Pitfalls” on the way to eliminating the crime of harassment

Survey – Muhammad Saber:

Published on: Thursday, May 12, 2022 – 20:09 | Last update: Thursday, May 12, 2022 – 8:09 PM

Professor of sociology: The age of minors must be lowered and the penalty increased. And a lawyer: The penalty is 5 years in prison and a fine of 500,000 pounds
Lawyer: All monotheistic religions have prohibited harassment, and Islam guarantees the absolute freedom of man in himself and not in others

Legislative amendments, religious sermons, social initiatives and measures to combat the phenomenon of sexual harassment, which failed to prevent a group of young men and boys from harassing two foreign tourists in the Giza pyramids during the celebrations of the Eid al-Fitr, after they were victims of abuse and physical harassment.
Just 38 seconds in a video clip released on the internet as a wildfire spread was enough to put a ‘stigma’ in the case of 13 young men after they were arrested and prosecutors ordered the jailing of 3 of them and the bond of 10 others in one of the observation houses due to their young age, charged with exposure to the two girls.
The prosecutor’s decision did not write the final lines of this case, but rather reopened a case that had always caused discontent and resentment and resembled a series whose episodes do not end in one of the worst social phenomena that require more action despite the harshest conditions. sanctions to deter the culprits.
The pyramid incident was not the first and will not be the last. The girls always talked about similar incidents that hurt them. Reham Ibrahim, a student in the faculty of commerce, says she was verbally harassed more than once while walking down the street, but she is unaware of these bad practices, but she witnessed a quarrel between a student and a young man who physically harassed her, and the argument ended with the young man being beaten in the street.
Sherihan Muhammad, a housewife, adds that we often see incidents of harassment and the movement of some girls to assert their rights, whether by law or societal norms, but the majority pass unaccounted for, attributing the cause of the problem to “lack of education and the disappearance of morality.”
She continues: The harassment of girls on vacation by young men has become a frequent and sad scene, and young people need to be made aware that a girl can be their sister or their mother, and that it is necessary for the family follow their children home.
Zainab Youssef, a housewife, adds that although women wore short clothes before, we have not witnessed these strange facts in our society, contrary to what is happening now of obscene verbal harassment, lengthening hands and bodily touching, which affect the psyche. They are harassed into writing him a police report to restore his right and prevent this crime from happening again.
On the social level, Samia Khader, professor of sociology at Ain Shams University, says that the phenomenon of bullying is a real threat to society, indicating that the bully is a psychologically disturbed person who needs treatment and support. ‘a psychological rehabilitation, and despite the more severe punishment, without rehabilitation and psychological treatment, the harasser can repeat his crime.
She points out that what happened in the pyramids in the previous days is mass harassment, that is to say harassment by a large group of people towards an individual or several individuals, and the problem is not in girls’ clothes, but in the culture of society and the lack of awareness, family role and good role models.
She continues that to eliminate this phenomenon, it is necessary to highlight a set of models and successful experiences in society, which have had an impact on change in order to become a model for young people and future generations, and to show the role of women in society so that the harasser realizes the greatness of the woman and does not look at her “the animal point of view” which pushes him to harassment, she added: You have to clean the brain young people of these thoughts.
Sociology professor Esmat Adly says that bullying is not limited to verbal or physical bullying, but extends to social networking sites, pointing out that bullying is a widespread disease in most countries of the world, and that we must now reconsider again the procedures and penal code, where there are loopholes in which the accused can escape his act.
He adds: The age of minors must be changed to less than 15, and there are many crimes that escape punishment due to the application of the age of minors.
He affirms that the phenomenon of harassment has become more widespread in recent times, especially in the celebration of holidays, despite the widespread security density in the streets, so we need continuous awareness and solidarity from all, mosque, church, university and school, and each asked them to play a role in sensitizing young people to the dangers of this phenomenon.
And Yazid: The series and movies that are broadcast in the current period do not deal with societal issues and most of them contribute to the spread of negative phenomena in society, calling for the implementation of one recommendations of the research of the National Center for Social Research on this phenomenon.
On a religious level, Islamic preacher Ahmed Rashad, a member of the Religious Discourse Committee of the Egyptian Family House, confirms that the act of harassment is considered harm to the girl, and Islam forbids the man to harm to his brother in various forms, whether moral or physical. , and that the Holy Quran teaches us to take into account the feelings of others, in order to establish the rule “neither evil nor evil”. “.
He continues: All monotheistic religions have prohibited harassment, and Islam guarantees man’s absolute freedom in himself and not in others, and prohibits transgression against others in word or deed, indicating that limits of freedom of the individual stop at the limits of others.
On the legal level, lawyer Mohamed Ali explains that most countries in the world suffer from the phenomenon of harassment, pointing out that the Egyptian government is taking various measures to combat this phenomenon, the latest of which is the approval of the House representatives to increase the sentence. for harassment by amending Penal Code No. 58 of 1937.
Evidence: The amendments stipulate that the penalty of article 306 bis b will be reinforced and transformed into a felony instead of a misdemeanor, and a term of imprisonment of at least two years and not exceeding four years and a fine of not less than one hundred thousand pounds and not exceeding two hundred thousand pounds, or one of these two penalties, whoever exposes himself to another in a public or private place.
And he continues: With the repetition of the act by prosecution and investigation, the penalty becomes imprisonment for not less than 3 years and not exceeding 5 years with a fine of not more than 300,000 pounds, and if the harasser has authority over the harasser, whether in work or studies, the penalty is doubled by imprisonment for 4 years and a fine not exceeding 500,000 pounds.

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