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The role of woman is a measure of the progress of peoples and the rebirth of nations, because her role is closely linked to the regular leaps towards a better life: these are motherhood, childhood and the family, which is the mother, the sister and the mother. There was a general impression that Muslim women were oppressed in their country. She used religion as a cover to hide her crimes, especially in her relationships with women, despite the fact that Islam made her an independent financial responsibility and gave her two great rights, the first being education and second the work, and those who say otherwise are deceitful, tending to misinterpretation and deviating from the scope of the truth. in the elections and vote before the Swiss obtained it in the early 1960s.

I can imagine that other Arab countries preceded Egypt in this, I can refer to the Tunisian experience which presented a civil society characterized by a relative sophistication at a time when this vocabulary was neither proposed nor known. by shedding light on some facts related to the issues Women and their human and national liberation, especially with the beginnings of the 20th century, when the wave of women’s liberation was linked with the homeland liberation movement and became an integral part of a national popular march that did not distinguish between a man and a woman. We review the following notes:

First: Heavenly and earthly laws have also given women a natural position. Certain texts cannot be invoked to encircle the role of women and limit their launch, as if a restriction were imposed on their movements and their modes of advancement. History remembers names like Hatshepsut, Cleopatra and Shajarat al-Durr, and after them brilliant leaders and heads of Islamic and Arab governments, and even women scientists who stormed the field of modern science from ‘a way that calls to dazzle and believe that women do not lack something that God has chosen for men, but rather it is a distribution of tasks and roles assigned to them by the Creator His creatures are in any time and any place, and we do not find justification for differentiating or differentiating the sexes, and we consider it was not an important language. Moreover, all the laws gave him the right to practice various affairs until what it achieves military action. Perhaps all the attempts that have sought to reduce the status of women have largely rested on the two issues of testimony, making her half a man, and in the system of inheritance (because the male is like the luck of two females) and each of them has a wisdom that we have heard and known and always believed in, because matter does not appear as it is at a glance . Indeed, there is a philosophy that governs this difference and supports it at all times.

Second: Depreciating the status of women starts from the privileged position in which humanity has been humiliated by giving greater value to masculinity, and neglecting the rights of woman, this creature that religions have recommended for the good , and called for their care and the To underestimate her status and weaken her role, she distinguishes a boy and a girl in the traditional methods of education that make the birth of a child more joy and of happiness than the joy of the birth of the child in most cases, and if there is only one privilege in the family, let it be education, for example, the mother gives it to the boy at the expense of his sister! This is something that all cultures have done without exception. Indeed, I have seen in Europe that families celebrate the birth of a child in a way that goes beyond that of a girl, even if everyone claims otherwise and each of them claims complete equality between the births of a son or a daughter, because his prejudice towards him gives him a feeling of distinction which never leaves his surroundings and remains captive to him for life.

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Third: We men always talk about women’s rights and go into it a lot, imagining that this hadith makes us wash our hands and forget the past and absolves us of the accusation of bias against women or prejudice against them. against. merely paying lip service to their freedoms and listing their benefits in public only makes clear the state of duality that we men suffer from when we pretend to be enthusiastic about women’s rights, but we do not express it honestly or correctly, but we repeat it to absorb the state of anger and show our victory for women and spread the general feeling that we are progressive, in tune with the times and answering its calls, while we use double standards and say what we don’t do and do what we don’t say!

Fourth: The advancement of women cannot be achieved in isolation from the general advancement of societies, for they are an inseparable part of it which rises with its progress and regresses with its backwardness. public life so that it alone is a model of progress and the dissemination of a feeling of satisfaction is impossible to achieve. An indivisible challenge and an equally indivisible rebirth, our discourse on progress and its feasibility therefore comes from an enlightened spirit and a generous spirit. It is not possible to take away the role of women alone to advance it, or for the reverse to happen, so the man is intellectually advanced and the woman is mentally retarded, especially since recent studies have proven that IQ rates are the same regardless of gender and gender addiction for women or men.

Fifthly: Let us contemplate the cruel tax that women pay in our times in which we live. Isn’t she the first victim of bloody conflicts and armed wars, isn’t she the one who leads the ranks of refugees, displaced people, fleeing from battles and striving to save children and find them shelter ! She is, so her appreciation is a duty and respect for her role is inevitable, and it is not at all true that women live in stability, but society lacks it. The overall progress of the society as a whole, its regression and decline in its role also leads to a general stagnation, a global accumulation and a collapse that no one can stop its spread, except with unusual difficulties.

Woman is the vehicle of values, the mistress of education and the pioneer of reform. Therefore, his care and attention is a fundamental matter towards which everyone must strive and for which all who believe in man and his role on this planet must strive. Therefore, we believe in the principle of citizenship, which confirms that our positions are equal, despite our differences in sex, color and religion, everyone is equal before the law at all times. Women live in the shadow of justice, and they cannot be otherwise, whatever the circumstances, the challenges and the aspirations.

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