The concepts will change, because Islam is not weak!!!!!

Sister Tawakkol Karman spoke in her post about the fact that Islam is in danger and it has no future in today’s world, if it is not as described, she is personal advice, and I don’t want to discuss his advice here because the absolute statement is “Islam is in danger and has no future in today’s world”. This is the most important and this is the summary of his publication. Sister Tawakkol Karman’s suggestion brought back to my memory, that in this city – west in which I live – 3 decades ago, there was no one here who knew the direction of the qiblah, and two and a half decades ago, we could not gather 10 people to pray despite the presence of many Arabs, students, locals and others who were scattered around their religion. But what happened in 3 or 2 decades to modify the demographic composition of my city or elsewhere in Europe, in the West as in the East?

To understand this, let’s go back to research on population structure as indicators, which are known to those who are interested in it, and say that the reproduction rate or the replacement rate must not be less than 2.11 for any civilization new or old Western or Eastern which has been able to survive for more than one generation, that is to say more than 50 years. If every family in any country or any civilization had a birth rate of less than two and a quarter children, i.e. 2.11, it would ultimately lead to the decline of that civilization, especially until today no civilization has been able to continue below this population rate. A reproduction rate of 1.3 means the expected end of civilization, because it will take about 100 years to correct itself and deal with the disasters of it, especially since there is, for example, no economic system or social system that can clearly resist these changes.

And so that you understand what I mean, when a couple, that is, two people, has a child, at the rate of 1.3, the number of children will be half the number of fathers, d especially since the age of procreation is only reached before the age of forty.

To clarify with numbers, take a sheet of paper, a pencil and a line of what I say, if there are two million children born in the year 2000, then after only 25 years we will have two million workers i.e. less than 4 million people as in the days of the fathers because they only gave birth to one child i.e. as it was the 2000. Each of them, for example, carries two people, the “fathers” of social protection, next to his family and his child, and together at that time, that is, with each generation, the problems will multiply. And when the population decreases, it is not social protection and services, but the economy that decreases. And the matter does not stop there, but reflects on culture, knowledge, progress and competition, that is to say in the general sense of civilization.

Therefore, in the West, research, programs and facilities are now shifting to address this, especially as the reproduction rate in Britain is 1.6, in Italy 1.2, in Germany by 1.3 and in Spain by 1.1, that is to say the rate of natural increase of the population. in Europe is equal to an average of 1.4 with a slight improvement over the last 5 years, but it is still below 1.5. For there to be a solution to this problem, every active European woman or student must double her production, not to double, but to 3 times, which is impossible in a violent capitalist society which does not consider the man as a productive element and nothing more.

Anyone who visits Europe today will find that there is a change from 4 decades ago, which means that the European continent, which everyone knows as “only” white blond people, will disappear as we know it, that is to say, it will mix with several races, if the rates of reproduction and migration remain as they are at present. For you to understand what I mean, in France the reproduction rate as a rate of natural increase for the French is 1.8 now, while for Arabs or foreigners for comparison it is 4 to 7 And so on. So, for Europe to continue, one has to emigrate, not from Eastern Europe, where they also suffer from a lack of births, but from the third world – Arab and Islamic, from Africa or India and others – because they are a mine for children and young people, but on condition that the breeding of culture takes place in them and that it is better to leave their cultural identity behind the sea.

Consequently, the last decades have seen an increase in the number of immigrants, with immigrant women impregnating an average of 3.4 children, which is 3 times more than their European counterparts, with the presence of social incentives in Europe, this changes radically the demographic structure favors immigrants, especially since Europe is an aging continent, with more than a quarter of its population over the age of sixty. As a result, the concepts of immigrants and educated young people arriving in Europe about their homeland, their faith and the violence that prevails in their former countries and their ideas will change if we look at the Muslim segment, which does not coexist with each other.

The perspective of Europeans will also change with the new reality, meaning that Europe will emerge transformed from its confrontation with Islam to face a new Islam in its own version, no matter how high the rhetoric of rejection and hostility from radical parties now. In these variables, it is possible that another Islam that can be dissolved in Western culture will appear after the culture of coexistence and tolerance in the East has failed to bring about a revolution of religious, societal, religious reform. knowledge and development, and the reasons are many, internal and external, political, sectarian and sectarian in a complex composition that the article does not include in exposing it.

Islam in danger only in virtual sites is possible, but in reality it is not, and if we look at Islam in the world today in a holistic and integrated way, and 50 years ago, and 500 years ago in its geographical setting or outside it as culture, rituals, manifestations and dissemination, it is in better condition than 50 years ago or 100 years or a thousand years ago despite setbacks, violent religious groups, political Islam and conflict.

I know my words are strange to some here, but take a pencil, and write down what I put in front of you in a scale of indicators in addition to the above. Today, Islam has entered every home, in the countryside, in the desert, in the city or in the mountains, and imbued it with clearly Islamic manifestations, not necessarily with supreme Islamic values ​​that cultivate virtue. the company in front of you. Like Chad, Senegal, Turkey, Iran, ancient South Yemen and others, take before you simple appearances, as you will not find a woman today without a veil in ancient Yemen. South or North, for example. , whereas 30 years ago it was possible, and if we look at Egypt, its university, its streets, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey, the manifestations of Islam oday there is more clarity than two or three decades ago. And if you look at the practice of rituals in the gathering, Ramadan or Hajj, there is a flood of Islamic manifestations, and if you look at Muslims in Europe, West or East, and the number of mosques and schools, it multiplied in a technical way and even the number of adherents to his religion.

For example, when I entered my city here, the Arabs used to gather in discos or pubs, and there was no one to pray, and in the early 90s there was only one veiled woman here, while now the number has doubled more than 1000 times for those who have pledged, and therefore various reasons are discussed at length, and it has become There are clear Islamic manifestations, and whoever does not pray not became pray and go to the mosque, and whoever was a Marxist became an Islamist, even the leftist parties became Islamic. And look at Islam now in Russia and in the Balkans, and also in the political interactions of the ruling chambers in the West, and sending messages to Muslims on their occasions, despite that, that was out of the question 20 years ago years because the Muslim today is an integral part of the structures of Western societies in large proportions. How to say that Islam is in danger and that it has no future in today’s world, and that it is more dynamic, present, influential and energized than other religions.

In short, Islam today is not weak as portrayed, but it does possess a successful and awe-inspiring ideal that embodies thought, behavior, virtue and knowledge in a way modern. At present, Islam is at the center of strength because it is victorious demographically, but at the center of weakness because of its sons, to triumph ideologically against capitalism as the system that dominates humanity. and under conflicting religious and dynastic texts and traditions based on accumulated ignorance and narrow thinking of the concept of coexistence and openness.

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