A groom forces his bride to do a shocking act on the wedding night… The end is painful and the medical examination reveals the unthinkable!

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Sanaa – Misra Ismail –

He started talking to this fifteen-year-old girl from her aunt about her nephew and congratulating her for wanting him. Then she opened the subject with her and said: What do you think of such a – you mean her nephew – the girl didn’t get the point, so she answered innocently, I don’t know, sounds like other young men in the neighborhood.

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A groom forces his bride to do a shocking act on the wedding night… The end is painful and the medical examination reveals the unthinkable!

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It was an unsatisfactory response to the aunt who did not despair congratulating him again and hinting more and finally had another intention until she was able to attract the girl and tie her heart to the boy.

After that, the aunt moved to convince her brother of what the girl had convinced. The father was not satisfied, but his sister took him out and he was forced to agree. The aunt succeeded in her mission, the engagement took place successfully, and the girl almost flew with joy.

Two years later, the groom came with his aunt and her family to ask for the marriage. The girl’s family opposed it, on the pretext that the girl was still in high school and had to finish her studies. After the intervention of the elders of the family, the girl’s family was forced to agree to the marriage, and surely the girl was very happy. How could she not meet her lover whom she decorated? Her aunt like a king of heaven.

From the early hours of the wedding night, everyone was very happy, and the newlyweds were in indescribable happiness. After ten o’clock in the evening, all the family members left the place, and the bride and groom stayed to rest .

And there the girl began to get acquainted with her husband, his behavior began far from what he had imagined for her, especially when she saw how he treated his family before they left, so she did not seen from him the respect worthy of them.

After the guests left, the groom began to attack the bride, urging her to undress, as if a beast was attacking its prey.

He finished the intercourse and then went back to see the bloodstains to make sure she was a virgin or not. He found no blood. So he called the girl’s aunt and her family directly to tell them about it. tried, begging him, and swore to him that she was a virgin, but he did not turn back. The girl’s father got very angry and swore to take the girl. At the same time, to make sure, they went to the doctor, and the girl was in an unenviable position, because he had insulted her dignity and questioned her chastity in front of her family.

When they got to the hospital, the doctor revealed the girl, and she was surprised!! The blood is there but it’s not much, the husband was surprised he didn’t see the blood!!! The blood was a little and the descent was late, but the reckless husband did not wait or examine it well.

Nevertheless, the father insisted on doing an examination of his daughter to be sure. The examination confirmed that the daughter was a virgin and the hymen was very thin, and that was the reason for the lack of blood.

Then the father decided to bring his daughter home with him as per her request, and he refused to return with her husband, because all that love was gone due to his recklessness and insulting her, she didn’t even want to mention her name.

The girl stayed with her father for two days until she entered the area and came to the case, and they forced the father to return the girl to her fiancé.

But the girl could not say anything, because she saw that her life after this situation had been destroyed and no one would come to propose to her if she filed for divorce, just as society did not believe in the words of the doctors who confirmed her virginity.

عادت الفتاة بعدها إلى عريسها وهي تحمل جراحا مؤلمة ، فلم تستطع أن تنظر له كحبيب كالسابق ، وقد أصبحت كالأسيرة لديه ، فقد كرهته ولا تستطيع أن تتخلص منه ، وهو بدوره لم يكن ليحسن معاملتها ، فكل الصفات التي كانت تراها فيه لم تكن سوى تصنع انتهى مع First meeting. The young girl continued to suffer in this way and every night she prayed for her aunt who had cheated on her.

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