International Conference on Child Support Lines kicks off in Doha

The International Conference on Child Support Lines, organized by the “Aman” Center for Social Protection and Rehabilitation, began today, with the participation of 30 international and regional organizations concerned with children’s issues, and a group of interested parties, and in the presence of Mr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Kuwari, CEO of the Qatar Foundation for Social Work.

The two-day conference aims to mobilize international and regional efforts for child helplines and builds on the celebration of International Child Helplines Day, which the International Child Helplines Organization child helpline celebrates May 17 every year.

The conference will discuss a number of topics related to child helplines, social protection mechanisms for children and the most important services provided to protect targeted groups of children, in addition to clarifying the challenges of work in the field of child helplines and emergency situations. intervention methods to help children in times of crisis.

Mr. Abdulaziz Al Ishaq, Executive Director of “Aman” Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Center and Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference on Child Helplines, said: This conference represents the first international meeting and specialized regional center of this type in the region for child helplines, and a turning point for the vision and mission of the Aman Center and entities related to the promotion of the protection and social rehabilitation of children, guided by the best international and regional practices, and to strengthening the efforts of the Aman Center in its prestigious position as a leading international and regional civil society organization in the area of ​​child support lines.

In his speech, he pointed out that the conference will contribute to the development of work in the field of child support and the transfer of the distinguished Qatari experience to the world, and will transfer the efforts made to develop child support lines for children in the region, noting that the distinguished international, Arab and Gulf participations will enhance the exchange of experiences and information between the participating parties.

He underlined that the main objectives of the conference crystallize through raising awareness and advocating for the local and international community on the rights of the child, supporting the international commitment to confront any violation against children, in addition to encouraging participating countries to establish child support lines and capacity building in the Middle East and North Africa region guided by the Safety Center approach.

In turn, Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Subaie, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Organization for the Protection of Children, said: The conference represents a national, regional and global asset and a starting point to define visions and plans that spark the interest and protection of children, noting that the conference is one of the most important tools to preserve, support and help children.

In the same context, His Excellency Mr. Jaap Dweik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Child Support Lines Organization, stressed the importance of mobilizing international and regional efforts to protect and support children, adding that the protection of the rights of the child is at the top of the list of priorities of our national institution, and this conference is a step in the realization of initiatives and projects of social development, which underlines the interest and the strong commitment of the State of Qatar to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations level.

He explained that child support lines represent one of the most effective and quick ways to improve a child’s ability to access protective services, when other means of obtaining them are cut off, praising the Foundation. of Qatar for Social Work and its affiliated centers for investing in all opportunities that achieve the goals of a healthy childhood, which growing children enjoy. He stressed the support and promotion of all initiatives that seek to develop the concepts of helplines in general, and child helplines in particular.

More than twenty keynote speakers from more than twenty countries participated in six main sessions, and participants presented experiences from their countries to find more solutions in the field of child support, and children distinctly participated in the management of certain sessions as a separate initiative adopted by the Center for Social Protection and Reintegration “Aman” In order to give more confidence to this category of men and women, the student Al-Anoud Mubarak Al-Hitmi presented the opening ceremony of the International Conference on Child Helplines.

The sessions covered topics related to the Aman Center approach to child helplines, the challenges of working in child helplines, emergency response to help children in political crisis situation, in addition to the challenges of child helplines, as well as the use of corporal punishment in the education of children… Reality and challenges, and the role of child helplines The child in achieving the Millennium Goals, in addition to addressing the importance of laws, regulations and policies in governance and the development of child protection tools, explaining the repercussions of the Corona virus (Covid-19) on domestic violence and the revision of work models in the area of ​​support for child lines.

In the same context, the Global Network of Child Helplines and the International Organization of Child Helplines welcomed the conference, noting that it strengthens advocacy, mobilizes support and activates protection mechanisms in developing effective national, regional and international partnerships in the area of ​​child helplines. .

She noted that the conference is a qualitative addition to previous conferences to ensure communication and coordination with its partners in the rest of the membership, in order to serve high quality child support lines and strengthen child protection systems. childhood.
During the opening ceremony, it was announced the launch of the platform project “Aman Shield”, which is the largest Arabic electronic platform for online child helplines, which provides unique content in the treatment, rehabilitation and care of target groups.

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