A clash and “chokings”.. quarrels and sad events shake the artistic community

A clash and “chokings”.. quarrels and sad events shake the artistic community

Yesterday, there were many events that topped the trend yesterday, and until today, including a 3-star feud, a death, a health issue and the arrest of an artist, and the critics the following “week”, in particular: this is what has happened in the artistic world in recent hours.

The death of Samir Sabry

The talented artist Samir Sabry died yesterday, Friday May 20, 2022, following a battle with illness, at the age of 85, and his funeral took place in front of the Police Mosque, and his condolences went to held in his hometown of Alexandria.

The funeral was attended by a group of art stars including artist Ilham Shaheen, Donia Samir Ghanem, Laila Alawi, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Hanadi Muhanna, Dalia Al-Behairi, Iman Al-Asi, Bossi Shalaby and d ‘others.

“Dog” Ghada Ragab with Bossi Shalaby and Ilham Shaheen

The funeral of artist, Samir Sabry saw the downfall of artist, Ghada Ibrahim, due to Ilham Shaheen and Bossi Shalaby, according to the latter in press releases.

The story began when Ghada Ibrahim’s tears burst as she attended the funeral saying: “There is a despicable one.. The artists told them a bus.. I have my car.. But I said all of us.. I mean.. the first.” When I approach her it says that the bus is full there is nothing. He went up.. One of them was a storm.. Ilham Shalaby.. I am Saima.. God suffice me and the best agent in her.. God will take revenge on her in the first place.. and you her all know. .. she and Ilham bint Suad.. May God deprive us of the respected Samir Sabri and hateful people It will make us suffer and disgust.. God does not care.

And Ibrahim continued: “Ilham bint Souad is summoned at every prayer and at every condemnation, and it is Ilham bint Afaf.. God takes revenge on them.. the wicked are those who hate us and the loved ones are gone. ” God will take them, and God is sufficient and good. No afterlife, no religion.

And about his positions with Samir Sabry, she suggested: “Samir stood next to me and sat down and told them that I am fine and that he is convinced of my innocence and I am already went out and thanked him for his great support for me.May God forgive him, have mercy on him, console him and make our separation easier.

After that, the Union of Parliamentary Professions took the decision to arrest Ghada Ibrahim and send her back for investigation.

Mustafa Haridi is free on bail

The Sheikh Zayed City Public Prosecutor’s Office has ordered the release of artist Mustafa Haridi on 10,000 pound bail, amid his allegation that 4 people were injured in a collision in Sheikh Zayed City.

And security forces arrested the artist, Mustafa Haridi, as he was accused of injuring 4 people in a traffic accident in Sheikh Zayed City, west of Cairo.

The police investigated Mustafa Haridi to find out the causes and circumstances of the accident, and the investigations showed that the artist was caught walking quickly with an industrial emission and before he could settle the problem and slow down. He hit a car in front of him.

Investigations confirmed that the crash resulted in a car colliding with the performer from behind, injuring his 4 passengers and injuring his passengers, and the prosecution ordered that the two cars involved in the crash be presented to a technical engineer for investigation and drafting. a report.

The prosecution also listened to the statements of the artist Mustafa Al-Haridi, who stated in the investigations that he was in the Zayed 2000 area, and while driving his car he was surprised by a car, which caused it to collide. with her from behind. , and harmed his passengers saying: I had no intention of destroying them.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that the injured in the accident were driving an angel’s car, and when they drove through an industrial bump, they were startled by the artist’s car, which was traveling at high speed and pulled them over. hit from behind, following their car accident. . He caused various injuries.

The Giza security directorate had received a report that 4 people had been injured in a traffic accident in the city on October 6, and through investigations detectives discovered that the driver of the car that had caused the accident was the artist Mustafa Al-Haridi.

Mustafa Kamel’s disease

The artist, Mustafa Kamel, shared the details of the recent accident and revealed his current health condition.

Mustafa Kamel wrote on his Facebook page: In the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Merciful, and God is the Best Hafez, and He is the Most Merciful.

And Al-Jamal continues: “I really had the impression that after a while, two eyes that don’t see, my hands that shake while driving, a fist in my chest, a mind that doesn’t does not exist, I swear to God, a language that speaks. Just two words to my wife, Betty, and for ten minutes the two testimonies were given on the October bridge, and I surrendered to your judgment and brought myself back to life alone with your ability, after that my son Fathi has arrived at my house and that I have finished the full meaning of the word.

وأضاف: “تم تشخيص حالتي من قبل الأطباء المحترمين في مستشفى الصفا بعد إشاعات وتحليلات (نوبات الهلع – توتر عصبي شديد والتهاب بالجهاز العصبي ، وحالة يسمونها طبيا بالذعر العصبي والحمد لله وشكرا. بالنسبة له تحسنت الأمور كثيرًا مع العمل على صور أشعة جديدة خلال هذا الأسبوع God willing “.

And he continued, “I thank you, my Lord, for what you have given me of the righteous wife, the righteous and just offspring, my brother and my son Muhammad Kamel, O God, protect them for me as long as I live, and protect them after I die. Love and loyalty is what made me proud of my children for the value of love and respect I instilled in my peers over the course of 32 years.

A clash and “chokings”.. quarrels and sad events shake the artistic community

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