The princess of Egyptian cinema… Her husband threw her into the street barefoot, and Shaarawy taught her ablutions and prayer… You won’t believe who she is! You will be shocked!!

Critics and audiences called her “the princess of Egyptian cinema” and many other titles, and she was characterized by European traits mixed with Arabian beauty and lightness of shade.

She is “Inge”, the sweet aristocratic daughter, Pasha’s daughter, and aggrieved stepmother who expected her stepdaughter to divorce her in “No Sleep”, and other characters in which she excelled.

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She is the beautiful artist Maryam Fakhr El-Din, born in the city of Fayoum in 1933 to an Egyptian Muslim father and a Hungarian mother of Christian origin.

The princess of Egyptian cinema graduated with a bachelor’s degree and was fluent in 7 languages, including Hungarian, English, German and French.

She got into art by chance. On the occasion of her 17th birthday, she went on this occasion, taking a souvenir photo with one of the photographers, who offered her mother the participation of the photo of her girl in a contest.

The film “Leilat Gharam” wrote the first lines on Mariam Fakhr El-Din’s path to stardom, after which her works, which exceeded 240 films, continued.

She failed to find true love in the field. After four marriages, she had no companion but pain along the way, despite her beauty, success and fame.

And the beginning of the marriages of the beautiful actress, Maryam Fakhr El-Din, with director Mahmoud Zulfikar, from whom she gave birth to their daughter Iman, and their marriage ended in divorce after 8 years.

On an unusual day, the woman of elegance, tenderness and the title of Miss World, Maryam Fakhreddin, was transformed into a subjugated bride who was evicted from the home of her late artist husband, Mahmoud Zulfikar.

One day at six in the morning, the artist Mariam Fakhreddin returned to the marital home to find the husband, Mahmoud Zulficar, waiting for her, receiving her with an angry face and asking her the reason for the delay; She replied that the work system the film was being shot in was the reason, asking him to postpone the discussion as she felt tired and tired.

The husband did not respond and flew into a rage, and the verbal abuse turned into a beating with “caps and waterfalls.” As a result, Maryam’s right eye was “blue”, in addition to bruises on her body, and the husband even insisted on kicking her out of the house barefoot and in pajamas, and he was not with her. her. “A millimeter”.

Then she married the doctor Muhammad Al-Taweel and gave birth to their son Ahmed, and soon the divorce took place, and she went to Beirut and met the Syrian singer Fahd Ballan there and married him, but their marriage also did not last long.

After him, the artist, Mariam Fakhr El-Din, married Sherif Fadali, and this marriage met the fate of its predecessors.

She found out she was a Muslim at an advanced age, and her Christian mother had enrolled her in the German school in Egypt, and they were unaware of her religion.

She learned to pray only at the age of fifty, when she was filming a drama, and in one of the scenes she was supposed to read Surah Al-Fatihah, so those responsible for the work wrote the sura for her.

One night I woke up during dawn prayers and phoned the artist, Shadia, to teach him how to pray, and the next morning I was surprised by Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al-Shaarawy calling him and teaching him how to pray, in addition to how to perform ablution.

After a long journey, full of distinguished works of art, the great artist Mariam Fakhr El-Din left our world on February 3, 2014.

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