The story of Muhammad Adel Imam’s marriage to the daughter of the Minister of Defense, his disagreement with his father, and his insult to Muhammad Ramadan!

Although he is the son of the artist, Adel Imam, he chose the most difficult path in the art world, and began his career with a small role in front of Lucy and Farouk El-Fishawy in “Canaria and Partner”.

his education

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In Cairo, on September 16, 1984, “Mohamed”, the youngest son of the leading artist, “Adel Imam”, was born, to enter the artistic family and join his older brother, the television and film director ” Rami Imam”, for began his artistic career with film participation at the age of six, when he appeared in the film “Hanafi” pump “with a silent scene, but this did not prevent him from pursuing his studies and to graduate from the American University in Cairo.

“I’m not married to the Defense Minister’s daughter.”

Muhammad Adel Imam received his share of the rumors that still haunt his father, so he had to face them, especially in 2015 when he posted on his personal Facebook account, saying: “I am not happy on the 22nd, neither am I.” in Italy I don’t suffocate with my father, nor have problems with anyone. He didn’t address a minister’s daughter, or the daughter of a great businessman’s brother, or any of the many words that are happening these days.

Soon Imam Muhammad completed half of his religion and married his former fiancée Nouran Talaat, who announced his separation from her earlier due to differences before reconciling and getting married on August 29, 2018, and had two daughters, “Khadija” and “Qismat”, being the Imam of the Abu Girls.

He refuses to compare him to Muhammad Ramadan

صرح محمد إمام أنه يرفض مقارنته بالفنان محمد رمضان في أحدى تصريحاته الصحفية الأخيرة قائلاً: “رمضان حبيبي كنا شلة واحدة أنا وهو وهيثم زكي بس ظروف الدنيا فرقتنا مع إني معجب بأغانيه الأخيرة، لكن أنا مركز جداً فى التمثيل، خليه هو نجم في الغناء وأنا نجم At the movie theater”.

These statements came after Muhammad Ramadan announced that he wanted to act with the leader and that he had not yet been able to do so, which was interpreted by some as the artist Adel Imam refuses to act with him. .

Some believe that Muhammad Imam is lucky due to his acceptance and popularity, building on his father’s fame, but in fact he has proven himself. Muhammad participated with his father, the artist Adel Imam, in a number of works, including his first television. work, the series (Kanaria and Partners) in 2003 with the artist Farouk al-Fishawy, then he participated in several films, such as: (The Yacoubian Building) 2006, then the film (Hassan and Morcos) 2008.

He followed it with his first absolute cinematic starring in the movie (Al-Bayh Romantic) 2009, but the year 2012 was the luckiest year for the artist (Mohamed Imam) for his participation (Al-Sakka) in the television series (Red Lines), which was widely accepted by the masses, and in the same year his father took part. In the series “Naji Atallah’s Band”, he participated in the championship of many works, such as (The Thief of Baghdad) and (The Tiger).

In recent years, Muhammad Imam has excelled in the absolute drama championship in his “Hogan” and “Al-Nimr” series.

His last work

The artist, Mohamed Adel Imam, shared with his fans and followers, via his official account on “Instagram”, a photo of his new film “Uncle”.

Muhammad Imam commented on the image saying: “The first image from the movie of their uncle. It’s always a faithful action scene in my grocery store for three days with images. I made you a scene like this for a while, expect their uncle soon, God willing.

The film “Their Uncle”, with Muhammad Imam, and with Sayed Ragab and Mahmoud Hafez, and the artists Hoda Al-Mufti and Aiten Amer, who came to replace Amina Khalil and Rehab Al-Jamal, produced by Ahmed El Sobky.

Muhammad Imam’s latest films, “The Thief of Baghdad”, with Fathi Abdel Wahab, Yasmine Rais, Amina Khalil, Muhammad Abdel Rahman Tota, Saad Al-Mukhtar and guest of honor Ahmed Rizk and Bayoumi Fouad, and the film was written by Tamer Ibrahim, directed by Ahmed Khaled Moussa.

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