A woman and an unfinished love story in affective relationships by artist Samir Sabry

You are now following the news of a woman and an unfinished love story within the affective relationships of the artist Samir Sabry and now with the details

Riyadh – Ahmed Salah – The life of the late Egyptian artist Samir Sabry is one of the most secret and secret stories of artists and celebrities.Very little, or rather very recently, the late artist spoke about the details of his private life, especially the emotional side.

Samir once married an Englishwoman named “Maureen”, unbeknownst to his family, and he got to know her through his work for a short time as a teacher in an English school for girls, and he married her when she was 19. years old and he was a student at the Faculty of Arts at the time. He had a son, Jalal, and he is currently working as a doctor in London.

One of the very rare times when the artist Samir Sabry spoke about his private life, especially his wife and son, was when he arrived as a guest on the program “Bab Al-Khalq” presented by the journalist Mahmoud Saad. Where Egyptian artist Samir Sabry said: “My secret marriage and my motherhood were not easy, I loved my wife, she was English and her father worked.

I taught in Alexandria, and it was not easy for me to ask my father to marry a foreigner (Khojaya), because he always dreamed of having a big wedding for me, and Abdel Aziz Mahmoud saluted, because he was the secretary of the Zamalek Officers Club, and as far as I know, he was on the electoral list with Muhammad Naguib against Ismail Shirin Pasha, Princess Fawzia’s husband, and Najib and my father won, and under of this he was a friend of Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab and Hajja Tahia Karioka, and Abd al-Wahhab is the one who told me this.

Samir Sabry continued, “I loved my wife after I graduated from college and I was 19, and I couldn’t lead my family and destroy the hope that he and my mother wanted, and we got married and we bought an apartment, and my father kept his promise to buy me an apartment in Zamalek as soon as I graduated, but I bought the second apartment so that my father would not know about my marriage to the caretaker of the property.”

Samir Sabry added about this marriage, “The grace of art did not make me see the responsibility of the family in front of me. I saw my progress in art and it was slow because it depended from the series of the great professor Fouad Al- Mohandes, which was transformed into films and simple roles with professor Farid Shawqi, and I regret now and regret and regret and then left me in England to give birth And it was his right , because I was out of the house all day, whether it was at work or looking for work to find relationships with directors and producers, she had the right.

The single love of Samir Sabry and Samah Anwar: Rumors have always swirled about Samir Sabry’s association with artist Samah Anwar. At first, Samir Sabry denied these rumors in absolute terms and confirmed that she was a very dear colleague and friend, before clarifying the truth in her dialogue with journalist Mofeed Fawzy later. Samir Sabry said he loved Samah Anwar, but he did not marry her, due to the big age difference. Between them, the 22-year-old, even though he bought the double.

Samir Sabry’s Stance on Remarriage: After this, Samir Sabry revealed a secret about his stance on marriage in general, after his British wife traveled abroad, and his refusal to marry after that. In an old television interview, he said the experience of his father’s separation from his mother was behind the affair.

This bitter experience that Samir Sabry had when he was young, and he tried a lot to give his father back to his mother, but he failed, and then the father got married and then the mother got married, which put great pressure on Samir Sabry, and he decided to take up the challenge to prove to everyone that he was unaffected or failed, especially And that his mother’s husband had children from a previous marriage, and that his father’s wife had the same order.

Indeed, Samir Sabry managed to succeed, but he decided not to enter into the experience of marriage so that what he experienced when he was young would not happen to someone else, this who ended up guiding him. his first love affair was with “Mimi”, the daughter of Farid al-Atrash, or rather, the secret daughter of Farid al-Atrash.

He confirmed that he met her when she came to visit his friends near his home, and when he got to know her she assured him that she was the daughter of Farid al-Atrash , from a secret marriage, but he kept her away. Public.

This story was later confirmed and the Lebanese media published the case and confirmed that Farid al-Atrash had a daughter from a secret marriage, but Samir Sabry pointed out that this love was in adolescence and cannot be described as true love.

Then, in his later years, Samir Sabreen told many media outlets about his romance with the artist he loved and nearly married, Samah Anwar, and actually bought the wedding ring, but it didn”t work out in the end because of the big age difference between them. The memories he collected courtesy of Anwar, and how he was very much against marrying someone to a girl much younger than him, so he restrained himself from getting married with Anwar’s permission and remained alone asking for Alonus until he left.

The death of Samir Sabry: The artist, Samir Sabry, died this morning at the age of 86, after a battle against illness, as he suffered almost a year ago from cancer and has taken chemical doses which affected his heart a lot, and he had to undergo a heart operation during the last period, it was postponed 3 times by order of the doctors because it is a delicate and difficult operation considering the deterioration of his state of health, to leave the hospital and return to resume his work and breathe his last in a hotel in Cairo.

And artist and celebrity pages on various social media sites turned into condolence platforms and notebooks for the late artist, who unanimously agreed that he had the qualities of chivalry, kindness and levity of the shadow, Samah Anwar and Hussein Fahmy and others.

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