointing at the husband.. and that he was the one who tightly orchestrated his crime, which made those investigations stronger and stronger and stronger. What she brought up was the motive and the motive to kill her, if the investigations revealed the existence of a sinful relationship and an old love that bound him to another woman, and she got married and lived with her husband who took her to an oil country, she married him for his money, except he died recently, and what if she goes back to Cairo until ‘she hastened to contact him in order to revive their old relationship, and saliva drools over her wealth and the money she hoards as the price of this old age marriage in which sickness has been afflicted, and the return of this relationship and their continued meetings in her apartment which she inherited from fire has been confirmed.. But the perplexing question is what the one that drives the husband to risk his position, his future and even his life to commit the crime to kill his wife, because he can divorce her to return to his past in which he finds pleasure and joy. and to live..

However, that doubt was quickly dispelled in the face of what was proven by the prosecutor’s examination of the attendance and departure register, and it turned out that he showed up and signed at eight and four minutes, and that he left and signed off as soon as he learned of the accident at one and two minutes. It also became clear that the protocol and system of the factory in which he works It is imposed on any employee or workman, whatever his position, after entering the factory, not to leave or leave without a permit recorded in the entry book, in which everyone is obliged to sign, and the time and the minute of presence and departure are established..

But what caught my attention was what the inquests concluded, that the woman was obese, and that she missed the marriage train when he married her… and that he was weak of character before his wife and family, for she was from a family which had its tyranny and influence, and the woman was strong in character, very valiant, audible and unable to respond. He was humiliated, defeated, humiliated and repentant of his marriage to her. He married her in a moment of desperation after his beloved’s marriage and his travels with her husband. He would occasionally reminisce about the old days when he lived in love and was pampered by his beloved. He never tired of complaining to his close friends, asking their advice and thinking with him about a way out of this difficult situation, and friends advised him that the only solution was to divorce his wife, but the obstacle that prevented him was the delay of the important dowry he had committed, as well as the checks he signed in blank, she always threatened him.

This was the opinion of my colleague, the District Attorney, who investigated the case and presented it in the above manner, and the case was devoid of conclusive evidence. husband-engineer due to insufficient evidence “i.e. keep the file”…and assign the police to find the real killer.

In the meantime, when the Attorney General grabbed his pen noting in support of what the prosecutor had concluded based on the above.. it interrupted the entry of a dean of justices, as they were the Attorney General to receive him, so my colleague and I left until the next morning to issue his visa.

Fate decreed that my colleague would suffer from severe renal colic the next day, and he was taken to the hospital, and I underwent a “bitter” operation, with which he was granted a month’s sick leave, then the chief prosecutor referred the case to disposal and asked me to prepare a decision in the case of my sick colleague who had previously been presented to him A decision not to press charges for insufficient evidence“.

I had to read the case documents well and ended up having to complete the investigations into the process of the engineer entering and leaving the factory gate, to find out if he was was presented and left the same day the crime occurred. , according to what was proven in my attendance and departure sheets, but the Attorney General took the initiative to present to him my point of view according to which the prosecutor in charge of the investigation had previously examined the two notebooks and it is clear from this that the signature of the defendant before the time of attendance, and his signature also before the time of departure, and here I have presented my contrary view, its content and the basis on which it has based his belief in this regard from the investigations, he was deficient in verification. is certain that the two signatures to appear and to leave – are those of the accused, which can only be broken by his technical investigation by the forensic service “Service de Recherches et Contrefaçons” to make a comparison between the signature of the accused and the signature assigned to him in the attendance and departure registers..

In fact, the requirements were completed, and the accused and the attendance and departure sheets were sent to forensic medicine, to indicate whether or not they were identical, “that is to say for a person or for two people.“.

It was a surprise that confirmed the sincerity of my expectation, because it emerged from the matching procedure that the signature of the accused on the attendance and departure registers is not his signature. In the notebooks, his plan is.. He added that the accused is the one who asked him to sign instead because he will not be present that day, because he has an important matter that he wants to finish , and he insisted on it, especially since he is his boss at work..

The maid was therefore summoned, who completely denied the defendant’s statements and confirmed that she had not contacted him at work, because he mentioned it at the beginning of the investigations that he had learned from the accident by the maid’s report. She insisted he showed up minutes after the police came and she didn’t know who told her about the accident..

So I summoned the accused and asked him again: how did you find out about the accident?… He replied that it was the maid who called him at work and told him talked about the accident. she did not tell him about the accident by phone, because he was not present at work the day of the accident, so he became increasingly agitated, nervous and burst into tears echoing the expression “oppressed…oppressed”.“.

A new indictment was prepared and the accused was remanded to trial for the premeditated murder of his wife. The court decided to punish the “engineer” husband with life imprisonment with hard labor..

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