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The body language of the hands in love, and its role in showing the affective relationships between the two partners, and between people who are close to each other, and the body language of the languages ​​people use between themselves to show their feelings. Affection and closeness, which is akin to human language in terms of complexity and the ability to use it in the right way, and on the site you will learn about body language and its loving meanings in addition to the body language of hands. . Love it.

The importance of body language to show romantic feelings

Ways to show love to a partner vary widely from person to person, and parties that bring a partner together and exchange gifts are very important ways to express love, and physical expressions such as touch, pressure and nurturing can be used as one of the ways of expressing love that part of the human being prefers to others. The body is one of the five primary languages ​​of love: communicating verbally through constant words of praise, offering help and assistance, giving time and attention to the partner, exchanging gifts and physical contact, but not everyone uses these Thursday languages ​​in the same way and in the same style, everyone gives and receives love in a distinct way, from It is very important to know things that the partner always prefers used to express and communicate love to the other, and physical touch is one of the languages ​​of love that does not necessarily include a full physical relationship, although a romantic marital relationship is one of the fundamental aspects of love between spouses, but other methods such as touching, hugging, patting on the shoulder, back and fist are aspects of love that can transmit feelings with equal power.

Body language in the hands of love

Body language is very important in love, it is one of the best languages ​​to use and has a very big impact on emotional relationships. Therefore, many researchers and scientists are urged to study the effect of body language on human communication relationships. Studies conducted on the languages ​​of communication between humans have shown that the language of hands is one of the most important languages ​​that most people use to express a lot of feelings, and besides the language of hands, there is the language of the hands. Eyes, facial language, lips, etc., and every organ in the human body is connected to the brain and behaves differently when a person’s love feelings are inflamed, and hand language occupies most of it. Languages ​​through many different signs that can be represented using hands, the space occupied by hands in the brain is large compared to others.

Hand language signs in love

There are many signals that are sent from the brain to the hands to move them differently, and among the most important hand signals that indicate love:

  • Gentle Touch: Approaching one person to another and trying to lay your hand on them and touch them from time to time is the greatest show of love and tenderness for the other, and these touches are often proofs of love and touch. It could be a touch on the partner’s hands, it could be a touch on their hair or face or a pat on the shoulder.
  • Sweaty hands: Sweaty hands when meeting a partner is one of the best proofs of love hidden in the heart. Love activates the nervous system and stimulates the sweat glands of the hands, which increases their secretion.
  • Trying to hide the face with the hands: This language is spreading among girls because the woman tries to hide her face, which shows signs of redness and intense sweating when meeting the partner, so she uses the movements of the hands to hide his face. Occasionally to hide inner feelings.
  • Spontaneous touching: The partner wants to touch their partner, so they find excuses for things that aren’t real, like dust on clothes to take them off, or something on their face to take them off.
  • Holding hands: especially when crossing the street, walking, or during certain psychological crises, under the pretext of help, and the partner may notice that the hands of his partner beat strongly, or that their temperature is slightly elevated.

How to express love through body language

There are many romantic ways to express love, including physical touch, which is different from a full physical love relationship. Here are the best ways to express love through physical contact. The importance of touch comes from its important role in the secretion of the love hormone or oxytocin, responsible for the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Between spouses, security and continuity, here are the most important ways to express love through body language:

  • The kiss: the kiss is not a necessary condition to establish a marital relationship, and it can be on the cheek, the face, the head or even the hands. A kiss is one of the most effective and important ways to express love in romantic relationships, and it is the greatest proof of love and affection.
  • Hand in hand: A couple holding hands in public and on the street is the greatest proof of mutual love.
  • Hugs: One of the best ways to express love with body language, it also helps a lot to bring the two partners closer, and hugs can be automatically while watching a movie or any program, or during the day and when the husband returns from work. . . Hugs greatly relieve stress and improve the mental health of both partners.
  • Physical touch: One of the best ways to express and deal with a partner is to touch their body, touching the body in different ways including touching the face, running fingers through the partner’s hair, holding hands or touching the lips or neck. . , can be the greatest proof of attraction for a partner.

Ways to express love indirectly through body language

There are many ways to help improve the marital relationship through indirect contact and indirect approach to the husband in the following ways:

  • Touching on the back and shoulders: This is one of the best ways when a husband or wife is going through a certain crisis, and it is a natural reaction to help them overcome their ordeal, and it can help to convey feelings of love to him. Both. And the growing feelings of mutual comfort of both partners.
  • Sitting close to partner: It is best for both partners to sit close to each other touching their legs and feet, which is an indirect way of expressing love and affection, and can help convey feelings of love and closeness to the other party. . .
  • Tickle: It is also one of the physical expressions of love and helps to bring the other closer and to spend a moment of pleasure and happiness together.

What are the body language signs that your partner is in love with you?

There is a set of signs indicating that both partners are falling in love with each other, and these signs can be physical and non-physical, and the subconscious mind can receive and understand these gestures and movements constantly, which helps to the continuity of love, and between these signs are the following:

  • Partner attraction: the desire to bridge distance, to constantly get closer to them, closeness can be physical or through shared tools and objects, partner can always mean sitting close to you, or put his own drink near you. Drink, or placing the phone next to your phone to show desire by staying close to your partner.
  • Physical touch: It is the greatest proof of love and closeness with the partner, if the partner always wants to get closer to the partner and touch him, it means falling in love with him.
  • Warning: clear proof of love. If the partner is always attentive to the other and concentrated with him even if there are many distractions near him, it means that the love is very big in his heart.
  • Communication: Constantly and Frequently is a very important guide that experts use to measure the degree of love.
  • Smile at the partner: Seeing or hearing his voice, which is a sign of love, the lover always smiles when seeing the partner, and this smile is a great proof of happiness when seeing the lover.
  • Feeling comfortable with the partner: This is a sign of love. The lover always seeks to meet the partner to feel comfortable and relieve the burdens of life and the pressures of work.
  • Take care of the partner: by protecting him with certain behaviors such as helping him cross the street, taking off his coat to warm him up, entrusting him with all his actions.
  • Confusion: For women, playing with hair can express confusion with a partner, and there are ways for men. The man always behaves in a childish way with his beloved, stumbles or gets confused in his speech, and the reason for this is the tension and anxiety he feels.
  • Disclosing private matters: This is also a method for a man. If a man constantly talks with his partner about his personal problems, this is a sign of his love for her.
  • Walking close to a partner: this is also a means for men. A man walks close to the woman he loves and does not try to precede her with steps, but rather to harmonize with her steps.

In conclusion, the body language of love hands has been determined, and it has been found that body language is one of the five love languages, and it is a very important language to always focus on from the desire to know the partner’s feelings. Towards you, and watch out for signs of a lack of love between the two parties to ensure the continuity and success of the relationship.

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