A big caliber surprise.. This is the artist Baligh Hamdi asked Samira Saeed to come back to sing through her

An episode full of surprises in which the Moroccan star Samira Said tells us about the memories of her life with the late musician Baligh Hamdi, during her show on the show “Avec l’Artery” for the media Daoud Al-Sharyan. talent that forced the most brilliant vocalists of the time to pay attention to her and her strong rise at that time.

Star Samira Saïd started talking at the start of the episode about the scenes showing her talent as a singer to the late King Hassan II of Morocco, to repeat her visits to the royal palace as a child, which allowed her to get to know each other . with many artists from the East, such as artist Abdel Halim Hafez, Fayza Ahmed and Farid al-Atrash.

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And she revealed during her interview with the media Daoud Al-Sharyan in the program “With Al-Sharyan” on the mbc channel, saying: “King Hassan II, may God have mercy on him, was a connoisseur of music , and he led the group during the visit of singers from the east to the palace, including Abdel Halim Hafez, Fayza Ahmed and Farid al-Atrash, and he was He also plays the accordion and distinguishes the singing of the singer with a beautiful sentence.

Samira added: “At that time, Abdel Halim Hafez suggested my presentation during one of his concerts in Cairo, and I was 11 years old, but the king refused because of my studies and welcomed him. do in the future. Unfortunately, when I came to Cairo, it was after Abdel Halim’s death, but during his life, he visited us at our house and heard what I sang from time to time.

Samira Saeed spoke out, for the first time during her dialogue with the Saudi media, Daoud Al-Sharyan, about the late artist Laila Murad, to reveal that her meeting with Baligh Hamdi was part of her attempt to bring back Laila Murad on vocals, like Samira Saeed was taking her first steps in the Egyptian opera community at that time with the song “”The Love I Live In.” composed by Mohamed Sultan and lyrics by Mohamed Hamza.

And about Laila Murad, Samira Saeed said, “After I made (the love I live in), Baligh Hamdi heard about my presence in Cairo, so he called me and told me. offered to take part in a show he was preparing called (New in New), which featured a bunch of new talent at the time, including Suzanne, Attia and Muhammad Tharwat in addition to me, and revealed to me that Laila Murad will be on on the show, which is an attempt to bring her back to singing.

She added, “The filming took place in Abu Dhabi, and we did preparations that took two or three months, as well as about two months in Abu Dhabi, and we were recording a song and filming the program the next day, and Laila Murad was with us, and the songs that were recorded at that time are beautiful and different from today.”

Regarding her exposure to some criticism for singing with a Jewish singer at the Vatican in 1997, a ceremony attended by the pope and held within the framework of interreligious dialogue, Samira Said said: “The party included a singer representing the Jewish religion, and another singer representing Christianity, and I am a singer representing Islam in the framework of interreligious dialogue, and these occasions are important for me because they bring religious people together. We all live on the globe, and each has his belief, and we are all governed by humanity and the laws that God has established in the religions and exhort them all on the same principles.

Saeed added, “Some pens criticized my singing with a Jewish singer, and it’s a response to that that we’re not talking about nationalities or an occupied country, and we’re talking about interreligious dialogue away from the narrow view and of our problems with a specific country, because the event brought together the late Sheikh of Al-Azhar (Mohamed Sayed Tantawi) and the Pope The Vatican and some Jewish Rabbis.

Samira Said also spoke about the start of her singing career as a child, saying: “Around 1968, I participated in the show of musician Abdel Nabi Al-Jerari and I was 9 years old, a show similar to (The Voice), but with less stature and ability, and most singers from Morocco, including Abdel Hedi Belkhayat and Aziza Jalal.

Samira Said concluded: “At that time, the singer Bahja Idris was present, and she was the first Moroccan singer, and I was a little girl and I have always been little, and I sang on the show. (Al Atlal) from Umm Kulthum, and one of the things that happened was that they put me on a chair while I was singing until I appeared.

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