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How can I file for divorce after having exhausted all legal avenues to resolve the dispute with the husband, or because he suffers from an illness that prevents him from fulfilling his duties towards his wife, and other cases that Islamic law allows women to do? case? A Divorce Case, where you will approach through the following article the subject of how to file a divorce petition by reviewing the steps to file a divorce petition in the personal status courts or electronically through the site official of the Saudi Ministry of Justice (Najiz). . .

divorce case

Divorce is legally defined as “the annulment of a marriage contract either by express form or by intentional borrowing”. Explicit pronunciation is the use of words such as (divorce, separation, release), while understatement uses expressions such as (I have nothing to do with you, go to your family home, etc.), and in this case, the intention meets the metonymy, the divorce takes place, and the divorce is done by declaring it permissible for a man. He should divorce or take an oath of divorce before his wife in her presence or as she is. of his absence, or to pronounce it before the judge in his absence in accordance with the provisions of Islamic law, and although divorce is the most hated thing that God and Islam have forbidden, as well as the law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al-Arabiya, allowed a Muslim wife to file for divorce against her husband in a number of cases and circumstances.

How do I file for divorce?

In case the wife insists on a divorce but the husband does not agree to take the divorce oath on his wife, Shariah and Saudi law allows the wife to file for divorce when legal grounds are available. The steps for raising a wife in a divorce case are summarized as follows:

  • Go to the Personal Status Court or to the General Court if there is no Personal Status Court in the region.
  • Obtaining court documents from the court’s court document department.
  • Complete the file and submit it to the competent section of the court.
  • Determine the trial date in the appointments and removals section of the Personal Status Tribunal.
  • Both parties come to court at the agreed time and the wife’s representative may attend.
  • The woman begins to say before the judge that she is married to so and so, mentioning the number of children and their names, if there are any.
  • The wife presents to the judge the motives and reasons that led her to file a divorce petition.
  • The competent judge examines the case and the admissibility and legality of the reasons presented by the wife, then decides what he sees only for her and her children.

The wife can appoint a lawyer to carry out these steps after appointing him as her representative in the case.

How to file a divorce petition online?

The Ministry of Justice of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has allowed a Saudi wife wishing to file for divorce to implement this procedure electronically through the official website of the Saudi Ministry of Justice. The case with the identification of the jurisdiction that will be judged, then the creation of an automated request number associated with the selected jurisdiction, allowing the case to be tracked from the specified request number. Conditions for applying for a divorce online:

  • Enter the claim information.
  • Fill in the data of the husband against whom the wife is claiming.
  • Fill in the data of the wife who filed the divorce file.

Steps to file a divorce petition online

The wife can file for divorce electronically without the need to go through the personal status court or the relevant city court branch by following these steps:

  • Go to the official website of the Saudi Ministry of Justice (Najiz) via the following link.
  • Click on the “E-Services” tab.
  • Select the case from an electronic journal.
  • Fill in the case data and the data of the parties involved in the case, including:
    • Spouse data, including surname, first name, national identity card number and date of birth.
    • Wife’s data, including wife’s name, national identity number, occupation and relationship to husband.
    • Marriage contract data, including the marriage contract number and its Gregorian and Hijri dates.
  • Attach the marriage contract or the family record book.
  • Enter the names of witnesses with ID numbers, gender and date of birth.
  • Submit the complaint electronically by clicking on the “Send” box.
  • Receipt of a notification of the success of the divorce proceedings with the extraction of the reference number for it.

Monitoring a divorce case online

A Saudi wife who has filed a divorce petition against her husband can track the status of the petition electronically with the relevant court by following these steps:

  • Go to the official website of the Saudi Ministry of Justice (Najiz) via the following link.
  • Click on the “E-Services” tab.
  • Select the case from an electronic journal.
  • Click the “Continue and complete order” box.
  • Enter the claim reference number and password.
  • Click on the “Enter” box.
  • Choose the competent court before which the request was submitted.
  • See the status of your divorce petition in court.

How to sue the husband?

