You won’t believe who the artist Mohsen Mohieldin’s wife is.. Beauty actress and heroine of Al-Shahd and Tears series

Since the beginnings of Egyptian cinema, the artistic community has witnessed a large number of duets, love stories and relationships between stars and artists, some of which have been announced and some of which both parties have been keen to keep the secret, and some of which are later disseminated to the public and in artistic circles.

Among them is the Egyptian artist “Mohsen Mohi El-Din”, who married the beautiful actress with an angelic face, “Nisreen”, who may not be known to many, despite her great fame and at a young age thanks to her participation in many of the works of art through which she shone and the beauty of her eyes and her innocent face. However, she retired from acting at the height of her stardom following her marriage at the age of 16.

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Artist Mohsen Mohi El-Din told the story of her love and marriage to artist Nisreen in one of the TV interviews, saying, “I married her after her first husband died and I dreamed of marrying her, but I was young, so I couldn’t propose marriage until fate decided, and I married her for love in her, besides my father left, I I have a will before his death that I marry him.

Mohsen Mohieldin said that Nasreen married composer Muhammad Diaa when she was 16 and gave birth to her daughter “Rana”, but her husband died when she was 18 and she was widowed, and when she found out about it marriage, she was shocked.

And he continued: We met again after her marriage by “Ali Beh Mazhar”, and I sat down looking at her and between me and I said in secret: “I mean, I didn’t know how to wait for a shortly before marriage,” because girls always have bigger minds and seek out older ones, and at that time I was a child.

Mohieldin added: “I promised days and traveled to France, and the coincidence is that she was there to exercise the right of public performance after her husband died and she became a widow, so he told me asked to help her, and I actually helped her, but I couldn’t talk to her about anything.”

And he continued: “At the same time, my father asked me for a certain medicine, so I asked him when he came down to Egypt to ask his permission to take the medicine and give it to my brother, but she decided to continue possessing and giving the medicine to my father, and I knew that the visit to my father and my mother was repeated again and indeed they liked it very much. “

He continued his speech, after a short period of time my father passed away and my father spoke to Nisreen and she told me, and the news reached me, and as soon as I went to Egypt, I I found my mother without reassuring me, telling me that it is recommended to your father before he died to marry Nisreen.

And he concluded his speech, I was surprised again at the funeral, by my mother’s request again for my marriage to Nisreen, so I asked him to postpone until my father’s mourning was over ended and for me to have money because I was broke, but my mother insisted on her position and opened the debate with Nisreen until the marriage was in the end.

Nasreen in last appearance

Actor Muhammad Al-Sanhouri shared the image of retired artist Nisreen, accompanied by her husband, actor Mohsen Mohi Al-Din, through a group called “Maspero Zaman”, and attached her to the comment: “My beautiful aunt Nisreen”.

Retired artist Nasreen and her husband, actor Mohsen Mohieldin

And her brilliant husband, artist Mohsen Mohieldin, may God give you health and well-being”, on the most famous social networking site “Facebook”.

Soon comments from the public poured in, expressing how happy they were to see her again after a years absence, the most notable of which was, “May God protect you and leave you for each other… I love you very, very, God… I love you, Nisreen, artist, respected.. I love you, Mohsen Ya.” Qamar.. God bless you.. it’s Nasreen, the witness and the tears.

It is reported that Nisreen married artist Mohsen Mohi El Din and announced their retirement together in 1991, then Mohi El Din returned after very long years at the scene and participated in several works of art, then his wife Nesreen has appeared veiled, having decided to hide from the spotlight and this has been going on for almost 30 years, until she recently appeared in photos of her recently released by the pioneers of social media sites .

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