10 Requirements Women Expect in the New Personal Status Law

Written by: Heba Abdel Rahman

Since President Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi, President of the Republic, promised every Egyptian woman in 2019 saying, “I will not sign a law that does not bring justice to Egyptian women. Hope is born in the heart of every woman and mother who suffers from personal status laws. Over the past few days, Councilor Abdullah El-Baja, in cooperation with the Minister of Justice, and a group of consultants and specialists he has chosen, to speed up the work of a law that protects the Egyptian family in its entirety.

The most important concern of the greatest number of divorced mothers is the law of reception and the fear of approaching it or applying it without taking into account the serious consequences it can cause because some non-custodial fathers use it to kidnap young children and deprive the mother, who is the custodial party, from seeing them or even knowing where they are. There are cases where the husband abducts the children and travels with them outside the country, and finds no one to complain to until he returns his right to recover his son to her, despite the obtaining a judgment to include custody of the youngster, but it remains ink on paper that she is unable to implement, due to the inability of executive proceedings to recover the mother’s right to custody of her young.

One of the mothers – a case among thousands of similar cases – says: My mistake was that I agreed to leave my son with his father after the divorce and said that I would not be a reason to deprive the son of his father’s kindness and care, and the result was his kidnapping and he said “My soul is my turn to him.” She melted and I thought the law was unfair to me even though I had a small delivery but couldn’t perform it.

Fostering remains between supporters and opponents, but most mothers oppose fostering law for fear of the mechanisms of its implementation and the controls that govern it so that it is not the way in which the father the press and abducts and deprives the children of them, without a deterrent preventing it.

nursery age

Cries have gone out from the hearts of millions of mothers who adopt their children, demanding that the age of custody not be compromised, and that the age of nursery be avoided, and that the age of nursery be lowered from 15 to 9 years old. something about him when he is young and dangerous and can negatively affect his personality and psyche?! And his father may have married and started a new life.

A large number of mothers affirmed that they did not object to the father’s participation in the care and education of the children, under penalty of a law which protects the rights of the mother in the custody of her children and their return to her bosom.

alimony torment

Many problems that a divorced woman suffers from because of all kinds of “alimony” and the pressure she faces to obtain her rights, as one of the divorced women put it; “Our life is wasted in court until we get alimony.” Under the auspices of helping them prove the husband’s income, whether from government agencies, the private sector or the employer he works for, even overseas, by applying to Interpol, and that ‘there is a strong deterrent effect in the event that a party fails or fails to provide confirmation of the husband’s income, or that the proof by going to court or the prosecution to his employers or directly revealing his accounts in banks without suffering or seeking from the wife, they also demanded an increase in the amounts disbursed by the Nasser Social Bank to be deducted from the husband.

Matrimonial residence and furniture

The matrimonial home and the unjustified expulsion of her and her children is one of the problems that women face, and either she finds herself forced to return her children to the family home due to her financial inability to obtain another apartment, which many women face big problems and can affect her and her children can suffer severe psychological damage, due to her feeling of oppression or lack of privacy for her and her children and parental interference in every little and big thing that concerns her life, or she is forced to endure financial pressures and accept any job opportunity she comes across to rent another apartment to house her and her children , in order to keep her independence and her children and to face life alone.

One of the wives said with tears in her eyes: “My husband expelled me and his sick son from the matrimonial home, and although after a long time I received a decision in my favor to allow the matrimonial home, but during the implementation, I was surprised by the ‘courtyard’ apartment.”

A number of wives have asked the government to make some accommodation arrangements for young women easier for divorced women by paying the deposit or installments over a longer period, so that they can get an apartment in the event of a divorce. without encountering any obstacles. they are the custodial party after the divorce, without going to court or waiting for court hearings to be held.

The same goes for matrimonial movables, since they demanded that women retain their right to obtain a list of marital movables, provided that they receive them without causing them harm.

domestic violence

important topics; Violence against women includes beatings and name calling, and the need for the law to include sections that escalate this violence, and after all we hear and know about the many crimes that have occurred recently, on wives who have been severely beaten and tortured by their husbands, we must not continue to work on the consideration of the damage caused to the woman The abuser begins with permanent disability or hospital treatment of up to 21 days, we must therefore find a powerful deterrent.

the state

Among the thorny issues that the wife has demanded are her right to guardianship over herself, her money, her right to work and travel without the need to obtain the consent of her husband, who can refuse just because of his intransigence towards her to obtain her right and hinder her interest, or her right to guardianship over her children, whether in educational guardianship over them or guardianship over their money and health.

Without warning

Many divorced women have suffered the scourge of oral or mail-order divorce. In the first case, the divorced woman finds it difficult to prove the occurrence of this divorce, and the husband leaves her unjustly, such as suspension without obtaining any rights, and divorce in absentia. is a great tragedy, because many say that they are surprised by the husband who divorced her in absentia and sometimes he sends her back to her infallibility again without warning, as if she were a puppet in his hands, and they demanded the necessity to legalize this type of divorce and the right of the wife to know the number of her divorces so that it only occurs before the judge or the authorized person. Whoever violates this will be punished.

obedience house

The house of obedience is one of the issues raised by a number of divorced women and they have suffered from it. One said: “My ex-husband took advantage of the warning to enter the obedience house until I objected to the obedience warning and was finally forced to ask divorce upon release or to file for divorce and I renounce all my rights, and everyone is fully aware that the house of obedience is just a word that some ruthless and inhumane husbands use to pressure their wives and squandering their rights, in the end, calling her “disobedient” to give up all her rights, or, voluntarily, she gives up her rights to gain her freedom without insulting her dignity.

gaps in the law

A distress launched by millions of divorced women with the need to find quick solutions to fill the gaps in the law and the defects in its application, because there is no point in rendering judicial decisions without the presence of an entity that executes them, especially in family cases, the main objective of which is to speed up the execution of those decisions that must be brought before the courts.

A large number of women suggested that all cases related to each case be included in a single file that is reviewed by a single court, and that a database be created in which a landline mobile number is used for it. send SMS at that time. sessions instead of sending the report home, which may result in the loss of one of the sessions on the wife. Replace SMS as an online alternative with the unprecedented advancements in the country.

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