Abu Elzeek (2)

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May 12, 2022 5:57 am GMT

When he felt me ​​approach his table, Zaki Fateen looked up and saw the angry looks on my face as he looked at what he was doing with the poor script papers, so he turned off hastily fired my anger with a loud laugh, which he gave as he stood, holding out his hand peacefully, and said sarcastically, “Of course, that’s not the best way to meet a screenwriter. for the first time.” Then he asked that I give him a chance to explain the secret to his paper shredding, and I decided to exchange affection and a joke with him, asking him to remove the “best weapon is long” letter opener.

After greetings and peace and some sweet babbling, and before the tea and Nescafé came down, Zaki said he knew what pissed me off the most wasn’t tearing up some of the script papers, but rather the alternate papers he had pasted, which include writing his own handwriting, and he reassured me that he didn’t rewrite his character’s dialogue, and that he’s not with that degree of silliness that makes him do this before I attend his meeting, on top of that Muhammad Ali stressed the importance of memorizing the dialogue accurately as the shooting schedule is tight due to a budget insufficient, and he cannot bear any delay or disturbance.

So what’s the story? All there is is that he used writing as a means of memorization, since his school days, in which he was not well versed. He didn’t just rewrite the dialogue on separate paper instead of the script, he said that he feels more familiar with his handwriting, and that when he looks at the dialogue sentences written in his handwriting, he psychologically relaxes and something flashes in his mind and he remembers it and says it easily, and he started showing me a handy statement on it to assure me of his honesty in handling the dialogue.

I made sure to tell him that I’m not one of the obsessive writers who treat their dialogue like a sacred text that doesn’t accept change, and that I realize the importance of smart, disciplined improvisation in the vision of the director, but the type of the series and the nature of its dramatic construction make it necessary to avoid deleting and modifying the sentences that the heroes utter in certain scenes, because they will be counted They must follow in other scenes , when the investigations into the murder mystery around which the series revolves intensify, and little did I know when I was talking about the nature of the series’ dialogue that it would make him bring the biography of his grandfather, Fatin Abdel Wahab, to our interview.

Zaki told me about his admiration for black comedy in which many scenes were formulated that made him laugh from his heart contrary to what he expected, adding with embarrassment that he had heard a lot about my comedies , but he intends to watch them, so who knows maybe I wasn’t the only reason for his return to the movies? And even in his return to his old loves: staging, and in particular the staging of comedy, his favorite artistic genre, from which he stubbornly moved away with the soul, so that one does not not say that he is following in the footsteps of his father, of whom the directors were tired, and in order not to provoke his anger, I did not tell him of my great admiration for his father, but rather of the scenes of Alaa Wali Al-Din and Ashraf Abdel Baqi in his incomplete film (Romantica), which made me laugh every time I watched it, and on the spirit of irony that enveloped the whole film, which made an interesting film for me despite all the circumstances and difficulties that came with it, so he shook his head sadly, then he said, “Oh, have you seen the film? Ok, okay,” and changed the subject.

We took the dialogue with the character he plays on the show, who said he was lucky to be his part because it made it easier for him to decide whether to return to acting, not just because ‘she appears in the first part of the events vague and fuzzy then confused and suspicious, which will help her after the long absence of the camera. , especially since those parts are the ones that will start shooting, so he asked me to focus in our sessions on the last part in which the character’s past is revealed to viewers to make it clear that he was lying to his wife, as she was lying to him, and when he began to talk about his perception of how this would lead Part, I felt deeply relieved and took the opportunity for him to go to the bathroom to call Muhammad Ali and tell him that we would be very lucky if Zaki played the character with such understanding and enthusiasm.

We were lucky, thank goodness, and the series managed to give real starring opportunities to all the actors and actresses who participated in it, and although some critics pointed out that Zaki Fateen stuttered while performing certain phrases of dialogue, they considered it to be part of the character traits of the returnee after a long absence, Zaki had to deal with this defect in his later works, which accelerated their pace in a way no one could have imagined, in to the extent that he participated in the championship of four and five series in the same season.

“Abu El-Zeik” – his adopted name after two sessions in which we became friends – whenever we happened to meet on the streets of the city center, he would open his arms and light up his face with a broad smile calling me “Wash al-Saad.” He finds time to practice the ritual of cutting and pasting phrases of dialogue, and he laughs that “money is known to improve everything in a person, even the ability to memorize quickly.”

I was happy a few years later when a clip from a series with director Ahmed Galal reached him, in which he said a critical monologue about the country’s conditions without showing any signs of stuttering or confusion. I read the news of his dreaded illness. , which he fought with a courage worthy of him.

Our meetings were repeated in downtown Cairo during the preparation of the shooting (Ahl Cairo) and after its projection, most took place in the forum of lovers, with mediocre drinks, of which he confessed to me that the The only reason he had made it his “chosen place” was that it was the fewest places in the downtown area where he could meet acquaintances and friends. Trouble that could hurt his brain or mess with his mood, who used to joke that his acidity levels increased every day he grew up, that bright and volatile mood, which he was not embarrassed to admitting that he made a mistake and pushed him to make many bad decisions that he is neither proud of nor regretted.

After the success of the series, we were often invited to attend meetings in clubs, forums, cultural centers and television stations, and Zaki Fateen was the most prominent apologist in all these meetings, because he couldn’t stand the thought of sitting on a platform for his eyes to fix, as well as his expectation that the questions directed at him would lead away from the character he was playing. Talking about Fatin, Laila and Souad, the big three whose names are associated with us with joy and ecstasy, and associated with him with the pain of loss and difficult conditions, and that is perhaps why he was happy when he told me about some viewers knowing him from his constant wandering the streets of downtown as “Nice Safi Selim” or “Bataa”. The people of Cairo”, as if their spontaneous conversation made him feel, if only for a moment, the displacement of the burden he had never chosen to carry, certain details of which I knew when a new coincidence gathered.

We will continue next week, God willing.

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