Chapters of Madiha’s complete book. Years after his retirement

Mohamed Sarsawy

Madiha retired quietly, without fuss, and her respect for art and her colleagues continued, as well as her appreciation for her artistic career. And her satisfaction with him, but she kept herself out of the spotlight, and her relationships with her friends. and her colleagues in the artistic world continue, a relationship of friendship and respect, she tries to satisfy her desires for reading, worship and a quiet life.

After his retirement, Madiha attended several religious meetings, including the Doctors Club at Saba Pasha Beach on the Corniche, which was attended by 250 A woman and a daughter are doctors and wives of doctors, and he was invited by Dr. Mansour Mohamed is a family doctorMadiha Kamel inCamp Chezarand her doctor when she is inAlexandriaAnd she spoke about her experience with the veil and her retirement from the art when she is at the height of her success and the glory of her youth, and she answered questions She is present in her public and private affairs , and she said: She established a Sunnah in the world to be close to her mother, Perhaps one of the reasons for her real retirement was her mother’s illness.

And she confirmed it in her last press-related interview by answering the question about the direct cause of her decisive decisionretirement.

Her mother’s illness shook her violently, which the illness did to the mother-in-law, who was overflowing with vitality and activity The illness left its severe effects visible on her face and body, and she lost all vitality, and she lives for periods without knowing what is going on around.

shook the depthsMadiha Kamel I felt strong and I was afraid of sickness, death and the afterlife, and it was, as you say, a gift from God, so I immediately made up his mind to take his retirement and follow the path of hijab and faith, and she answered honestly. question about the veracity of what has been reported For huge financial donations to be given to pensions. She completely denied this, but expressed amazement that some people think true faith is a gift from God, not gifts of money, and she added, if the goal was money, it would have been easier to make it pass More films, series or even advertisements.

The question that pressed the press, including Sayida magazine which published this topic: But was this vision the same? The reason for Madiha Kamel’s retirement? So what is Madiha Kamel’s story with Ramadan? When did the pain start Then why did she hide the news of her illness from everyone, and whenever they asked she would say: I am fine, praise be to Allah Allah.And why did Madiha Kamel remain silent throughout her retirement years and only speak once?

The answers to these questions were many and varied, but some of the answers depended on rumors and such and such, but we In my lady, we do not rely on such answers, because only Madiha Kamel herself answered our issues. And only for my lady, Madiha candidly announced the reason for her retirement, as she said while in a state of contemplation: Duty A person must stop and see each other again, so I stopped and I saw myself again, and I think it’s time for Me, I dreamed of him years ago, during Ramadan, I used to leave everything and read the Noble Quran, the interpretation and biography, and in every Ramadan I was about to hide from work, but something stopped me.

Madiha goes on to say, as soon as Ramadan and Eid days and white days are over, the contacts come back, and they are presented to business, and I come back and engage in work, but the decision to retire didn’t leave my mind for a moment, and I had a premonition inside of me that mentions that it’s in the next Ramadan, I’m going to retire and retire from the artistic community quietly.

Does this mean that the artistic medium has something wrong?

Each medium has the good and the bad, the pure and the encountered, this and that, but the important and useful thing is that the artistic medium has nothing to do with the transformations that have happened to me. For a long time I read about religion, I learned, studied, asked and tried from time to time to stay away from everything, and to lock myself up with myself and myself, and to look at where exactly I am at, because he is a psychological worker, and Almighty God God inspires us to breaks.

I once read a hadith from the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, in which he said, the strong and the good are more loved by God than the weak believer, I stood in front of the hadith for a long time, and realized that Almighty God loves his strong servants, and I decided that I will be strong, strength is that a person thinks about life and knows what is best, what is the value of success and of fame, so what is calm, giving and pure love, and the difference between the two values ​​is crystal clear, that’s why I pulled back and saw that he was from my duty to dedicate myself to worship as much as possible.

– What about the meeting that took place between you and Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al Shaarawy, did this meeting have an impact: withdrawing and wearing the veil?

