Muhammad Abdul Majid writes: Kandaka Grizelda

She was not satisfied with his loyalty to him while he was alive, but she remained loyal to him even after he was gone from this life. She performed it while he was dead and she performed it while she was dead, for she recommended that she be buried next to him after his death, and it was performed so that she attains all fulfillment as she was buried yesterday next to him in Hillat Hamad Cemetery in Khartoum North.
She is (Grzelda Al-Tayeb), the wife of the thinker and scholar Professor Al-Tayeb Abdullah. The woman who dispelled our fears of (Khawaja) or our eyes of numbness.
In the love stories (Qais and Layla), (Abla and Antar) and (Romeo and Juliet), there is no such loyalty that was not just a story or a poem that we read in the history, but which (faith) was a reality that Grizelda embodied in her life and death also for her husband, Professor Abdullah Al-Tayeb. Love and dedication will be proud of this story that brought together (Abdullah and Grizelda).
We will find in our contemporary reality what we compare to history and imagination in love and loyalty.
The international Tayeb Salih succeeded in transmitting Sudanese culture abroad, and was able to make the Sudanese novel a world novel by emigrating to Great Britain and settling there. The scholar Abdullah Al-Tayeb succeeded in transmitting Sudanese culture from Khartoum and Damer. Therefore, from Sudan, he did not emigrate from Sudan, despite the opportunity he had when he was at the beginning of his life and at the height of his ambition, to quit his job in London and come to Sudan to work in Bakht al-Ridha. And that loyalty and love for Sudan passed from Abdullah Al-Tayyib to his wife Grizelda, who moved to Sudan even after her husband Abdullah Al-Tayeb left in 2003 AD, to follow his path and stay in a country where the temperature reaches (50) degrees in summer, with power cuts and mosquito bites. Streets and bridges are closed.
After turning ninety, she deserved to settle in a safe and stable country after the sons of Sudan emigrated from their country. And she preferred to stay in a country where people die with bullets aimed at the neck and the head of the authorities.
Grizelda deservedly deserved the title (Kandaka). I don’t imagine that there is a woman on earth who can leave the empire in which the sun does not set, to come and live in a colony pursued by superstitions in one of the third world countries.
A woman whose father was a lecturer at the University of London, and Abdullah al-Tayyib (the student) at the time, according to Grizelda herself in one of the newspaper’s interviews about (racist) harassment which Abdullah al-Tayeb suffered in Britain, says of him: (Before marrying Abdullah, he went with someone His friends went to Manchester, and when he got on the train, one passengers kicked him out. With that look, Griselda spoke of Abdullah Al-Tayyib: (The first thing that attracted me to him was (his good looks), his speech and the beauty of his teeth.) his departure.
You did not talk about her knowledge, her culture and her genius, but rather her beauty, her speech and the whiteness of her teeth.
When the international writer, Tayeb Salih, married a (foreign) wife, he moved with her to London, as did Muhammad Miftah Al-Fitouri, who moved with his Moroccan wife to Morocco. Al-Sir Kaddour did the same by moving to Cairo after marrying an Egyptian.
Professor Abdullah Al-Tayeb, although he had no children, with his marriage to the Englishwoman Griselda settled in Sudan and his wife Grizelda settled with him first in Damar and then in Khartoum after that, to stay in her husband’s house even after her husband died. departure in 2003 AD in the area of ​​Barri (Al-Mursas), which is hidden The sky is covered with tear gas and live ammunition is fired there, and foreign embassies issue warnings from time to time to their nationals in Khartoum in order to take precaution or leave the country.
– You can’t find that loyalty with anyone, even with (Sudanese women), so what if it’s with an English artist and researcher like Grizelda? The charming woman who left her family and her homeland and came to seek in the Sudanese vernacular, and her husband is a scholar in Arabic and the language of the Holy Quran.
Abdullah Al-Tayeb was a reason for Grizelda to convert to Islam and make her (Sudanese) so much that we are more proud of this country.
Abdullah al-Tayyib wrote (from the train window) and wrote about Sudanese riddles, but (Grizelda) was the finest of Abdullah al-Tayyib’s stories. She was Sudanese with the details of the (riddles) that Abdullah al-Tayyib writes about, may God have mercy on her.
– Grizelda drank (Al-Muwasah), worked (Al-Rawab), suffered (Al-Kasra), carried (Sudanese top), licked (Al-Ratina) and opened (Chinese) from the court, heard Muhammad Wardi, watched the Al-Hilal and Al-Marikh correspond, and wrote in his letters to Abdullah Al-Tayyib (Mashqin).
– She did everything for the good of Abdullah Al-Tayyib to give us from the story of her marriage and association with the great Abdullah Al-Tayyib a living example of loyalty and sincerity.
– She gave us an example (of patriotism) when her love for Sudan extends to milking (yogurt) and insisting (mutton), standing at the door and slathering (dough) and speaking in colloquial language ( Ya Zul wa Farda).
Abdullah Al-Tayyeb deserves to have his picture on Sudanese currency in appreciation of science and scholars. As for Grizelda, she deserves to be named after the largest street in the capital, Khartoum, or the city of Damer, which Grizelda used to compliment her people, enter their homes, share in their joys and sorrows , and enter the “khetta” with the women, the neighborhood in which you lived.
It is important that we name one of the halls of the University of Khartoum and one of the streets of the old district of Berri after him. And the least we can do is return fulfillment to whom it represents (fidelity) as a whole.
The marriage of Abdullah Al-Tayeb and Griselda (55 years) lasted from 1948 AD to the departure of Abdullah Al-Tayeb in 2003. After that, Grizelda presented us with the best images of loyalty and sincerity until her death and grave beside her husband on Blessed Friday May 20, 2022 AD.
This age of loyalty, camaraderie and long camaraderie is what gave Sudan a man of the stature of the scholar Abdullah al-Tayyib.
I don’t want to say that Abdullah Al-Tayyib without Grizelda wouldn’t be Abdullah Al-Tayyib, but I would say that Sudan without this woman would have lost a lot.
We ask God to grant him mercy, forgiveness and reward for this loyalty and sincerity, and we count it, God willing, in the Most High.
– vexation/
This great country sometimes we do not know its value except for others.
All roads lead to the city.

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