Who is Catalin Novak, the first woman elected as president of Hungary?

The successes, brilliance and excellence of women in all fields remain beyond all expectation and exceed all speculation. The woman’s confidence in herself, her abilities and her height in her ambition, her ideas and her unique capacity for perseverance, initiative and a continuous desire for hard work, achievement and creativity made her assume the position that she deserves. A place she cannot reach, and there is no place she cannot reach, and the most striking example of this is Katalin Novak, the first woman and youngest president of Hungary . .

  • The most influential woman in Hungarian public life

    Katalin Novak is sworn in during his investiture ceremony at the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest – Photo by euronews-com

Novak is a staunch supporter of populist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and enjoys a large following. She held the position of Minister of Youth and Family in Hungary, participated in the development of the idea and the model of an independent Hungarian family policy and initiated numerous support measures for families such as housing allowance for families, childcare allowance, housing renovation allowance, income tax exemption for mothers of four children.
Catlin has had an excellent career, having worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, becoming vice-president of the ruling Fidesz party, and in recent years her role has grown exponentially. Last year and this year 2022 she was named the most influential woman in Hungarian public life.
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Appointment of Novak as President

Katalin Novak during her inauguration in the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest – Photo courtesy of aa-com-tr

According to euronews.com, when Prime Minister Viktor Orban Novak was nominated for the presidency, his reaction was short and sweet, saying, “I will remain who I am. She then commented on her official Facebook page: “I am ready to represent Hungary and serve the Hungarian nation. All with faith, soul and heart.
Catlin fought hard for the post as Hungary’s six opposition parties formed an unprecedented alliance in hopes of overthrowing Fidesz, but she was eventually elected as Hungary’s first female president, receiving 137 votes from voters. deputies, ahead of his economic rival Peter Rona with 51 votes. .

Katalin Novak – Photo from Official Katalin Novak Facebook Page

In remarks published by the state-run MTI news agency, www.mti.hu, Novak highlighted her ability to serve as president for all citizens and that women can be sovereign officials capable of making independent decisions.
Orbán has a conservative political platform that includes measures to limit LGBT rights, which has led to clashes with the European Union, and Novak will retain a five-year term as president of Hungary, where she has the power to temporarily block laws and call referenda.
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. Who is Katalin Novak?

Katalin Novak – Photo from Official Katalin Novak Facebook Page

According to hungarytoday-hu, she is one of the most influential women in Hungary, as recently selected by Forbes magazine, born on September 6, 1977, she studied at the National University of Civil Service (NKE) in Budapest , at the University of Szeged, and also studied law in Paris and obtained a doctorate.
According to her official biography, Novak began her career in government in 2001 as an adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but left in 2003. After that, the economist spent six years raising her children at home (partly in Germany) before becoming adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2010 and chief of staff to the Minister of Human Resources in 2012.

Novak speaks four foreign languages ​​and, in addition to her native Hungarian, is fluent in English, French and German, she is also fluent in Spanish. She is a committed member of the ruling Fidesz party, she is a Chevalier of the French Legion of Honor and was awarded the Officers’ Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, which are:
– Ambassador of the Charitable Reform Service.
– Head of the Policy Network for Values.
– Vice-President of the Women’s Committee of the International Democratic Federation and of the International Federation of Democratic Women.
– and President of the Women’s Club for Hungary and the Women’s Movement for the Hungarian Nation.
– Founding member and member of the advisory board of the German-Hungarian Youth Association.

A cohesive family life

Catalin Novak, President of Hungary with his family – Photo from Catalin Novak’s official Facebook page

Novak enjoys a close-knit family with three children, and her husband is one of the main supporters of her success, economist Istvan Ferris, director of the financial market and foreign exchange market department at the Hungarian National Bank (MNB) .

Catalin Novak, President of Hungary with her mother – Photo from Katalin Novak’s official Facebook page

She is also one of the most engaged politicians on social media. She also publishes a lot about her private life. She always mentions in her posts that she is also a housewife. She bakes, knits, cooks, cleans windows, raises children and celebrates their successes. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and running long distances, including marathons.
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