When is polygamy compulsory?

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When is polygamy compulsory? There have been many noble hadiths and Quranic verses that allow a man to have polygamy, and it is worth mentioning that polygamy is of great importance to some, and there is also great wisdom of legalization of polygamy by the Islamic religion, which we will explain to you, and Almighty God has allowed to marry only four wives, and he cannot marry more than four wives, and through the following article we will tell you show when polygamy is compulsory.

What are the conditions of polygamy?

Once we know when polygamy is obligatory, then we should familiarize ourselves with the conditions of polygamy that have been mentioned in the Holy Quran or the Sunnah of the Prophet, including the following:

  • A man should not marry more than four wives at a time.
  • That a man is able to provide for all his wives, therefore, according to Islamic law, he can only marry if he has the financial capacity to allow him to spend on his wife and cover the cost of the marriage, while the husband continues to pay the alimony due to his wife for the duration of the marriage.
  • May the husband be able to do justice between his wives, as the Almighty says: “If you fear that you are not just, then one of them, or if your right hand has the lower one, which you do not will not be dependent.”
  • That the husband possesses the physical capacity which enables him to have sexual relations and to abstain from his wives.
  • That the husband can protect himself from being preoccupied and infatuated with wives in matters of religion.

Through the next paragraph we will indicate when polygamy is compulsory and what many people are looking for.

When is polygamy compulsory?

Polygamy in this case is necessary, and it should be mentioned that the intention of this is to seek offspring if the first wife is unable to procreate. The obligation may appear in this case if his wife suffers from an illness that makes cohabitation difficult. with her without hurting her, and so the man finds himself able to marry and is not patient with her, and so the man must absolve himself of falling into the forbidden.

What is the status of polygamy?

There is no doubt that polygamy is one of the issues on which there is disagreement among jurists, except that the original decision for it according to jurists is lawfulness, as evidenced by the saying of the Most High: You fear not to be equal by one, or all that your oaths possess, that you will not be dependent. It also came from the following plural cases and rulings:

When is polygamy compulsory?

  • The need for pluralism.
  • Diversity is desirable.
  • Multiple scars.
  • The hatred of polygamy.
  • The inviolability of polygamy.

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What is the wisdom of polygamy?

We have learned through the previous paragraphs when polygamy is obligatory, and through the next paragraph we will learn the wisdom of polygamy, from which stem the following:

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  • This increases the number of births for the Islamic nation, as marrying more than one wife leads to an increase in the number of births.
  • It is considered one of the most important means of securing and protecting women, as they are the most numerous men in all nations.
  • Polygamy shows the ability of the provisions of Islamic law to regulate human life and take into account their conditions.
  • This can be a reason to reduce the number of divorce cases that occur due to the husband’s desire to remarry because he has allowed polygamy.
  • It is a reason for chastity and preservation of men and women.
  • It may also be a societal and moral need to preserve women and prevent them from falling into an illicit relationship.

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Reasons for Polygamy

There are many specific and general reasons for polygamy, which we will explain to you with the following points:

General reasons

  • It is a way of protecting women from perversion and vulgarity.
  • Especially when their number exceeds the number of men, the situation is permitted.
  • In pluralism, strengthen the Islamic nation and increase its number.

Specific reasons

  • A woman’s infertility or illness that prevents her from fulfilling her husband’s desires.
  • The wife’s bad temper, so that she refuses to respond to her husband’s request, or her inability to keep up with her sexual ability.
  • This may be due to her aversion to sex, advanced age, or the length of her period.
  • A man needs polygamy when he travels, and sometimes he has to be away from his wife for months, which is hard for him to do.

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Restrictions on legalizing polygamy

After learning when polygamy is compulsory, the Islamic religion has imposed many restrictions when resorting to polygamy, which we will mention to you as follows:

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  • The permissible number of wives is four or less, and increasing is prohibited, as stated in the saying of the Almighty: “Marry as many wives as you want, two, three and four.”
  • Full justice bin wives.
  • Do not combine two sisters, or combine a daughter and her aunt or a daughter and her paternal aunt in the infallibility of one man, and it is forbidden to combine them according to the consensus of scholars and jurists.
  • Sufficient financial capacity to marry and ability to support more than one wife.
  • That the husband is able to absolve them of the prohibition.

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With this, we learned the wisdom of polygamy, and we learned the restrictions Islam places on the practice of polygamy, and we came to the conclusion of our article, titled When Polygamy Is Compulsory.

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