“Elaf” and Memories in the Battle of the Extended Glow

In memory of an exceptional genius, in a career path that concerns me and concerns the wider circle, which is journalism, I still remember the moment when he called me when I was in my office in as editor at “United Press International” at MBC Television’s London headquarters, to join the unprecedented earthquake in the Arab Press Court.

On May 21, 2001, the pioneering professional leader was in tune with the technologies of the digital media age in terms of purpose, content, content and ambition.

Never before has an Arab newspaper or media, whether Arab or international, received such a resounding response since its first launch as it did “Elaf”, and now it continues as a liberal Arab platform shining the truth in the face of a world surrounded by darkness and terror, arrogant, stubborn, stubborn and oppressive in the treatment of freedoms Knowledge and enlightened thought are dominated by tyrannical regimes and tools of oppression in the fate of peoples, supported by the coercion and arrogance of dark extremist gangs and imams of hatred, enemies of opinion and other opinions, openness, transparency and humanity, Elaph had its battles and confrontations that he has always won.

Since it is the right of Elaph, and the right of readers and followers, I must mention the fast and direct stations I was on in the reaction of many leaders, leaders, blind people and politicians about Elaph and its influence over the years.

One year I visited Amman and had a meeting at the Royal Hashemite Court with one of the advisors of Hashemite King Abdullah II, who was astonished upon entering his office when I saw a wide screen directed by “Ela”). is not only in my office, but under the directives of His Majesty the King, it is present in most of the offices of the employees of the Royal Court. His case is very interested in what Elaf publishes in his footsteps, and how much he wants us to carry out a Jordanian experience like “Elaf”.

The second time was in 2004, when I met a crowd of participants at the Arab Media Forum with the late Sheikh Al-Hakim humanitarian Sabah Al-Ahmad, who was Prime Minister. As soon as I shook his hand, after my colleague Madi Al-Khamis, the president of the forum, introduced him to me, the Sheikh hugged me smiling as usual, and said C’ is my favorite on the internet and my source of information.

In 2005, I was invited with a number of colleagues from the US State Department to participate in discussions and symposiums on Iraq, and in a meeting with a White House media adviser, I was surprised that he asked me about a story we blew up in “Elaf” about the Arab League led by Omar Moussa. The adviser is interested in the details of this story and how Amr Moussa dominates the decision of the Arab League like any Egyptian pasha of the old traditional type dominates his field!

One of the good things about the coincidence is that that year I met Mr. Omar Musa at the Dead Sea on the sidelines of the Davos Forum. As Amr Musa had a large chest, he joked with a smile: Welcome, welcome our dear enemies “what you wrote”.

Nor do I forget the battle with Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in 2003, as it amounted to threats from the Governor of the Jamahiriya. , You are a Bedouin, and the colonel is proud of his beginnings!

Before that, “Elaf” clashed with the late Yasser Arafat, and that was CNN’s take on an interview with me about the reasons for this confrontation, which was Elaph’s criticism of the performance of ‘Arafat and his singularization of the Palestinian decision.

Here I must point out that Elaph waged a battle with the Palestinian leadership, when they arrested the late Palestinian businessman and politician Jawed Al-Ghadeen, head of the National Fund for the Liberation of Palestine, on charges whose veracity has not been proven. , and continued his professional role in this case in detail through reports, news and interviews until Al-Ghussein was released from custody and arrived in London through a joint intelligence operation to which the Arab-Western parties participated, acknowledging the extent of the injustice that had befallen Al-Ghussein, a calm and balanced politician who weighed his positions.

Moreover, for my part, I had left “Elaf” in 2006, for about six years after the launch of its competitor and sponsor “Aram”, which announced its cessation due to circumstances that do not need to be explained in this area, and I came back to the embrace of “Elaf” again after a phone call from my colleague Othman Al-Omair, the shortest phone conversation was between the two, where he said: “When is your first report?I said tomorrow..and the line was closed, and back in 2012 was at that time.

As a reminder, Al-Omair is a long-standing colleague whose relationship spanned exciting decades in London, and I worked with him for years as editor-in-chief of Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper while he was the editor.

Othman Al-Omair, congratulations to the press for you, and congratulations to you for this, because you took it to unprecedented heights and with high and relentless determination..!

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