“United in diversity”… an art exhibition on social sharing in Gaza

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May 12, 2022 11:27 a.m. GMT

Update date: May 12, 2022 1:20 p.m. GMT

Yesterday, Wednesday evening, the art exhibition “United in Diversity” was inaugurated in Gaza City, with the participation of a window professional, the Contemporary Art Program – Convergence, the Atelier des Fine Arts of Gaza and the Tamer Foundation for Community Education, on the sidelines of the visit of the delegation of heads of European missions and members of the European Union to the Strip.

The event was organized by the French Institute in Gaza, in the presence of a large crowd of directors of civil institutions, writers, artists and journalists.


The vision of the exhibition is part of the efforts of the creators of Gaza, in partnership with international institutions, to transform the idea of ​​community participation despite the difference and contrast in most details, and the ability to create life for all.

Through the paintings, Palestinian creativity and the embodiment of Palestinian identity were transmitted, as well as the capacity for cohesion and unity of this exhausted society, despite the intellectual changes that occurred as a result of the war. and seat, and the difference and diversity of human nature.

The art forms featured in the exhibition ranged from abstract paintings, installation works to paintings fabricated by electronic photography and fused by installation.

Many young Palestinian artists participated in the exhibition; In an attempt to account for the suffering of the Palestinian artist, an image of his obsessions and the changes in himself during the period of repeated wars against the Gaza Strip.



Visual artist, Maram Saqr, presents the Palestinian woman prone to blur and distortion, through the loss of small details and the erasure of facial features, through abstract philosophical paintings, through which the human eye simulates, and awareness of the cruel experience of women through long years of siege and wars for this narrow place.

We find the many circles in Saqr’s paintings, which wind inside the body and around the face, to express the limits, the labyrinth and the confusion in the touch of reality, and the wandering in the discovery of human identity.


We also find the weak fetus clinging to life in the womb of the mother, in an expressive artistic scene that embodies the reality of the Palestinian human being in the womb of the great mother, Palestine.

As for the rope raised and weak in the middle of all the thorny paths, it moves towards life with its bends and its balls, like a kind of protection.. This small mass is the secret of the continuation of life on this earth tired.

Giokanda and keffiyeh

As for the artist, Asma Al-Jaithani, through her paintings based on photography and integration, she is able to convey the Mona Lisa to the Palestinian situation through her multiple paintings, in which she presented the global symbolism of the Mona Lisa, wearing her keffiyeh, considered a symbol of the Palestinian struggle since the thirties of the last century.


This fusion carries the projections of consciousness through the two-dimensional view of the Giokanda, which makes looking at it from any direction produce the same effect, as if the artist wanted to assume the same vision of the Palestinian cause, as the he eye, wherever you look, will find Palestine before it, holding the same anguished view of the world.

This aesthetic bridging of the transfer of the Palestinian identity, and its generalization with the global symbol of the Mona Lisa, is the task of the Palestinian creator, in imitation of the human being all over the world.

cubic mural

While the forecourt of the French Institute held the opening words, the right part of the garden embraced a cubic fresco which was painted directly in front of the public, with the participation of artists and artists, Fida Al-Hasanat, Hazem Al-Zumar, Ayman Al-Hosari and Shaima Hassanein.


The paintings, wrapped in all directions, carried a common vision to convey a collective idea through the participating artists.

We see a multiplicity of intense faces with contrasting features, and white and brown colors for them, and we find the woman, the man, the child and the withers, all united to make a scene, with different qualities and combinations between them.

Despite the different ideas in the four murals, the linguistic link and decoration of graphic art through the Arabic language was the common thread of dialogue and connection between all the paintings.

Visual artist Fida Al-Hasanat told “Erm News”: “We have adopted the philosophy of linking artistic concepts, shapes and symbols, through the thread of linguistic communication, and language is the basis of human dialogues capable of bridging the gaps and social union despite all the differences.”

Al-Hasanat adds, “Even in our paintings, we have embraced participation by placing each artist’s touches on the painting of the other, with the aim of symbolizing the capacity for communal sharing despite differences and differences to create a beautiful scene and a unified social network. .”


colorful world

In his work, the visual artist Ataf Al-Najili has embodied, through cardboard and different colors, the differentiation between social components and buildings, presenting an artistic composition dense in detail, through cubes, squares and artistic holes, but this content is full of difference, united by a scene, maybe if we look at it from afar, we will find A human face with cheerful features, as an intentional symbolization by the artist that difference can add more of beauty through dialogue and closeness, thus realizing social union in its best form.


Ataf Al-Najili says: “The mission of art has always been to fill social and subjective gaps and holes, so I used this cartoonish composition, with the aim of recycling the details of nature, and that s also applies to ideas in order to achieve collective achievements. union.”

Al-Najili added: “The world is not glorified without colors, and this multiplicity of color dimension gives the world more depth and the ability to progress and continue. A color is a path without details or feasibility, and eventually it will take the scene to an inevitable death.

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