The Ministry of Justice of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made it possible for Saudi wives wishing to bring lawsuits against their husbands, whether these lawsuits relate to divorce and separation, or lawsuits to prove divorce if it occurs and other prosecutions by entering the Saudi nexus. Ministry of Justice (Najiz) “Then choose the tab “New request”, then select the type of lawsuit and follow it in the procedures. Among the lawsuits that a married woman can bring with her husband via the Saudi Ministry of Justice website:

  • divorce trial.
  • Babysitting costume.
  • alimony suit.
  • Visiting costume.
  • Action for annulment of marriage.
  • Creation costume.
  • A lawsuit proving the occurrence of a divorce in the event of a husband’s divorce from his wife.

Online Divorce Application Form

Here is the electronic form approved by the courts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the wife to file for divorce against her husband electronically through the Saudi Ministry of Justice platform:

The day……..the date…../……/……. M , …… /… ../ ………….

At the request of the lady ……… residing at the following address: ……… CNI number ……… or home number ……………..

And the place he chooses is the office of the professor… the lawyer.

I ………….. Minutes ………….. move on the date indicated above, and announce Mr. ………….. and residing at the address ………….., s addressed to …………… .

I announced the following.

  • The divorce applicant is the advertiser’s wife, with an official marriage contract signed at …………….. He coexisted with him as a husband, and she bore him children (their number and ages) or did not have one.
  • The husband refrained from spending, which is the ultimate right of wife and children over them, although he was repeatedly attracted by the necessity and importance of such expenditures, but he did not not answered.
  • Then she filed a “marital support suit” against him and breadwinner No.… where the court ruled on his legal costs but he still refused to pay despite the fact that his financial insolvency was not not proven.

Based on all of the above.

  • The wife suffered psychological and financial harm, forcing her to submit a “divorce application form for compensation”.
  • I, the “journalist” mentioned above, moved on the date mentioned to the home of the “advertiser”, that is, the husband, and gave him a copy of this newspaper, where I ordered to appear before the Court of First Instance. Model. Example ………….. located at ………….. a plenary session will be held at …………. Date…. /…. / ……..m, …../…../ ……..e to attend the judgment pronounced against him “to divorce the student for apparent prejudice” and to oblige him not to interfere with her and to pay the costs of the trial. Law firm fees.

Legal issues in which wife can file for divorce

The Islamic religion has allowed the woman to ask for a divorce from her husband in several cases, and all of them serve as a crucible to ward off the evil of the woman, and among these cases:

  • The inability of the husband to fulfill the rights of the wife such as maintenance, cohabitation, independent housing, etc.
  • The husband insults his wife without a legitimate reason, including insults and insults, even if it happened only once to the husband.
  • The wife was hurt by her husband’s journey for more than 6 months, in case she fears fitnah for herself.
  • If her husband goes to prison and stays there for a long time (at least a year), the wife will suffer.
  • If the wife discovers in her husband a permanent defect such as infertility, the impossibility of having sexual relations or a serious and repugnant illness.
  • In the modesty or corruption of the husband by committing major sins and taboos, and by not performing obligatory acts of worship.
  • If the wife finds in herself a strong hatred for the husband and does not accept it in her heart, even if she does not know the reason.
  • If the husband prevents his wife from seeing his family, especially his parents.

Divorce decision

Islam allows a Muslim wife to file for divorce against her husband in case she suffers harm in her marriage, and apart from that, it is not permissible for a wife to seek divorce from her husband without hurting him. Without evil, it is forbidden to feel paradise. The hadiths of the Prophet indicate that asking a woman for a divorce without a compelling reason (without harming her) is one of the major sins that a Muslim woman should commit and avoid. Divorce is legally binding, with all legal means to prevent it being exhausted, so there is nothing wrong with a Muslim woman taking her case to a Muslim judge to remove the harm from her by the divorce or khul’ as he sees fit. in shape.

This concludes the article which dealt with the subject of how to file a divorce action by reviewing the steps taken to file a divorce action in court and electronically through the Saudi Ministry of Justice website, in highlighting the legal issues that women are allowed to take up. She filed for divorce against her husband and the wife filed for divorce.

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