Bait Al Zubair Philosophical activities started in Oman today

Today (Monday), at the Bait Al Zubair Foundation in the Sultanate of Oman, the first edition of the Bait Al Zubair Philosophical Forum will begin until Thursday, May 19, with the participation of thinkers and researchers from within and from outside the Sultanate of Oman. The forum aims to create an interactive and communicative atmosphere between researchers and specialists of various philosophical references and training.
This forum comes, as in its words, “to learn about the transformations of teaching and philosophical discourse, to promote the values ​​of philosophical consciousness, to bring closer the cognitive distance between the philosophical text and the public spirit, and to contribute to the philosophical research movement by begging and delimiting the coordinates of a contemporary controversy and content, and by deepening the values ​​of cognitive thought, And by explaining the abundant guarantees offered by philosophy to strengthen cognitive equipment and explanatory capacities facing other interpretive structures, and introducing the vitality of the network of relationships between philosophy, science and other subjects, and creating an interactive and communicative environment between researchers and specialists of various philosophical references and training, and presenting workshops and specialized sessions to develop critical awareness and thinking. scientific sée Philosophy in children and young people and those responsible for educational and educational institutions.
The opening ceremony of the forum’s activities is sponsored by Dr. Fahd bin Al-Julandi Al Said, President of Sultan Qaboos University. The forum was accompanied by several activities, including the opening of an exhibition of intellectual and philosophical books in which a number of Omani libraries and publishing houses participated, namely: “Rawazin” library, ” Lotus”, library “234”, “Knowledge Library Readers”, library “Pages” and library “Lobby” Readers, the library “Gourmet”, the library “Beirut”, the library “Dar Nather”, in addition to the library “ Bait Al-Zubair”. As well as the opening of the Omani Fine Art Exhibition, which includes abstract works by fourteen Omani artists. The opening of the forum was preceded by the establishment of a philosophical workshop for children entitled “Big Ideas for Young Ages” presented by Dalia Tounsi (from Saudi Arabia), who is the Managing Director of the “Insight of Ideas” Foundation for Education and Educational Consulting.
The first day of the forum includes the inauguration of the project of philosophy for young people and young people, represented by the translation of a number of books from the “Série Petit Philosophe” by the contemporary French philosopher Oscar Renevier, in cooperation with the house French “Nathan”. , who printed the series, and Lebanese translator Marie Touq, who translated the three books, as well as Inauguration of Philosophy Books for Youth, written by Moroccan writer and translator Mohamed Ait Hanna. Today’s opening ceremony will also see the announcement of the Sadiq Jawad Prize for Intellectual Studies, which aims to enshrine the values ​​of human knowledge and improve research spaces before the Omani scholar, and to endow the Omani and Arabic library of an intellectual product that transcends limited geographical frameworks. With the participation of researchers Badr Al-Abri and Muhammad Reda Al-Lawati, and directed by Dr. Zakaria Al-Mahrami.
On the same day, Dalia Tounsi will also present a philosophy workshop for adults entitled: “The worm and the bird”, which aims to present a philosophical dialogue based on children’s literature.
Dr. Abdallah Ould Abah, from Mauritania, will participate in the sessions of the forum, with a paper entitled: “Critique of contemporary philosophical reason: philosophy and the current crises of humanity”, and the session will be moderated by Dr. Zakaria Al – Makrami. Dr. Mohamed Chawki El-Zein, from Algeria, will also participate in a session entitled “Of the origin of philosophy: the intersection of philosophical experience and Sufi experience”, and Dr. Abdel Salam Benabdelali in another session entitled “Philosophy and translation”. Writer and media personality Amal Al-Saidi will moderate both sessions.
From Lebanon, Dr. Mushir Basil Aoun will participate on the second day of the forum in a session entitled “The three problems of interpretative, epistemological and anthropological pluralism: a critical approach” on the second day of the forum. As for Dr. Radwan Al-Sayed, he will participate in another session on “The Mind between Philosophers and Scholars of Fundamentals: A Critical Reading”, and both sessions will be moderated by Dr. Saud Al-Zadjali. Omani researcher Ali Al-Rawahi will participate in a session titled “Habermas in Arab Culture”, moderated by researcher Iman Badr Al-Hosani.
On the last day of the forum, a session entitled “Posthumanism and European decentralization” will take place, in which the Omani scholar Muhammad Al-Ajmi will participate, while Dr. Muhammad Al-Misbahi from Morocco will participate in a session entitled “Return to philosophy as return to oneself open to the other. Both sessions will be moderated by Omani researcher Hadi Al Lawati. In a final session, Dr. Al-Zawawi in Ghora of Algeria will participate in a communication entitled “Philosophy and age, first milestones” led by Dr. Reda Mahdi.
This forum comes in cooperation with Ara Petroleum and Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort.
The Bait Al Zubair Foundation is an Omani cultural institution that began as a private museum, opened in 1998 and funded by the Al Zubair family. In 2005, the family established the “Bait Al Zubair” Foundation to be the cultural and social arm of the family business enterprise, where the “Bait Al Zubair” Business Foundation manages the Bait Al Zubair Museum and other projects related to culture, arts, community service, history and publishing.

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