The departure of the English Griselda Al-Tayeb, the lover of Sudan and the maker of love

The English visual artist and wife of the late Professor Abdullah Al-Tayeb died on Friday May 20 in the town of Atbara, Nile State, at the age of 97, during which time she suffered many presented in Sudan, the country she loved because it was the birthplace of her late husband.

At her home in Buri, Khartoum, which belongs to the University of Khartoum, where he worked as an Arabic language teacher, Abdullah Al-Tayeb. His wife, Griselda Al-Tayeb, of British origin, chose to settle there permanently, and had moved to live in Khartoum since 1950.
Al-Tayeb was immersed in the Sudanese environment and culture, and decided to continue her life in Sudan to carry out her mission which she had started by printing and publishing the works of Abdullah Al-Tayeb, volunteering and caring for determined children.

Since her Masters and Doctoral studies and then her assignment in different States, Ms. Griselda El-Tayeb has become attached to Sudan and works hard to complete the message of Abdullah El-Tayeb, as she oversees the printing of his books in cooperation with a number of the publishing houses, distributing them and reserving an entire pavilion in his name at the Khartoum Book Fair every year, and communicates with the Tayeb Salih Institute, which is headed by Dr. Siddiq Omar Al-Siddiq, one of his students.
From Britain to Sudan
And about her meeting with Abdullah Al-Tayeb and the secret of her attachment to Sudan, Omar Al-Siddiq, director of the Abdullah Al-Tayeb Institute of Arabic Language, told The Independent Arabic that “Grizelda met Abdullah Al-Tayeb in 1945 when he was studying at the Institute of Oriental Studies at the University of London, and they met there. From that time on, he grew up between them. Admiration, because Abdullah Al -Tayeb was attractive in appearance and speech, and they agreed to get married, but at first Abdullah Al-Tayeb was rejected by the Griselda family, but love finally prevailed, because the wedding took place and they finished their studies and returned to Sudan.
stick in sudan

She lived with Abdullah Al-Tayeb in Sudan and created in her a special love for the country. She had no children and raised 23 of Abdullah’s nephews. A strong relationship developed between her and her family. Her home was like a train station, and all of her family members came to study and live with her.

Abdullah Al-Tayeb’s business received special attention from his wife, as she printed his books and designed their covers, and some of his family members and friends helped her, and she stopped printing and distributing books over the past 15 years.

Griselda feels the value of life when doing charity work, and she chose Sudan to live to complete what she started, but on the secret of her association with Sudan, the friend said that “Grizelda spent a lot of time in the city of Damer and saw firsthand the intimacy of Sudanese society, and what caught her attention was the generosity, the giving, and the simple and easy transactions, despite her bitter experiences at the beginning and suffering from some digestive diseases due to strange diet, allocating her food with English specifications, but after a while she specialized in Sudanese folklore, not only that but even the Sudanese fashion, and she admires the Sudanese dress, the turban and the Sudanese dresses, which prompted her to major in a master’s degree in Sudanese folklore, and excelled in this field, and she transferred her experience and trusted her Dan s a book in english.

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Regarding her many works in Sudan, Al-Siddiq said: “She has accurately memorized the vocabulary of Sudan and knows all the Sudanese heritage with an experience that lasted 50 years, which is the period she spent in Sudan. The name “With Abdullah Al-Tayeb in the horizons of the world”, and the Sudanese passion became British by blood, and she knew how to balance the two cultures and bring them closer, and she is proud of her British and Sudanese identity, and she entered Sudan through a wide door, through the door of Abdullah Al-Tayyib, who is the guardian of Sudanese heritage, who refined his experience.
In the same context, Al-Siddiq added: “Her life had great meaning with Abdullah Al-Tayeb due to the duration of the company, and she did not leave Sudan for a long time. Her work was related to Abdullah, as she oversaw every detail of his life and designed the covers for the books he wrote. It nurtures this great legacy, and it is a continuation of the role that was discontinued so that Abdullah Al-Tayeb remains present among the people even after his departure. ”
In a previous interview, Griselda expressed to “independent Arabia” her pride in the two countries, Sudan and Britain, and said that she “receives the Medal of Honor from Britain and Sudan, that she holds both passports and is proud of them. However, her close association with Abdullah Al-Tayeb has made her stay in Sudan.”
His story with the uprising
She was one of the supporters of the uprising, but praised the uprising generation, describing them as a different and unique generation, and said, “I hope the youth will complete their revolution and not succumb to the wave of immigration and alienation. , even if the situation worsens, because the construction phase requires time and patience.” She described Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok, saying that he is “working hard for the interest of the country and has left all privileges he enjoyed to live in his homeland, which he received at worst”.

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