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In his latest film, “One again”, artist Ahmed Helmy presents two characters: “Mustafa”, the good routine employee who respects rules and laws, and “X”, the passionate adventurer who killed the first in his life. life and brought it back to the second by the method of “Bosa” planted by the doctor (Mr. Rajab) in him to become a successful person as told by Ahmed Malik, brother of his former girlfriend (Ruby).

Multiple personalities.. 5 previous experiences

And this is not the first time that “Helmy” presents more than one character, which puts him in a difficult test, and makes him responsible for the complete success of the work, since he is the hero and his shadow, or its shadow. His films, where he was able to present the three characters as if he were 3 actors and not a single actor, and he made a comedy which was the most successful in 2007, and earned more than 20 million pounds of income thanks to his show.

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This number is exceeded by the film “X-Large”, which reached more than 30 million pounds in 2011, in which it presented the first character (Magdy / Adel), who suffers from a significant increase in weight, and was afraid to reveal his childhood sweetheart (Donia Samir Ghanem) that he He is Magdy so he resorted to a trick that he is just but here there was no personality difference as they are both one, the only difference is his claim that Magdy is “the clip of the fish and his val. Adel pitted his cousin, and it’s closer to what he presented in” Tareq’s circumstances “, where he pretended to be Nour’s classmate “Omar” to get closer to her, then she finds out that he is “Tariq” and not “Omar”.

The multiplicity of personalities here was also prominent in the presentation of the “Magdy” character himself before he lost weight. He was a cheerful person, loved by everyone, by his friends, and he spoke to them spontaneously and very simply, unlike Magdy after losing weight. weight, who became calmer in his character, looking at himself and his successes, his desires not as before he marginalized himself in exchange for his interest in his friends and their problems.

The multiplicity of characters was also in Helmy’s last work before “One Tani”, the film “Fantasy of Might”, where he also played three characters, the son, the father and the grandfather, in three different eras, as well as “Made in Egypt”, in which it features the character “Alaa the Persian”, and the teddy bear. that it transforms.

spectator infection

It should be noted here that the real beginnings of my dream and pay attention to it was in the movie “The Nazer”, where he introduced the most famous character “Atef” on social networks, and he is still alive today today on social media sites Followed by Helmy, where the late artist Alaa Wali Al-Din presented the role of “Ashour”, his son “Salah Al-Din”, and his wife Jawaher, to present “Wali Al- Din” one of his most important films through the three characters.

“Helmy” came out of the womb of the plurality of “Al-Nazir” characters, and with him also in the same context was Muhammad Saad, who introduced the character “Al-Lambi”, which began with short scenes in “Al- Nazir” until it turns into a series of films that are the most successful in the history of Muhammad Saad, who was infected by the multiplicity of personalities. He is the other in his works (Elly Bali Balik, Awkal, Katkut, Karkar, Tik Tik Boum, Vivia Atta, Sous la table).

Multiple personalities.. Does it still work?

“Helmy” and “Saad” tend to have multiple personalities in their works, which brings us to an important question. Was it influenced by “Al-Nazer” who helped shape their stardom? Or seek each of them to succeed by repeating the experiment? Or is it a challenge they tried to overcome? Does the experiment still work?

The multiplicity of personalities has already succeeded with the duo in certain works dreamed of by many artists, and the closest example is Ahmed Makki, also a follower of the multiplicity of personalities, in “No Retreat ni Surrender” that he presented (Adham, Hazaloum) and in “Sima Ali Baba” he presented (Also Hazloum, Habash, and Barbar), and his biggest success was the series “Al Kabeer Awe” in its six parts, in which he presented (The Great, Johnny, and Hazaloum), which maintained its success, and even increased its success in the 2022 Ramadan season.

And the presentation of the artist in a work of two or more characters, if it says anything, it indicates the true acting abilities of the artist, but the thing does not always work, such as “Helmy”, “Saad “, “Makki” and others despite the remarkable success of some of the works they presented He has a multiplicity of characters, but this did not prevent them from withdrawing into other works, especially since this material bears the artist the greatest responsibility, rather the full success, for the success of the work, as often with the multiplicity of characters, the characters of the hero acquire all the attention in writing, which weakens the secondary characters surrounding him, unlike the one in which he features a role, such as “Asal Black” as the closest example.

In “One Other”, Ahmed Helmy did not fail to present his duo, because it was much better than “Imagination of Moutah”, and moving between them was the best that the film presented, with words, expressions and simple movements, my dream changes from “Mustafa” to “X”, and you can simply Recognize who is in this scene by the tone of his voice and the way he speaks without having to look at his hair is the hallmark of the distinction between them.

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