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Head of Nabataean Parliamentary Energy Committee: Government keen on tackling renewables

The “Dana” file is at the “President’s” table, and independent bodies distinguish their employees from the rest

The Nabataeans – Omar Al-Kaabneh

The head of the Parliamentary Energy Committee in the House of Representatives, Engineer Firas Al-Ajarmeh, confirmed in an exclusive interview conducted by “The Nabataeans”, in which he touched on several topics such as oil and gas, electricity tariffs, renewable energy, minerals, the role of the Ministry of Energy and independent bodies, and the role of the National Petroleum Company in oil and mining exploration, that the oil issue is purely past. It is the state and the international companies that have come to explore it and all the answers so far are that there are no commercial quantities of oil, but what is certain of its existence and I am personally sure it is the gas, especially in the Risha Basin.

Al-Ajarma explained that the National Petroleum Company is currently developing a plan, which we have been informed, by dividing the drilling of exploration wells annually to increase the amount of gas extracted from the Risha basin, which now has a capacity exploration to extract 30 million cubic feet of gas per day, explaining that this is a good number but modest with the needs of the Kingdom, of which You need 350 million cubic feet of gas per day.

He added that the House Energy Committee supports the efforts of the National Petroleum Company so that rumors do not unfold as they do now, that foreign companies come with a political agenda, noting that if gas is found , these companies will deny its existence and to erase this question, I am with the efforts of the National Petroleum and a major support of it in the process of exploration for gas in all regions of the Kingdom, and despite its modest potential and its low budget, we will seek to support it and increase its allocations in future budgets, emphasizing that it is more promising for gas exploration than oil.

Regarding the separation of the Natural Resources Authority from the Ministry of Energy and its merger with the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Authority, which is administratively and functionally independent from the ministry, Al-Ajarmah pointed out that she is against all independent bodies because they only came to have privileges for their employees compared to the rest of the state employees, noting that the independent bodies were a department of the ministry, wondering why is it not not become a leadership and does it not receive the same support and incentives that independent bodies receive to ensure that justice remains present in the privileges and salaries of all public sector employees, indicating that this issue is the cause of the imbalance and lack of affiliation with employees because when you see an authority employee with the same degree and educational qualifications, he receives four times the salary, explaining that things draw their conclusions, that these bodies have left a debt of forty billion dinars.

Regarding the process of finding mineral wealth, he said that he always urges those responsible for the mineral wealth sector to exploit what exists in Jordan, but there is a force of opposite tension in any file. , represented by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, and its objection to the project, where the matter has been followed up by the Energy Committee, and the last thing we have come to is that the final dossier is on the table of the Prime Minister to make the decision. .

Regarding the agreements with the Zionist entity, the head of the parliamentary energy committee stressed that he was against any agreement with the usurping entity, but we are in a state of institutions and of law, and we are governed by regulations, instructions and laws which manage the whole political process, and the previous council voted unanimously against the gas deal with the Zionist side, and with that the deal was done. Because the Jordanian constitution stipulates that if agreements are signed between one company and another, they do not go through the House of Representatives, noting that the constitution authorized the House of Representatives to interfere in any agreement affecting the state. parallel to its citizens, pointing out that individual action within the House of Representatives allows for such agreements.

At the same time, he pointed out that the energy vs. water agreement came in the light of Arab normalization with the Zionist entity, and that we in Jordan are cold and stagnant in the peace process with the Israeli side. , because we are the main Arab group in the country concerned by the Arab-Israeli conflict, and because we are the main sponsors of the Palestinian cause and the Hashemite guardianship of the holy places, indicating that the intransigence of the Israeli side, in all what was agreed, is the reason for the Jordanian state stagnating with the Zionist entity, and as a result they came to the Jordanian “killing”, which is the scarcity of water, to convince that we have normal relations with Jordan. A thousand megabytes, nuclear electricity, coal and renewable energies, in the end, it is a political question, knowing that we have alternatives like the national carrier and significant water quotas in Syria. The Jordanian negotiator must take advantage of the existing power cards to put pressure on the Syrian side to collect our water quotas. These two solutions are more honorable for the Jordanian State than to go towards the Zionist entity which kills our children day and night.

Regarding the new electricity tariff, Al-Ajarma explained that it is a thorny issue and that after a detailed and precise study of the subject, economic sectors in all their forms are beneficiaries and the costs have been reduced. in varying proportions, the highest of which is the industrial sector of 12%, but the cry in this matter is that you support these sectors at the expense of the citizens, indicating that it is From a scientific point of view, the bill of electricity from anyone consuming less than 600 won’t be affected but the dilemma is that most Jordanians are over a meter so they resorted to making a second meter so they wouldn’t be included in the calculation of the upper segments, stressing that he waits for the coming weeks to see the extent of the problems that will result from these new bills. He pointed out that the officials of the energy sector have not yet come to the second platform which has been agreed, for students who study in other governorates, for young single people who work in another governorate and do not have a family book, and for the Jordanian who has two houses in two different governorates, noting that the government is still entrenching itself in the fight against renewable energies, even if it is he who sponsored and encouraged it, but now all weak renewable energy users have been upset by imposing two dinars on every kilo of capacity in the domestic system, Noting that it is better to go to large companies that use renewable energy .

He added that the government argues that the citizen uses the grid during the day, he consumes and at night the government gives him… That’s true, but when the citizen generates more energy than he consumes , you don’t give him his okay, but run him the scales for three years and give him 20%, indicating that the problem is purely technical and he couldn’t. Energy officials deal with seasonal excess energy, explaining that the Kingdom can generate over 5000 megabytes and that is our need in harsh conditions, but most days of the year we let’s go for an average of 2500 to 2800 megabytes, so there is another 2500 megabytes that have not been used by the government and this is considered a weakness of the government, indicating that three weeks ago the load on the network was 900 megabytes, and we have 5000 megabytes of electrical energy and 2500 of renewable energy. freeze it, indicating that the solution to this problem is to encourage electric cars and to link household consumption to hours and to go to all industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors and give them electricity. city ​​B in the day at half price at night, which means that they have expanded the work and hired more workers in exchange for giving them electricity at cost, but they want the simplest solution. The public transport system is prohibited on Fridays and Saturdays and the complication of the process of switching to renewable energies at the same time as they live the contradictions, since they gave the large telecommunications companies last month energy renewable of 50 megabytes for each company, pointing out at the same time that the performance of the Ministry of Energy is confused and very weak.

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