Sandra Neshat at “Asharq Al-Awsat”: “My brother” whetted my appetite for a return to cinema

Sandra Neshat at “Asharq Al-Awsat”: “My brother” whetted my appetite for a return to cinema

The Egyptian director has confirmed that she will no longer join the festival’s jury

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A scene from the film “Brotherhood” by Sandra Nashaat (Middle East) Egyptian director Sandra Nashaat (Middle East) A scene from the film “Brotherhood” (Middle East) directed by Sandra Nashaat (Middle East)

Cairo: Intisar Dardir

Egyptian director Sandra Nashaat said her latest film “Brotherhood”, which is being streamed on the “Netflix” platform, brought her back to early memories she experienced while filming her short film “Akher Winter”, expressing her happiness with the reactions she has received since it was shown in eight films. For Arab Directors titled ‘Love and Life’.
In her interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, Sandra added that her return to cinema after an absence will not be a temporary visit, but that she looks forward to presenting works that she likes, noting her refusal to repeat work with the festivals’ judging committees, after her participation in the Ismailia Festival, because she does not want to judge the work of Young directors, “the loss can frustrate them”.
With the film “My brother”, Sandra accompanies us on a human journey in the Egyptian countryside, through a work described as “honest” rather than a tale with details and miniatures, an abortive love story that looks at the head in the fields An opportunity comes true, when a cow is lost, which is the amulet of luck for the mayor of a village. A child with Down syndrome, bonded to his beloved brother, solves many mysteries that rekindle the spark of love on Valentine’s Day.
Sandra’s enthusiasm for the film “My Brother” is due to several reasons, as she says: “This work took me back to my artistic beginnings. My heart is like my first film (Akher Winter), so the film (Brotherhood) came in a system of short films about love with the visions of Arab directors, and on an international platform.
Sandra points out that working with “Netflix” was smooth and simple, and with the agreement everything was facilitated, and the filming went smoothly, far from the agendas and the exaggerations, and the state of apprehension in some ; As the film is broadcast in 90 countries and translated into many languages, this is a great opportunity to distribute our films on a large scale.
The artist Ahmed Ezz, the hero of the film “Brotherhood”, presents one of his sweetest roles. Ezz has acquired a large number of Sandra’s works. He collaborated with her in her last four films (Angel of Alexandria, The Host, Prisoner of Transit, and Al-Maslah). Ahmed Ezz accepted as soon as I told him about his application for a short film he directed, and that was before he had read the script, and before he knew anything about the character, but he also gave a raise to his salary.
In her first feature film “Mabrouk and Bulbul” in 1996, Sandra stood out with force, by presenting through a work, featuring the artist Yahya Al-Fakharani, the story of a mentally handicapped married man to a woman accused of Private, to participate in the tournament in front of Ahmed Ezz, and she does not claim to have subjected him to training, nor to have made him enter a labor camp before the shooting, and confirms: “I treated like any kid, i try to memorize it and figure out how to perform, i don’t want to be championship contender, and i seem to have struggled to achieve that level of performance, but that didn’t happen because he’s intelligent and a sensitive child, and I personally enjoyed working with this team who supported me a lot, starting with the producer Antoine Khalife, and the young author Rafik Morcos, who was very enthusiastic.
Sandra surprised the public by changing her name in the movie “Brotherhood”, by Sandra Neshat, whom she knew to “Sandra Bassal”, her surname. Basal is my family’s nickname, and it’s the name I cherish and use in all my signatures. My name is Sandra Nashat Basal, and I decided to fix it from this movie.
After nine years of absence, her last short film succeeded in whetting her appetite, and she returned to the cinema: “This film will be the beginning of my return to my world of ether, which I only missed because I wanted to present a semi-finished work, all the time I look forward to making very good films, and the truth It’s a bad perception because there is no perfect work, but we have to work and see the result, and I felt good reactions about the film (Brotherhood), which increased my enthusiasm to present more.
Before his death, author Waheed Hamed chose Sandra to direct his latest film, “The Sweet Companion”, which was nominated to star in Yehia Al-Fakharani and Muhammad Saad. The great writer Waheed Hamid, who I was looking forward to showcasing a work of his writing, chose me to direct it, so I’m excited to film it after resolving the issues that got in the way.
Sandra, member of the jury, took part in the “Ismaïlia International Documentary and Short Film Festival”, and although she was delighted with the experience, she decided not to repeat it. At the time in France, this award was definitely an important event, and I’m taking my first steps as a director, and the beginnings have a degree of fear and distrust, and I heard at that time the opinions of the directors, and critics praising the work and saying about me (Heyla director)”.
Sandra adds: “So I was enthusiastic about the festival, but the experience of the jury, I don’t really want to repeat it, I don’t want to judge films and say it’s good and it’s is wrong, I do not want to evaluate the work of a director who is taking his first steps and risks being disappointed if he does not receive an award, this very difficult moment, I do not want to participate in it nor be a party to it.”


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