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Disciplining the husband, Naama al-Hashemi, Dr. Naama Al-Hashemi is one of the famous personalities on social networking sites and through search engines, who is interested in presenting marital conflicts and providing advice and solutions to interested people.

Disciplining husband Naama Al-Hashemi

Dr. Naama Al Hashemi, a psychologist specializing in advice and opinions on marital relations and psychology, is one of the well-known personalities, as many husbands are interested in consulting her and benefiting from the advice given by Naama. Al Hashemi, where she provided important tips for disciplining the husband, which we will mention in this article.[1]

cold husband

A cold husband is one of the hardest husbands to deal with, especially since a woman’s feelings need someone to love and care for her. In this paragraph we will learn how to deal with a cold husband.

  • قيام المرأة بتجاهل زوجها البارد، وعدم الاهتمام به والحديث مع جميع الأخرين باستثناء الزوج، فهذه الطريقة تساعد في تغيير أسلوب الزوج للأفضل، لأنه سوف يسأل زوجته عن سلوكها، وعليها أن ترد عليه بأنها غيرت أسلوبها بناءًا على أسلوبه المزعج، السبب الذي يجعله يهتم بها ويُقدرها again.
  • A cold husband also needs a cold wife to take care of him. A wife who responds coldly to her husband will be angry and upset at his behavior, and the husband suggests that his wife has become and lost interest in him.
  • The wife should not resort to extreme nervousness due to her cold husband’s neglect of her. Anger causes many health problems that harm the person, and the wife should remember that there are children who need her.
  • If the husband intentionally responds with provocative responses, then the wife must know that his provocative response to him is not a solution, but rather she must provoke him in a way that he cannot cling to, such as smile laughing after he finished his speech, it would make the husband embarrassed and eager to respond in a bad way.

the silent husband

Most women want to marry a man who fills their life emotionally and gives her love. A woman who marries a silent man may feel unimportant due to their bored and silent life. We will learn how to deal with a silent husband :

  • When the wife is upset by her husband’s behavior, she should explain it to him and ask him to change his behavior when he deals with her.
  • If the wife sees that her husband does not love and care for her, then she should ignore him and avoid talking to him, and only take care of herself and her children.
  • When the husband asks his wife the reason for her ignoring him and her cold behavior with him, she must tell him that the success of the marital relationship needs both parties, and she will not go back to the way she was before. ‘he won’t appreciate it and try to update and contain it.

neglected husband

A husband may neglect his wife because of his preoccupation with her work, he may think that his wife does not need care and attention because she has become his property, or he may neglect his wife as a result some advice from his friends. We will learn how to deal with a neglectful husband.

  • The wife should avoid dealing with her husband, ignore him completely, and carry out his requests and those of the house only.
  • The woman should take care of herself and her beauty, and do the things that make her happy and pleasant.
  • If the husband asks his wife the reason for her behavior and annoyance towards him, then she should discuss with him clearly and honestly and not hurt him by talking to him.
  • If the husband tries to change his behavior for the better, and takes care of his wife and takes care of her, then the wife should show her happiness for this change in front of her husband, because it inspires him to improve his treatment of she. return as before.

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How do I deal with my husband’s infidelity?

There is no doubt that infidelity is the worst thing a woman can be exposed to in her married life, and it is one of the behaviors that cause her pain, and if you are wondering how to handle the my husband’s infidelity, Dr. Naama Al Hashemi has provided some tips that help you overcome this stage, and the most important tip is:[2]

  • You should not ignore your husband’s betrayal, for fear of trouble or to maintain the continuity of your marital relationship and to protect your children from loss. This method can push the husband to go deeper into betrayal, and make him ignore your feelings and your presence in his life.
  • Avoid telling your friends and family about your husband’s betrayal, and they should choose your relatives in secrecy, because the man does not realize it, and if he finds out about this matter, he will find a way to hide the evidence that proves his betrayal.
  • Avoid leaving the husband or driving him out of the house, because this method prevents you from monitoring the actions of your husband, and this method is an opportunity for the man to continue to betray him.
  • Avoid asking your husband directly whether he is cheating on you or not because in doing so he will resort to lying and denying his betrayal. of that.
  • Confront your husband about his infidelity as soon as the evidence becomes available and decide what action you will take in the matter.

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How do I deal with my lying husband, Naama al-Hashemi?

In order for the marriage to be successful, the spouses must observe certain basics, the most important of which is to maintain open and honest communication between them. You can follow it to deal with the lying husband, the most important of which are as follows:[3]

  • When you find out that your husband is lying constantly in your marital life, if you decide to continue, you have to endure strong psychological pressure, be patient and persistent, calm down and avoid emotion and anger.
  • You should be careful and take care of your husband, and don’t stop flirting with him, it makes him feel affection and love, which saves him from paying attention to other girls, and thus lessens his lies .
  • Reducing the differences and family problems that arise in your relationship is one of the most important ways that help reduce men’s lies, because the many differences cause inconvenience and boredom in the relationship for both spouses, and can force the husband to resort to lying tricks to get rid of these differences.
  • You should support your husband and always stay by his side, and spend a lot of time with him, it makes him feel love and care. When the husband feels comfortable and stable in his marital relationship, he avoids lying to his wife.
  • The reasons why the husband is lying must be clearly and precisely identified. Sometimes your mistreatment and lack of attention to his feelings can be one of the reasons he lies.
  • You must take care of yourself, your beauty and your appearance in front of your husband, to maintain your marital relationship.

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Finally, we finished our article after knowing the ways Disciplining husband Naama Al-HashemiWe also learned how to deal with a cheating husband by providing the most important advice from Dr. Naama Al-Hashemi, and at the end of the article we talked about how to deal with the lying husband, Naama Al-Hashemi .

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