Idris is unhappy

Idris worried about his mother’s comfort and his group’s confusion, and he was so miserable that he planned night flights and played pranks, wore ragged clothes and beards with goat hair, thickened her eyebrows with kohl and penetrated into houses and people. dinner, and they become empty in genius, and take their dinner from their hands while they are empty, and sniff clothes over the clotheslines; To challenge the annoying neighbors, and he has a group of young men who go to Al-Ghadari, to dig up the poles and steal the bread from the pitchforks.

The sages complained to his nephew’s groom, and he said in his reply: O halal children, I know the child is violent, but if his widowed mother is not able to do it, am I able, uncle? They said: “You educated him, and we do not wish to cross you to the sheikh of the tribe, otherwise you will see the white face of the face, so he asked for a time to consult with his mother, and return the flag to them before the landing day of the weekly market.

The corporal spent the shortest and longest night turning him left and right; And a sheep tidied him up, and a goat consoled him, he took his bed out of the attic, and spread it in the loudspeaker, and the night passed between the idea of ​​being brought to him, the idea of answering him, and his determination to marry his brother’s widow, the Lord God, if he would overcome the hump, would win the hump and the complaint, relieve the pain and widen the gap.

It was morning with the sunrise, and she was above the doorstep, and Idris’ head was in her droop, her hair was falling, she welcomed the deserter, and wrapped herself in under his sleeping son, and chose He lifted up the sleeping one, shook him and spread him out for the corporal on the stairs, and entered the house, and the corporal came out from under his cloak Habsha Qusbah.” He called Idris and asked him to open his pocket, so he filled it till it overflowed, and said, I asked you, and I am your uncle, to take my sheep with your sheep, and let them graze among the handicappers, and he ordered him; Do not scatter the grouse, cockles, and eagles, and in the fall of the congregation the sheep will crumble and poison themselves. The most important thing is to put the blades up before they plow, and you see them one by one, and God don’t leave them with a hair.

Umm Idris dropped two eggs into the tawa, and on it a spoonful of ghee, sprinkled salt and black pepper on it, took what was left of the embers, and the taw landed on it, and lifted the bucket to rubbish from her bread, and shook off the stuck-on ashes, striking her with his palm on her back and on her stomach, and with a knife, her edges were left with streak marks. She charred it, wrapped it in a towel, threw away the kettle, covered the neck of the refrigerator with a mug, to numb it, took her wooden comb, and her eyeliner, and stood before a mirror set up in a cupboard, and made sure of its decoration, and took a piece of dermis and passed it over her lips, opened the cupboard and took a sip of chewing gum, she drew the sweetness from her mouth, sprinkled his cart with thyme, took his omen and placed it before his well-known mother-in-law.

The sergeant gave a blow to the creature that approached him and said to herself: May God have mercy on you, O (Silver), I do not know where my eyes were on the day of your recreation, and pay attention to his voice, she says: Poison. O Sharhhat al-Khater, and he swore by what he put his hand in, except with his hand with him, so she took the tip of the tip, the bruise of his fingers, and passed them on the table , and said; May God multiply him. I preceded you; He sighed. May he be blessed with good health. The corporal brushed the hairs of his mustache that hung over his lower lip with his thumb. He was called the Most Merciful.

He contented himself with what was allocated to him and said, “A fifth of me, and I will take you to complete what we have left for each other, we correspond to our lives.” He added: ‘I am well, and I would like to apologize before I die, Maruth. Don’t paralyze knowledge, nothing is like the first year. He caressed his chest with his palm, took his condolences and said: Ava, I am the Muhdhid al-Ma’asir and the shrine of al-Man’ir. He who furnishes the excuses, and he who creates the conditions, do not denigrate the Earl; And you have not tasted her death, and she said: I am afraid of those who have tasted it before us, and he is hungry for it.

The request of the faqih, held for him by his brother’s widow, then the faqih began, showing his faults, and telling him some of the misdeeds, and mistreatment of his son Idris, and said: I advise you for the ‘love of God ; Solve it, what suits you, time is a resource and you are a source, and the muezzin joined in the frenzy and said: His son has no spirit with him, restrain him, and by God, if you see him in the morning, he is tied to the horns of the well, and spins through the air like monkeys, in order to unravel the minds of women who draw, Then the sergeant groaned at their words, and said: ” Oh pure picker, by God you have no mind He is with my little finger, and you, Deccan, strengthen him, I mean, you paralyze me, relax your angels, and God responds well .

As long as he reaches the end of the tunnel, except for the lawyer, throwing his leg in the air, saying, “When would you like to meet?” He said, “After the sun goes down, you will answer in Deccan to testify, and I will bring my neighbor Salim, a second witness. The cries shouted, Prosper, O Al-Mafalih! Idris fell into the well, so the village was terrified by the archers, and Al-Qashabi for extract the drowned, and when the specialist in the exhumation of the victims came down, and one man landed at the end, and the other in the rocky corner , except that the lark, which broke through his foot, took a section of the right stumble, in the wall of the well, and succumbed to the serpent; So he departed and took the tattered garment; And if so, he is wrapped in the dusty robe of Idris.

The sergeant said: Apart from her, silence was born in us, and we were at the beginning of our joy in the ventilators, and the smoke did not hinder her progress, but she is healed by me whenever my eyes catch him. She said: I am your intruder, do not slander him, it is not necessary that he lies on my lap, and I tell him, before sleeping, and my decency.

The roundabout went as they were liberated, and they said: We did not heal him, drag him, or repel him from his headquarters, and we believe he attacked, and the complaints of the village increased , of Saray Leil, the Seal sector, and the grievances reached the sheikh of the tribe, so he asked the corporal, to provide him with the names of the unfortunate people of the village, to submit them to the government, So he wrote four names, and the village heard the news, and they said: Corporal Heshma Umm Idris, what his son wrote is miserable.

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