Together they support 11 innovative projects to improve the lives of seniors in Abu Dhabi

The Authority of Community Contributions “Ensemble” indicated that it provides support and sponsorship to 11 innovative projects, implemented by social entrepreneurs, adding that it has allocated 200,000 dirhams in support of each project. .

The innovative projects aim to support and care for seniors and residents, to facilitate their procedures, to help them integrate into society and to benefit from their practical and life experiences, explaining that “the projects are innovative solutions for participate in activating the role of seniors”. citizens and residents. » In the community, participating in various activities and socializing with its members in wider circles, which ensures their inclusion and appreciation, improves their mental health, provides an opportunity for economic income and ensures their stability future financial. ”

The authority’s chief executive, Salama Al-Amimi, told ‘Emirates Today’ that these projects will play a positive role in the lives of Abu Dhabi residents. .

She added that “providing support for projects that serve seniors and residents is one of the most important social priorities because they are our fathers and mothers. Building and developing Abu Dhabi, and it is important that we reflect the community’s appreciation for the efforts they have made on their journey to build a better future that future generations can enjoy.

And she felt that “the role of the younger generation has come to provide support to older people through the social incubator program (Ensemble), and to provide solutions that allow and encourage them to interact and communicate. with members of the community, and feel the appreciation they deserve.”

Al-Amimi continued, “The Ma’an Social Incubator has helped bridge the gaps between social entrepreneurs, seniors and residents, and encouraged them to cooperate and exchange knowledge and experiences to find innovative solutions that will contribute to a positive transformation of the building. A better future for future generations”, noting that the projects are part of the national policy for seniors and residents, which revolves around seven main axes, including the provision of health care, the improvement of community communication, an active lifestyle, energy investment, civic participation, infrastructure, transportation and financial stability. Safety, security and future quality of life, in honor of their efforts in building the emirate of Abu Dhabi, which has become one of the best destinations in which to work and live.

Projects supported by “Together” include the Foithy Project, the Toti Project, Refqa, the International Talent Center, the Art Therapy Center, the Let’s Rise Project, the DoctorConnect app, the We Communicate to Continue app, the savings for seniors and residents, in addition to the Montessori Association.

The DoctorConnect application facilitates people’s access to medicines and improves the efficiency of their use at the regional level. Its main purpose is to enable seniors and residents to take care of their health, while the “Senior Savings App” provides important solutions for those who have lost their source of income after retirement, as it is about a common problem among seniors and residents. , while the “Rafaqah” application is concerned with the provision of personal care services to the elderly.

Among the projects are the “Lets Rise” project, which aims to capitalize on the experiences of senior citizens, enabling them to tell their stories in order to inspire the next generation and benefit from their accumulated experiences, while the International Talent Center is a bridge between young talents and seniors and offers this category an opportunity for intellectual participation, It boosts their morale, while the Tootee application allows seniors to shop and benefit from the goods and services provided by productive families .

It should be noted that “Together” provides a grant of up to 200,000 dirhams, for each project, and is disbursed on the basis of a specific list of achievements over a period of one year. Business and industry experts from around the world, building a network of relationships and connecting them to a global network of public and private sector partners, as well as the opportunity to connect with a variety of local and international investors and donors, in addition to provide office space for one year.

social incubator

The Managing Director of Ma’an Community Contribution Authority, Salama Al-Amimi, has confirmed that the “Ma’an” social incubator program continues to achieve remarkable successes since its inception in 2019.

The projects supported by the authority have succeeded in providing support to various sections of society, having a positive impact on the lives of determined people and in the areas of health, family cohesion, the environment and people seniors, expecting the incubator to achieve more positive results with the program’s latest courses focusing on entrepreneurship. For the community “with a focus on priority social areas of financial literacy and education.”

Al-Amimi pointed out that the “Together” social incubator is one of the five main pillars of the Community Contributions Authority and part of its ongoing efforts to build a thriving third sector in the emirate of ‘Abu Dhabi, represented by civic enterprises, public interest institutions and social institutions for participation in building a cohesive and active developed society.

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