Conditions for a Saudi woman to marry a foreigner in the emirate of Riyadh

Conditions for a Saudi woman to marry a foreigner in the emirate of Riyadh

Conditions of Saudi marriage with a foreigner in the emirate of Riyadh. Marriage is one of the fundamental pillars of life that guarantees stability in a person’s life, and when choosing a suitable life partner can cross borders between countries, we often find that marriage takes place between parties to various crimes because harmony and love is the way The sole and the heart, but in the circumstances that govern this process, because a Saudi woman who marries a foreigner has a lot of checks and procedures.

Conditions for a Saudi woman to marry a foreigner in the emirate of Riyadh

Since the publication of the Ministerial Resolution No. 1393 AH 824 and the text of the Executive Regulations published on it, there are many controls managing the process of marrying a foreign Saudi woman to limit the occurrence of problems. to leave. 20. Zilhicce Law 1422 date and 6874 No., this law contains a number of conditions that must be met to serve the interests of the nation and the citizen.

There is a specialized committee that reviews marriage applications from a Saudi foreigner and responds with approval or rejection, depending on the status of both parties and compliance with the requirements of the law.

Before starting the application process, he must include a letter addressed to Her Majesty, along with a copy of the identity document clearly indicating the birth certificate and date of birth.

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First requirement

People who do not have Saudi citizenship or who have a non-Saudi father and a Saudi mother can marry into some of the different segments of society, such as 14th line employees, Royal Court, ministers and employees of the Company of Industries. Military, civilians or members of the investigation body of the public prosecutor’s office.

second requirement

As for the second requirement, it concerns non-Saudi nationals who can marry a foreigner, provided that the person holds a residence or birth certificate from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has resided in the Kingdom for 5 consecutive years. and that there are no other people in this. The category is eligible, provided it has the right to marry one of the categories specified in the first condition.

third requirement

This condition is about ensuring the health status of each of the parties wishing to marry, and it must be ensured that both parties are free from health diseases that affect their healthy life, and that one of the parties is in healthy. Do not use drugs and the age difference between the two parties is not more than 25 years. After approval, the court can document this marriage depending on the validity of the terms of marriage.

Fourth requirement

The fourth condition concerns the fine imposed on anyone who breaks the laws on marriage with a foreigner, as the law obliges anyone who breaks the law to pay a fine of 100,000 Saudi riyals. If a foreigner marries without having obtained the permission to marry, this fine falls under the Institution of Social Affairs, because these fines are used to help needy young people.

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Fifth condition

The fifth condition grants the wives and children of the Saudi husband the right to obtain a special residence card as well as a visa allowing them to leave and return to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the visa is of the multiple-trip type. . These children are similar to the treatment of native Saudi citizens, including children who find employment.

The sixth requirement

The sixth condition: that this marriage be in accordance with the provisions of the Islamic religion and the Sharia, and that the spouses be free from disease, and that if the marriage took place outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Embassy of Kingdom must document the marriage. .

Seventh requirement

This means that the age of the Saudi husband is not less than 30 and not more than 70, but the age of the foreign girl that Saudi Arabia wants to marry is at least 28, and not the originator of the case, including the girl in the country where the girl is registered. The girl must have at least a high school diploma.

If the Saudi husband wishes to marry a foreigner and is currently married to a Saudi, he must bring a certificate from the Ministry of Health stating that his first wife is unable to perform her marital duties properly. It’s sterile.

The Saudi husband’s salary must be more than 3000 Saudi Riyals, the husband must be a resident and if the husband divorces, he must wait two years before marrying a foreign girl.

If the foreign spouse is from the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, except for the states of Qatar and Bahrain, their personal identity must be presented to carry out the marriage process, and the authorities of both countries must d first approve the marriage process and issue a certificate. A letter from the workplace of the husband proving his work and a letter from the workplace of the foreign daughter, and these documents must be issued by the competent authority of the workplace.

The law stipulates that a foreign husband does not have the right to acquire the nationality of the Saudi husband, and the period for examining and responding to the marriage application extends from one and a half months to three months under the command of the Ministry of the Interior. Saudi Arabia.

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Disadvantages of Marrying a Saudi Foreigner

Marriage outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia poses many problems including the inability of parents to recognize their children after birth, and these children become sane to destroy the failed process as whims and desires point to dire consequences. During this time, no one thinks.

In addition, the Saudi marriage outside Saudi Arabia poses the problem of the housewife among the girls of the Saudi society, which pushes them to marry residents of the Kingdom, which sometimes exposes them to fraud resulting from this marriage, and for many others. Countless other problems.

The view that the marriage of a Saudi woman to a foreigner has many negative aspects arising from the presence of many problems and disagreements between the two parties, and suicide or divorce between them, largely due to the disintegration children. And the view that the family as a whole and this stems from the difference in customs and traditions between the two parties, accompanies the problems that fall on the shoulders of the husband in terms of housing expenses and salary in the end. of your problems.

Now, the law provides many controls and procedures that govern the Saudi marriage process with a foreigner with the aim of regulating this process and avoiding problems in the future.

At the end of this article, and in this one, one of the most confusing things that occupies the mind of a Saudi man who wants to marry a foreign girl, is what are the requirements and what does it mean for that this process is done correctly and properly. … In the process of marrying a stranger, the negatives that may arise, but in the end are expected and blessed by God, not a marriage with a specific person. We ask God to grant you a good and righteous wife for the good of her husband. and merciful to their children.

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