They asked the artist Belqis about the reason for his divorce and the destruction of his house after the birth of his son, “Turkish”? She replied shamelessly and boldly

Balqis Fathi is not the only artist who chose a single life, but many stars ended their relationship and continued on their own and gained strength.

Belqis had granted a short interview during her visit to Beirut, and revealed for the first time the reason which had pushed her to file the divorce file against her husband, with whom she lived the most beautiful moments in love.

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Belqis explained that she is one of those people who “pray for each other with love,” but at the same time, she does not remain silent before those who stand in her way and make mistakes against her.

When Balqis was asked when she made that fateful decision that ended a five-year marriage relationship, her response was, “A long time ago, I made the decision between me and me.” She added that it was good that her son Turki brought them. together in a relationship of respect and understanding. The main reason is that her ex-husband did not accept the celebrity life and its many concerns, which made her unable to continue this relationship.

The interviewer was not satisfied with these questions only, but also asked her a question that the public and followers frequently ask, that’s why such things happen to celebrities or stars, especially Balqis, the educated woman , beautiful and successful. was aware and very intelligent, for she told him that all these questions are from Almighty God who writes about their occurrence, and she concluded the answer to this question by praising her Lord for all the blessings in her life.

What did you advise women? In this interview, Belqis gave many tips for women to benefit from her experience of all the difficulties and problems she has been through in her life, especially in the past ten years. She stressed the need to arm women with the most important weapons that help them stand, such as martyrdom, a job and their own social life. Bilqis did not deny having been through many setbacks, both emotionally and professionally, but she always prefers to present her activities, achievements and happy times to the public.

Can you leave the art? Bilqis clarified that the life of a single mother is never easy, but if a woman is financially and professionally independent and has a certificate, she will not face much difficulty. Balqis also sent a special thank you to her mother, who supports her and helps her raise her son, who spends most of the time with her, noting that she never thinks of leaving art, even though she had the choice between him and his family. .

For the first time, Balqis revealed that she went through many difficulties, challenges and disappointments to achieve where she is now, explaining that it is very difficult to give up on her passion, dream and all efforts. she has deployed throughout these years. The artist explained that she is able to coordinate her work and spend time with her son, who always checks up on him when she can’t be with him and doesn’t make him feel his mother is away from him.

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