Yes, I met Sheikh Shaarawy and we had a long conversation, but I don’t like to broadcast it, it was a private conversation, that’s why I can’t reveal what happened.

As for the changes that have taken place in me, as I said, I am not far from my Lord at any time. I was not far from my religion, and religion was not far from me, and praise God, I memorized many verses from the Quran The Noble Quran, and many honorable hadiths from the Prophet, and I am always trying to please Almighty God, and satisfy my conscience. To relax my mind and my heart.

Hello, I also received an important document..a videotape of a women’s session in which Madiha speaks at home One of the families of Mohandessin on the real reasons for retirement. We will not describe to you what happened, we will leave you with what Madiha said.

The tape begins with a full appearance of Madiha among a group of women aged between twenty and thirty in a house. The family kept the tape for four years. At the beginning of the session, Madiha Kamel said: I am honored to be with you now, and I would like to say at the beginning This session is not a religious lesson or a sermon, I do not rise to this, I am not a religious preacher i am a muslim woman who loves God, and i have decided to get closer to him and know more about my religion, i am still a science student, and i am trying in this session to say my feelings and my feelings in front of the veil.One of the participants asked:

-Have you absolved art after your retirement and wearing the hijab?

She answered with astonishment: I renounce art, I ban art, no artist has the right to ban art, art is not On the contrary, art is a sublime message and big. The artist is a role model for society because he presents personal models that benefit the public. For example, I presented Abla Kamel on the rise To the Abyss, a role that I cherish, always love to watch on the television. It is a role that sheds light on the punishment inflicted on anyone who betrays his homeland, and then I see that the one who deprives him of the Art is the one who made the ban, therefore he prohibited it, therefore the one who says that art is forbidden speaks only of its people, and does not deny it generalizes all art.

I give you an example when I saw a girl walking in the street, not veiled for example, and wearing short clothes, I cannot say that she is a bad person, not engaging, who is perhaps better than me in the sight of our Lord, instead of my criticizing people. Leave me to myself. I don’t invite others. God be praised. I have good relationships with my colleagues in the art. They call me and I call them to check on them.

Another woman asked her the reason for her veil, and was her daughter Merihan behind her, who preceded her in the veil?

قالت مديحة: مسألة الحجاب والاعتزال ، وكيف تغيرت حياتى ، وتحولت لهذه الصورة كانت بسب أحاسيس خاصة سيطرت عليّ جعلتنى اعتزل الفن وأرتدى الحجاب ، وغير صحيح أن ابنتى تحجبت قبلى فأنا تحجبت قبل ابنتى ميريهان فى شهر رمضان 1992 ودعple وقفة عرفات أي بعد حجابى بشهرين كنت أقيم فى منزلى بالمهندسين مجلسًا دينيًا ، ودخلت ابنتى عليّ ، وقلت لها تعالى يا ميريهان نصلى معًا ف فصليت وانهمرت الدموع ف this time

– And when a third lady asked her, how did she go from acting to hijab?

Madiha Kamel smiled and said: I pray to God to guide me to quit smoking as he guided me to get closer to it. one With a cigarette to my heart or my brain, God willing, Madiha completes her speech, and on the question of the passage of How did art come to the veil? Since childhood, when I was in school, I was one of the champions of sports and drama These identities were taken from my goal in the study, and I was studying at the end of the month and I have succeeded.

While I was working at the cinema, an accident happened to me that shook me a lot, it was the death of my brother Mustafa, who was 11 years old I am 17 years old, and it was in 1978, after the accident, I started getting closer to God, and I became persistent in my prayers Even when I was acting, my prayer time was very important and sacred to me, after that The glamor of cinema took me, and Five years ago, I gave up on life and work, and I was conversing with myself in the makeup room, getting ready for a scene that I’m going to perform on set, and thinking to myself, “What? I’ve been doing for how long, and this topic is it doesn’t matter. end. And then I felt alienated from the artistic community.

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