About the Book of God.. its components and the classification of its verses

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* Components of the Book of God 3 components (prophecy and its component 2 + message and its component 2 + the story of the Prophet and his people)

* And the types of its verses are 5 types, the first of which are the verses describing the book (the index) + the likes + the details of the likes + the arbiter + the arbiter’s details.

* Al-Makhzin and the elder in the book are the verses of the prophecy (the clear verses), and the non-makhzin is now (the message or decisive verses + and the story of the Prophet and his people).

* There are no occasions for revelation except for the story of the Prophet and his people exclusively, and that is history and no rulings or legislation like the same as the story of Joseph, Hood, Noah and…
* The strongest bond of religion (Islam / Ihsan)
* The most trusted handle of Shariah (disbelief by compulsion / belief in the Messenger)

And before we start, we say:
The Book of God consists of a message or the decisive verses, which is the mother of the book, and it is religion and law, and with it came a sign which proves his divinity and that he is of God, and it is the verses of prophecy (the clear verses), and it is not a religion, not a law, and no decision is drawn from it.

* The prophecy is not the message
The prophecy consists of 2 components (Quran + seven Mathani).

* And the message is composed of 2 (religion and sharia)

* Religion has 3 exclusive components and Sharia has 7 components

* Religion consists of (a loop and a trustworthy, which has two components, 3 pillars and a path of 9 forbidden)

And Sharia consists of (a handful and the most reliable has two components, 5 prohibitions, 8 prohibitions, 23 ordinances, 10 worldly punishments, 25 moral commandments and 4 rituals)

* In prophecy, the first element (the Quran) alone has 6 basic elements (the index of the book) or the verses describing the book, (the mysteries of the creation of the universe), (the secrets of the creation of man) and (the stations of human evolution from demolished to Muhammad) (stories) and the laws of God, his laws and new Futurism + The second component, the Seven Repeated, which is a divine miracle given to the Prophet as well, unlike the Quran, and these are seven sides of seven surahs as separate verses.

The entire Quran contains 6,236 verses, divided into 114 suras, of which the smallest is Al-Kawthar and the largest is Al-Baqarah. It begins with Al-Fatihah and ends with Surah An-Nas.

*Quran verses can be classified according to the great late Dr. Muhammad Shahrour into 5 types, which are:

* to the description of the book,
* The message, and my Lord called it (the mother of the book), and that is religion.
* Emirate of the divinity of the message (the secrets) the Quran and my Lord called it (the hadith), which is past history and past and future events
* The seven verses of both sides, and he called them my Lord (the best hadith),

* Finally, the story of the Prophet and his people, which are the verses that came in the word of the Prophet and talk about his time, his battles, his wives and the situations that happened to him and him

* All these components are history, not religion, and religion among them is message exclusively, religion and Sharia

* The Quran is the only stored item, and the other four components were neither stored nor ancient, and were revealed immediately in the time of the Prophet

* The verses describing the book, which describe the book and talk about its 50 components, which are not a religion and do not contain religious rules.

* The verses of the message (religion) do not exceed 1087, that is about 28 any court which was mentioned as a title for 26 arbiters, and 1059 is a detail of these courts

*Quran verses are the greatest and greatest content, and it is not a religion and does not contain any religious rules. It includes 5000 verses, and it is the principality of the divinity of the message and that he is from God, and it is the miracle that the Prophet Muhammad chose for the great, and it is the group of verses that my Lord called the proof verses and described as similar and which (were) my Lord from the storehouses of two Lords (The Preserved Tablet) and (Al-Imam al-Mubin), which are the ancient stored verses which were contained in the Book of God as proof of the divinity of the message which was in the hands of the Messenger, and which contained the secrets of the creation of the universe which only God knows, the secrets of human creation, and the stages of human development through the ages. As for the rest, it was not stored. The message, the story of the Prophet and his people, and the seven repeated verses which are the endings of seven verses of the Quran

* The seven repeated verses are the miracle of the book and he called it Rabbi (the best hadith), and the two verses in the Arabic language compilations mean the ends, and the seven sentences mean the seven ends. We have given you seven (the Repetitions and the Great Quran) meaning two, not one, of the Seven Repetitions, which are:
1 – pain, 2 – sucking, 3 – hai’s, 4 – yaseen, 5 – taha, 6 – tasm, 7 – ham

*Finally, the verses of the history of the Prophet and his people are about 87 verses, and they are all history and not religion

* And the whole Quran is 6236, and the letter in it is not more than 1087 and 28 any court mentioned in 26 referee and 1059 any detail.
* And the order of the arbiters of the message in descending order in terms of the number of detail verses concerning them, and they are as follows:-

* Shirk has 386 details
Adoration and seeking help, It is You we adore and It is You we seek help, 232 A detail
* Expenditure 108, all detail
* Enjoin good and forbid evil 76 All details
* Obscenity and it has 56 details and explanation
* Tell about God 39 any detail
* Perjury 28, any details?
* Sin and oppression without right 27
* Respect commitment 26 full details
* The taboo of marriage 24h all details

* Payments to orphans 20
* Hajj 20 full details

* Fight 16 full details
* Do not commit suicide 13 no details
* Charity for parents 11 full details
*Jihad 11 no details
* wear 11 all detail
* Divorce 11 full details
* Marriage detail 9 verses
* Complete measure and balance 9
* The commandment is 5 verses in detail
* Inheritance detail 5 verses
* Kill children of Imlaq 3 verses.
* Fasting detail of 3 verses.
* Prayer and zakat are part of the provisions of the message, but their details have been referred to the Messenger and we have been commanded to imitate them. Refer to verse 56 Al-Noor.

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