Create a new Liverpool and avoid Abramovich’s mistakes.. Bohli & Co.’s plan to save Chelsea

Finally, things settled down at Chelsea after a period of chaos caused by the Ukrainian-Russian crisis and the resulting sanctions against former owner Roman Abramovich.

Ownership of the Blues was officially changed from the Russian who has done his laurels and established himself as one of Europe’s greatest over the last twenty years, and was acquired by Todd Boehle & Co., to start officially a new era led by the American businessman who is no stranger to the sports world.

Bohley, who owns the giants Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA and the Dodgers in baseball in his country, will have no easy task of getting things back on track at Chelsea, and above all, of gaining the confidence of the masses who, after Abramovich’s successful attack, struggle to face his successor, regardless of his name, stature, or promises.

Keep the old guard

The first critical decisions for the new owners will be the restructuring of the Blues’ management after the acquisition, which has raised discussions about the future of prominent names such as transfer official Marina Granovskaya and manager Bruce Beck. current club president.

The ‘independent’ newspaper said Bohli intends to play a similar role to Abramovich in terms of business management, and will have the final say in fundamental club decisions, but will be joined by Bahdad Igbali, one of the members of the alliance. who bought the club, in making financial decisions about club operations.

As for Iron Lady Granovskaya, who was seen as the de facto leader of the Blues and Abramovich’s secretaries, and Beck, The Times said Buhli decided to keep the duo in their positions because of their experience and knowledge. atmosphere, but will include a host of additions such as Daniel Finkelstein. , the Times reporter, as a non-executive director, as well as public relations specialist Barbara Sharoni.

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Curiously, according to reports in England, Bohley attempted to include Jonathan Goldstein, who competed with him to buy the Blues, on his board, specifically appointing him to a role overseeing the team’s stadium development. “Stamford Bridge”, but according to “Sun”, Goldstein was expelled because he is a fan of rival and neighbor Tottenham and owns it. A subscription, but the report also indicated the possibility of Bohle using it always, but in the shadows because of his experience necessary for the development of the stadium.

The issue of stadium development was one of the pivotal points in Bohli’s acceptance of a bid to buy Chelsea, as he puts together an ambitious plan worth £1.25bn euros under the guidance of several seasoned engineers, led by owners Jane Smith and David Hickey. of the plan Abramovich had already drawn up to develop and expand Stamford Bridge.

Bohle’s Chelsea board will also include Hansorg Weiss, the Swiss businessman, and Mark Walter, co-owner of the Boehle Dodgers, and the two are already part of the alliance that successfully bought the club, and they have a strong and long-standing relationship with the American, which explains the rapprochement with the Blues.

Transfers the Liverpool way

Previous lines have touched on expected administrative changes, but the Chelsea fan’s primary concern is the state of their football team, and how Bohli and Co. will deal with the current champions. Europe, whose results have declined due to recent instability.

Among the preconditions during the sales process was the guarantee that each person bidding would invest €1 billion in the men’s and women’s football team and the team academy over the next decade, what Buhli was offering guarantees, and was one of the reasons for accepting his offer.

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According to information from Goal’s correspondent for Chelsea, ‘Nezar Kinsella’, the Blues’ transfer policy will change under the leadership of the new alliance, there won’t be big spending like Abramovich did, especially in its early years, and the club would adopt a more conservative system in line with developments in the world of football and strict financial rules.

Information from Goal indicates the trend for new owners to adopt a system similar to that followed by Liverpool, which is dependent on adopting the technical staff’s view of deals and the inclusion of players, which has proven to be a success with the Reds and reflected in the squad. ability to constantly compete in recent years with Jurgen Klopp.

Another point the Bohli alliance will strive to strengthen is the Blues’ academy, which under the leadership of Abramovich and Granovskaya has turned into a great source of strength, whether providing the first team of players like Mason Mount and Reece James currently, or a source of money with his elements who may not technically benefit Chelsea but sell them like Tammy Abraham and others for large sums.

But one point that worries Bohli and his partners, according to information from Jules, is some poor transfer decisions in recent times, including the huge sum paid to buy Romelu Lukaku, and the Belgian’s big failure since his return, such as the new administration wants to avoid such operations, analyze the reasons for their occurrence and prevent them from happening again in the future.

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The owners also want to know the reason for the delay in renewing the contracts of several key players such as Antonio Rudiger and Cesar Azpilicueta, who had to leave for free next summer, and prevent this from happening with Mason Mount and the others. .

Many changes are expected in the coming period at Chelsea, both administratively and technically, some of which are ambiguous, such as the fate of team coach Thomas Tuchel or some of his players, and certainly than Abramovich’s era with all its pros and cons. has officially come to an end and a new era will be written in London with Bohli and Partners, and the days will be the same The final judgment about him and his comparisons which have already begun with the Russian who has built an indelible legacy in the castle ” Stamford Bridge”.

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