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On March 30, 1976, the blood of the martyr Khadija Shawahna stained the land of Sakhnin and all of Galilee, and together with her five companions, the glorious history (Land Day) began, and a major conspiracy against the Arabs of Galileo was stopped. to move them and seize thousands of acres. Sakhnin was the scene, and Khadija was brave and martyred. Sumaya, the wife of beloved Mustafa, peace be upon him, the response and the response to the scene!!!!

From the first of April to the eleventh of the same month of 2002, the legendary battle of constancy for the most beautiful women of Palestine and the highest among them is sedition (Jenin).

On May 11, Shireen returned water to the Jenin River, which still awaits a roaring torrent of Zaki’s blood, which he would fill with love and life.

Oh, the beauties of destiny.. How Noun Al Niswa (to Sakhnin, Sherine and Jenin) created an incredible charming Palestinian story!

If the leaders of the game of the temporary Jewish invasion of Palestine read this fascinating intertwining (between the three hypostases (Sakhnine, Christ and Jenin), they would have dispensed with pursuing the daughter of God Shirin in her coffin, and when they closed his house of condolences and lowered the banners that were hoisted over his pure body, and when they wandered through the houses of Jenin looking for a filler Of lies, they covered him with bullets…

Sherine is not the only story, but Sherine is the key to the story…

Personally, I don’t like to delve into religious analysis alone to explain things in life, but as long as Jews behave in religious behavior devoid of any truth, I’m bound to use the same method. .

First: The sadness and anger expressed by Muslims and Christians as they try to place the coffin on the tottering heads under the beatings of Jewish soldiers in front of the French hospital is a human, moral sadness and it is justified, but at a moment we forgot that the one who rests in the coffin is a catholic christian, and that the one who tries to beat him down The dead are jewish soldiers, and the whole act took place near the crucifixion of the Christ, peace be upon him, and I think everyone knows that Christ is a Jew, and his crucifixion is known, and the one who tortured him is known, and the Joker in the game of evil is always known, then what is new in the Jewish attack on Shirin’s Christianity? all mankind against the one who carried out the first crucifixion.

Second: The Jewish entity insists on its leaders, and we don’t know exactly what these stupid and arrogant people represent among the masses of ordinary Jews who have settled in Palestine as a religious state and they want it religious!!

Suppose Moses, peace be upon him, had been a herald and warning to them alone, and Christ, peace be upon him, had shed his blood to please all mankind and spare them evils of the persecution he suffered at the hands of his crusaders.. and Muhammad, the last of the messengers and master of mankind, who was sent (a guide, a herald and a warner) and who believed in what was revealed to him of faith. The angels, His Books and His Messengers (and He made no distinction between His Messengers) and we Muslims said we respond by listening and obeying.

Christianity in the world is about two billion, and Islam with its followers is about the same number, and the followers of those who are overwhelmed with anxiety, murder, bloodshed and madness. All do not exceed the number in the best of times, the 20 million Jews of Zelensky and his Jewish Minister of Defense crammed into a people of the corals of kyiv, even this crazy soldier who enjoyed the swaying of Shirin’s body in front of the hospital and tried to knock him off his shoulders.

Will this Judaism, with its representatives, be able to (interrupt) the Christian and Islamic universes?!

And until when will the mad Jews bet on the Christian silence that sustains them in Europe? Forget American Christianity. That’s another question. These arrogant Jews will be delivered to the absurdity of the Arab-Islamic sect. If not, the day will come when Muslims unite behind a coffin to come. I will see it with my own eyes, not as a hope, but with certainty. Arrogant without realistic justification..

Europe will not continue to denounce only from Rome, which still embraces the Vatican, and all of Washington’s folly in seeing itself as a substitute for Christ himself will pass among the piles of news in the world after Ukraine.

