National News Agency – Attia celebrated at Fares’ house in Benou and offered him victory: We will form an Akkar parliamentary bloc on behalf of the Akkar Development Bloc

NNA – MP Sajia Attia organized a reception on the occasion of his victory in the legislative elections, in the house of Issam Fares in Benou. By the way, he said he dedicates his victory to former Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares.

The reception hall was packed with well-wishers, introduced by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Akkar and its Dependencies, Metropolitan Basilios Mansour, Head of the Islamic Endowments Department in Akkar, Sheikh Malik Jadeeda, Member of the Sharia Council of the Islamic Council Alaouite, Sheikh Hassan Hamed, former deputy Nidal Tohme, responsible for religious affairs at the Lebanese People’s Congress, Dr. Asaad Al-Shamrani led a delegation. The head of the Akkar Traders Association, Ibrahim Al-Dahr, the leader and members of civil defense centers in Joumah, and a large crowd of mayors, mayors and political, religious, social and cultural actors were present.

At the beginning, Dr. Mohamed Yassin gave a welcome speech.

Afterwards, Sheikh Malik Jadeeda gave a speech in which he blessed “Atiyah, who comes from the home of a self-taught fighter, then grew up in Issam Fares Field University, who taught people how to meet the needs of people and facing people’s pain.Today, Jouma rejoices because one of his victorious sons has reached Parliament to bring About our voices, our hopes and our sorrows to this deprived region.

A new description of Issam Fares as “The knight who only makes up for the scarcity of people, in the realms of good and giving, benevolence, love and loyalty to his family. And in the language of all loving and faithful to Akkar, we call on this great president to return to us quickly, Akkar needs him, and needs his love, and his presence among his family, and among those who appreciate today, at how empty the emptiness we have in Akkar is, without Issam Fares, greetings to you, and this house The house of my homeland by origin, and the house of Akari by nature, and the house of plantation goodness, as we know it, with knowledge, culture, giving and generosity, and love for his family.

Sheikh Hassan Hamed said in his speech on the occasion: “We are now in the house of the most honorable man, whose star always shines, in Lebanon and across the continents, the owner of the attitudes and principles , the owner of qualities and gifts.And the citizen, and Akkar first because he is the righteous son of Akkar, by him I mean the state of the president, Professor Issam Fares, this house that we gathered before, and today, tomorrow and after tomorrow, God willing, because this house, as it represents it, is a face that gives to all of Akkar, to all of Lebanon and to the world.

He continued: “Lebanon today, and after this merit, which we all accepted, was satisfied by those who accepted and refused from my father. With an honest and frank citizenship to serve Lebanon, plus the Lebanese serve their country, the more Lebanon serves”. them.

He added: “We are in Akkar, from this house which was and will continue to call for national unity, and we are absolutely not allowed to forget, as Akkaris, this house, this white hand that was planted in every town in every village as a spike, and this spike became an example, and the state gift of the president, He has authority over all of Akkar, and our hope was that he would not would ever be absent Yes, every honest and sincere Akari wish good luck health, success and health to the country of the president, because we considered him and still, as honest and good citizens of Akkar and all Lebanon, a health carry on and everyone who loves the state of the president, and I mean His Excellency MP Sajia Attia, that he has had a hand in this, and he will remain responsible for it, so thank you to everyone who has given to the Akkar and to all those who have given to Lebanon.”

And he concluded: “As principles and values, we have met and we will meet. The spiritual encounter Akari is now between us, the Sovereign, dear to our hearts, His Excellency Archbishop Basilius, who never stopped calling the word kind, and the best of what we call today and every day is the call for kind words, and also His Eminence, the Mufti, the head of the Department of Endowments, and the people of sovereignty and virtue in general.

Representative Attia began his speech with the slogan “A grain of Akkar’s soil is richer than the treasures of the world”. He said, “This slogan is for the state of President Issam Fares. We can only repeat his good words, and we can only learn from his university, which has rooted and refined many behaviors in the depth of humanity, social and development. of this region.”

He added: “Fares used to receive his guests in his house, and today I am honored in the house of Issam Fares, and it is a great honor and it is a crown that I put on my head, and this meeting is a meeting of loyalty to a man who gave without return. Helping them, he answered them: “I am grateful to you because you ask a favor, and we have learned to invest ourselves with God, and that’s what brought me to the prosecution position”.

He stressed: “We are in the house of Issam Fares, the house of glory, the house of honor, generosity and development, and certainly the march continues, and my presence here confirms that the march continues. and that only the good thing is true, and I promise to keep this house open, me and his children, and the name of Issam Fares will stay bright, in the name of patriotism, and own money in this way.

And he continued: “Before the elections, I visited him to take his opinion on the nomination, and he congratulated and blessed, and he told me (the young people who worked with me reached the highest ranks and considered it a tribute to me, Abdullah Bouhabib, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Paul Salem, President of the Carnegie Center in America, Tony Habib, President of the Housing Corporation, and I would like to see you in Parliament), and I dedicate this achievement to his state.

Attia thanked Hala, Aqila Fares, for his follow-up and care, and for his generous family, the president, and with pride, he is the guardian of my blessing and he is ahead of me in the development work, and he m has blessed and brought me to who I am, and that is gratitude.

He addressed the sons of Akkar saying, “I have reached the accusation with your love, with your voice, though few in number, promising that their loud voice will be among the wolves of power. The country will not The army didn’t give it to us. We are Lebanon’s safety valve. This national region provided the martyrs, and the whole employment sector. Today, the state must give it its right. We want the university, the hospital, the airport and the highway.

Attia announced the formation of the Akkar Parliamentary Bloc, the Akkar Development Bloc, a cooperative and united bloc. The Purchasing Supervisory Authority, it’s a shame to insult people.

After that, Metropolitan Mansour blessed Attia with this success. He said: “We are all hope and joy because your success will be a success for the country in general and for Akkar in particular. We are in a state of joy, happiness and hope, far and near. The inhabitants of Akkar still remember it. sea ​​of ​​giving that has no limits, in generosity, the giving and generosity of morals first, and the generosity of faith.” Second, and by him I mean the state of President Issam Fares, who formed a school of giving, which became a legend and became a sacred story that children tell about their fathers.

Mansour addressed Attia saying, “You represent him in this house, you represent him in the parliamentary symposium and in his morals. We hear a lot about President Lahoud, the patriotism of Issam Fares. God endowed him many blessings as a servant to people, to be the first and to make him a leading position in people’s hearts.

He continued, “You have become a quick teacher with other parliamentarians whom God has guided and succeeded by the will of the people to be representatives on their behalf in calamities and necessities and in the reformation of the situation. And its spiritual edification first and human secondly, and its scientific, economic and health edifice, and in all areas, that you make Lebanon once again become the Switzerland of the Middle East.


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