A new personal status law..suggestions and reasons

Councilor Abdullah Al-Baja: We seek a decent life that serves family and society
The personal status judge deals with people’s feelings
I am satisfied with the intervention of the president..and the committee will include representatives of all segments of society and elites

The emergence of a new personal status law has become an urgent necessity; After Egypt’s divorce rates rose in a way that caused concern, and as President Abdel Fattah El-Sissi indicated in his phone call to one of the shows; That the proportions of families registered with cases of separation have increased considerably over the past 20 years, so that family problems undoubtedly affect society as they affect all its members, especially women and children, so that a fair and balanced law will undoubtedly ensure the stability of the Egyptian family, and even if a dispute arises between spouses and that separation is the solution The only and optimal will be that each of the parties obtain their right fairly and without recourse to certain men’s games to evade the payment of alimony, for example, or to the intransigence of certain divorced women in not seeing the parents of their children. Yes, arriving at a fair and balanced law is an insurance for future generations.

“Accident News” and in many previous issues has discussed this issue tirelessly, it has presented the demands of women and men, and the goal was clear from the start, which is to achieve complete justice for those whom God has afflicted through divorce. and at the same time and above all the emergence of a global law that impedes the interest of the family and the security of the whole community, and in this issue we reopen the file again after President Sisi invited the Chancellor Abdullah Al-Baja, saying; “I hold you accountable to God and to everyone for having prepared an agenda with judges on the podium, now or in the past, to prepare a Personal Status Bill over the next few days,” in which the president called; “The government, the parliament, Al-Azhar and all institutions of society must join forces to prepare a balanced personal status law, and all those who have a connection with the file have our sons and daughters on their necks. .” The question we answer when we open this file again is; What do men and women want from this law? But before that, we go through the personal status issues that differ in the governorates of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt, and that was investigation.

Counselor Abdullah Al-Baja is of great judicial stature. He has a long experience of family issues and problems for decades. He worked in family courts for twenty years, moving between its various departments between first degree and appeal, where he was a witness. to tales of reality on the judicial platform. Abdullah Al-Baja is a name known to all those who have set foot in the family courts and before them the personal status courts. Some consider it as a legal benchmark in this field, most of its provisions have been important and emulated, such as the right to house the father, and other provisions still make the judge’s esteem for him a factor important in disputes The family, because he is not a criminal judge, he deals with people’s feelings.

After President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s intervention with him, Advisor Abdullah Al-Baja expressed his joy at the appointment of the President at his side, stressing that he is still looking for a decent life for family members who witnessed the separation. conversation and what happened between him and President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi tell the following lines.

Advisor Abdullah Al-Baja worked as a judge at the Personal Status Tribunal platform since the late 90s, when there was a legal regulation, which was issued in 1938, and he remained there until to the creation of the family courts in 2004. and continued his work as a family court judge moving between its ranks until he became the head of an appeals court to move there about a year to work at the Court of Cassation.

After the end of the episode in which the adviser Abdullah Al-Baja appeared, and the intervention of the president asking him to form a committee to prepare the personal status law, he confirmed in brief statements saying: We are looking for a decent life for the family who has witnessed a divorce separation, because no one can live without the cost of housing, education, food and drink, the new personal status law will aim to simplify the procedures so that all rights holders obtain their rights as soon as possible.

Regarding the formation of the committee, he stressed that it will include representatives from all segments of society, as well as elites, and the issue between them will be a shura.
And to reassure everyone, he said; “We are committed to Islamic law when preparing the articles of the law, and taking the advice of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and the Islamic Research Academy in its articles, and that is what stipulates the constitution, as well as international conventions, and he ended his speech by saying: He wants to reassure everyone only and nothing else.

boss call

President Sisi called on adviser Abdullah El-Baja to discuss the personal status file, while hosting the “Tahrir Hall” program with Azza Mustafa, telling him: Personal status issues are among the most serious problems facing our society. is facing and affect its future in some way. or another.

President Sisi continued; Details of personal status cases which he heard about 40 years ago and which still exist to this day, emphasizing that we want a marriage contract that resolves the issue of divorce, emphasizing that the contract and the law must to be the master and regulator of this issue.

President El-Sisi added: We will be held accountable to God, judges, state, president, government, parliament, Azhar; Everyone who will be affected in one way or another because they have a say in this matter will be all over our necks, for the sake of our children and the shape and cohesion of Egyptian society. in the coming period.
President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi emphasized; We want a prenup that resolves the divorce issue, emphasizing that he has been dealing with this issue since his brother was working for the account and told him about this issue, and that he is responsible to God All – Powerful from every home.

President El-Sisi said he was continuing the good dialogue with Counselor Abdallah El-Baja, former head of the family court.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sissi hailed the handling of the personal status issue, saying: “You are addressing one of the most serious problems facing our society and affecting its cohesion and its future in one way or another. another. He is not biased towards women, but he wants to achieve a balance in personal status law.

In the end, President Sisi invited adviser Abdullah Al-Baja, former head of the family court, to come to the presidency to discuss the personal status file, saying: “Please be with us to the presidency and have a list of the names of the evacuees who are on the podium or not in service, who have experience in a file.” A family dispute that reflects a vision of the reality they have experienced. .these judges have a view of society.”

After the end of the President’s intervention, Counselor Abdullah Al-Baja confirmed by saying: His philosophy in personal status law is to achieve a decent and fair life for the Egyptian family who witnessed the separation , and there is no difference between a man and a woman in law, but there is an Egyptian family.

confirmed; That the bill presented by the government has tried to deal with these problems and to bring them to a level in which we do not first resort to the settlement office, especially with regard to the problem of procedures, explaining that it no doubt what is happening in reality has become a lingering hostility that affects the lives of children in the end, and some spouses have become They resort to trickery to block the road at the expense of the wife, including s ‘this is an employee who receives loans to reduce his salary, and if he is an independent business owner, he closes his office and cancels the commercial register, so the woman cannot prove the monthly income of her husband or ex-husband.

Al-Baja clarified that alimony is the biggest problem and accounts for 80% of cases and disputes in family courts, pointing out that alimony includes child care, treatment, accommodation, education and clothing, it is therefore the major problem in family disputes before the courts. yards.

Baja added; That the government is only an agent of the people with a salary that realizes its interest under the agency and is not a guardian of the people, emphasizing that family law affects the Egyptian citizen and that the government cannot establish the law alone, and a committee must be formed that includes all spectrums of society.

And this committee includes the National Women’s Council, the National Council for Maternity and Childhood, the Dar Al-Ifta and Al-Azhar Al-Sharif for religious reference, a group of family court judges, the Bar, the Union of media and health, intellectuals, interested in the issue and specialists in the Arabic language, and let the committee work for a period of 3 months, for example.

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Al-Baja pointed out that the committee drafts the draft and submits it to Parliament, so it is not reasonable for a certain party to monopolize family law, which is more dangerous than the penal code and criminal procedures, explaining that family law contributes to building society and protecting it from all threats.

He noted; That the drama was expressing the tragedy that women go through in family court, but the reality is much bigger than that, and the parents go gray, and if the husband or the divorcee knows what his wife is facing in front of the courts, it does not do so, many and long procedures which exhaust the wife or the divorced woman.

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