Third: Since this poor man (Noriega) in Panama took refuge in the Vatican embassy and the Pope announced the acceptance of his protection, and a few hours later George Bush the father sent his helicopters and Landing a hijacker, Noriega towed Washington on January 3, 1990, ever since then Washington has been walking with its obsession with the inauguration of a knot.
(Rome III) and that the Vatican has become the White House..

And because claims of Zionism in the name of Judaism have met Washington’s delusions of being the third Rome, Al-Azhar will remain the master of fatwas, the Vatican will be a beacon of Christian love, and Eternal Rome is a representative of European Christianity, its cradle and its resurrection for us and for us.

Fourth: The origin of all European civilization emerged from the sight of the Greek Acropolis in Athens, and the secret of that sight is the legend of love, and its goddess is a woman, Aphrodite, and we have our Aphrodite in the Levant, who represents Palestine today on behalf of all of us. A bully insistent on making Shireen suffer when she was dead after shooting her with dirty, explosive bullets.

This behavior and his behavior is considered despicable madness, and we will continue to carry the corpses and sing, and as we please, we will purse the lips of these murderers determined to fight all mankind, O Jews, O wise men of between you, if a sane person remains under the authority of the Black Death in Tel Aviv.

The Virgin Mary is Palestinian, despite your nose, and she is the lady of love, the princess of peace, and Sherine is her daughter
Mary, our mother, taught us all about sacrifice, agriculture, splendor and redemption, and Sakhnin is also a feminine feminine given name.
The first eternity in Galilee, the symbol of the defense of the earth, and the fetus of a female whose womb gives birth to martyrs, caravans and torches..

It’s no coincidence that the Princess of Redemption, Sherine Abu Aqila, is female, she’s Christian, and she’s Palestinian, and US citizenship doesn’t benefit her, because it becomes complete neutrality when he s is about a Palestinian woman. The Palestinian holder of (US citizenship) deserves nothing from Washington but to say (the International Criminal Court is not the right place to investigate) that Shireen’s US citizenship is a very dangerous and important lesson for those which are heated with American firewood. (Jewish state)

In the ordeal of the corpse, I felt that Washington blamed the Jews because they had not burned all the Palestinians in 1948, as they had done with the Redskins!

The people in 1976, Sakhnin was the scene and the blood of Khadija settled the response, and the Jenin camp in 2002 opened the door to sweet and quiet self-reliance, and (Dayton) was brought in and the American fence was built by Palestinian hands to protect the Jewish blood shed in the alleys of Jenin, but Jenin, the Jenin camp and Jabaa wassila al-Harithiya And all the neighboring towns have maintained their rejection and their rebellion and their failure to submit to the tyranny of Dayton and its oppressive security plans.

Today there is Sherine, a corpse, a church, and mad soldiers who pursue the soul after destroying the body.

After Shireen’s body is interred in Zion Cemetery in Jerusalem, Shireen’s soul will soar across the Arab world, not just to Palestine.

I give you good news, Sherine, that your blood which united the bells of the churches and your blood which spread a narcissus suddenly sprouted in the walls of Jerusalem will soon sprout wheat and ears. Long live pure and pious Christianity Arab
Long live the one who bid farewell to Sherine, praying for her soul, and God is the greatest. It rises above the gorges with pure Islamic love and purity
To the son-in-law of beloved Mustafa, prayer and peace be upon him from the grandchildren of Maria the Coptic (Our Lady, Umm Ibrahim).
Sakhnine, the memory of loyalty to the land, and Jenin, long live, long live God’s door to Palestine, the path of glory and the symbol of martyrdom.

In conclusion.. the secret of Shirin choosing martyrdom at God’s door, Jenin and close to Sakhnine. Isn’t it a divine mystery for the Jews to work to dismantle it.. so that they be reassured instead of being arrogant and stop their madness, as Saeed Akl warned them a million years ago years (bright wrath is coming) and Shireen was our bright wrath that came..

May God have mercy on you, Aphrodite, on earth and heaven.

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