Riyadh Diary | 95% of Saudis coexist with those who are different from them

In a recent study by the King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue

95% of Saudis coexist with those who are different from them

A meeting on social coexistence

A recent study by the King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue revealed that 95% of Saudis are willing to coexist with those who differ from them in their sect and love the good for all, in addition to their loyalty to pledges, pacts and the pacts. with others who disagree with them.

The study, entitled “Coexistence in Saudi society”, demonstrated the strengthening of commonalities between the components of society and the affirmation of positive diversity, in addition to deepening the principle of tolerance and spreading a culture of coexistence which helps to advance the development process.

Its results confirmed the great will of the Saudis to build a relationship of coexistence and communication with the other who is different in doctrine. Where 88% stressed that they treat each other positively regardless of their differing opinions, while 90% said they try to stay away from anything that might cause grudges between them and those who don’t. disagree with them, while 84% expressed acceptance that their colleagues disagree with them.

The Kingdom is distinguished by being a land of tolerance and coexistence between the members of its society and its social components, since it is known to form a model of successful civilized coexistence between members of sects, religious sects and intellectual currents. Integration between her children, realizing that coexistence is a mechanism to lay the foundation for stability, development and coexistence, as well as acceptance of the different others who visit her as a work destination of different nationalities and religions, and she is in constant contact with Arab and Islamic peoples, and with Muslims who visit it from different nationalities, for Hajj and Umrah according to their opinions and beliefs.

The Kingdom has translated these efforts into establishing the principles of coexistence and dialogue at home, as it has framed through the establishment of the King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue, which aims to spread the culture of dialogue and promote coexistence. in the local community. It is no secret that the Kingdom was founded on principles of tolerance and openness towards different peoples and cultures, as well as a desire to build good political, economic and social relations at the international level as well.

Since its establishment on August 4, 2003, the King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue has worked to consolidate the values ​​of diversity, tolerance and coexistence, based on its current and future visions and directions, which aim for constructive dialogue for a prosperous nation. , according to the vision it has adopted to be a major axis of its future aspirations, objectives and programs, as it has always done The center organizes and implements a variety of different activities which embody and translate its role in perpetuating and strengthening the values ​​of community coexistence within the framework of national constants and deepening them through meaningful intellectual dialogue, after having presented what can be described as the “wealth of the dialogue of knowledge” through which it has succeeded in promoting a culture of diversity, managing differences, achieving peace, and standing firm in the face of all threats to national unity, in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.

In line with its dialogue strategy, the Center organized a number of intellectual and dialogue meetings and workshops during which it discussed multiple national issues, with the participation of various segments and social and age groups, and in the presence of the most effective national and educational institutions, and the institutions of civil society, at equal distance between the different intellectual spectra; Make citizenship a foundation on which all social groups rest.

The center strengthens dialogue to achieve the principle of respect for opinion and the other opinion, defending the values ​​of tolerance, achieving national cohesion and strengthening the bonds of social interaction between the different national segments, presenting thus a bright and stimulating image to read the national consciousness and its transformations, and to stimulate an understanding of the positive impact of the dialogue on the interaction of the movement of the Saudi spirit with its various symbols and orientations.

The center’s concept of coexistence has been central to most of its national meetings and activities. In 2016, he organized an expanded meeting under the name “Social Coexistence and its Impact on the Achievement of National Cohesion”. this meeting for about a year, in 2017, to introduce a new day in the list of international days, which is the International Day for Living Together in Peace, and to set an annual date for it on May 16 of each year.

The meeting, organized by the center, included the participation of all segments of society, presenting pioneering models of coexistence at local and global levels, presenting successful experiences that have led to the deepening of social coexistence in the Kingdom, and the obstacles and challenges that may face social coexistence, and discuss ways and mechanisms to improve it.

The meeting also received wide participation from various groups in society and a number of preachers, scholars, scholars, writers, intellectuals, media professionals and writers, and sessions of dialogue discussed various intellectual issues and topics related to the subject, as part of the Centre’s efforts to strengthen community participation in the formulation of national visions on important issues, and chief among them are issues that affect the national cohesion, the legal and patriotic constants, and the positive communication between the segments of this society to work hard and contribute to reading the problems and problems in reality.

The center has also launched numerous initiatives and training programs, art exhibitions, initiation corners and discussion cafes in various parts of the Kingdom, in addition to publishing numerous books and publications and entering into numerous partnerships. , agreements and memoranda of cooperation and mutual understanding with many ministries. , government agencies and universities, which highlight the importance of promoting coexistence so that it becomes a culture that is positively reflected in the various relationships and interactions between all members of society, in a way that consolidates the values of cohesion, deepens the bonds of unity between them and preserves all that threatens their social fabric, in order to realize the aspirations of the wise leadership and its directives which support the process of dialogue, enrich the Saudi arena and reinforce the values ​​of peace and dialogue, while emphasizing the civilizational status of the Kingdom, its influence and its weight at the Arab and Islamic levels

Most Saudis are ready to coexist with those who are different from themselves

King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue

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