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The U.S. capital, Washington, is set to officially celebrate Morocco for an entire month in the greater Washington area, after the Moroccan-American Network won a second official approval from the Mayor of Washington to celebrate Morocco, after a move similar from the mayor of Alexandria, Virginia, two years ago.

A statement sent to the Moroccan-American network said on Monday that the Al-Amaq newspaper had received a copy, that in a precedent of its kind, the network celebrates this year the “Day of Morocco” and certain aspects of its cultural and civilizational heritage. . for a whole month throughout the month of July.

The statement clarified that July 15 each year was officially established as Morocco Day in Washington by Washington Mayor Muriel Bowers, similar to Alexandria Mayor Justin Wilson’s decision two years ago to award July 10 of each year as a day for Morocco.

According to a preliminary program of this event, the Moroccan American Network will open its program for the seventh session this year, with a cultural week from July 9 to 16 that includes various activities, starting with the dinner “Gala Dinner” on July 9 to celebration of the new approval and in honor of personalities announced later, with an artistic evening Diversified cultural heritage.

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On July 10, which coincides with the celebrations of Eid al-Adha and the 373rd anniversary of its founding in Alexandria, business and networking meetings between Moroccans and Americans will be devoted to supporting the leadership of young people and women in the world of entrepreneurship and investment.

The network indicated that this approach is part of the strengthening and support of Moroccan-American relations at the cultural and economic levels, and the construction of bridges of communication and exchange between the two countries, in particular between the greater Washington region and Moroccan cities that are selected each year according to certain criteria to discuss means of cooperation, investment and celebration.

In 2019, the Moroccan-American network chose Zagora as the guest of honor for the fourth session of “Morocco Day”, which is organized each year in the capital, Washington, to celebrate the Kingdom.

A precedent for an Arab and African country

The network’s founding leader, Muhammad Al-Hajam, felt that dedicating an entire month to celebrating a country, its culture and its capabilities is a precedent that has never happened before as an honor for any Arab, African or Islamic country. , adding, “We will work to move bilateral relations between the two countries to a new stage which we hope will be more practical, productive and efficient.” .

Al-Hajjam said, “While this symbolic gesture is the result of years of effort and sometimes failure, it is also a gesture of honor and responsibility on our shoulders.

He continued: “We have decided to postpone the hosting of the Moroccan city of Agadir, which was to be celebrated during the seventh session of Morocco Day as part of the network’s activities this year, like ‘other cities celebrated in previous sessions’.

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The Founding President of the Moroccan American Network adds: “I am happy and excited for the month of Morocco in Washington and Alexandria throughout July. After two years of stagnation and adaptation to new conditions, we return with a new impetus to continue the work,” he said.

For her part, Fatima Kamal, from the Public Relations and Communications Unit of the Moroccan American Network, explained that these celebrations will coincide with the celebration of the city of Alexandria in Virginia, on the occasion of the 373rd anniversary of its founding in July 1749, and the city is considered one of the oldest and most important cities in the state of Virginia, with more than 10,000 Moroccan inhabitants.

She said assigning the month of July to the celebration is an opportunity to return to normal life after easing preventive measures against the epidemic, and that the date coincides with the celebrations of Eid al-Adha and Throne Day, and hosts many national and international cultural events. , explaining that the journey of some active activities of women and young people will be highlighted throughout Washington and Virginia.

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During the last event before the pandemic, the Moroccan-American network chose the city of Zagora as guest of honor for the fourth session of “Morocco Day” in Washington, where a Moroccan delegation from the city of Zagora, led by the head of the Regional Council of Zagora, included 14 people, including 11 entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, and 3 journalists.

The Moroccan delegation, led by artist Noaman Lahlou, his wife, the head of the Regional Council of Zagora and other Moroccan personalities, collectively performed the song “Ghazala Zagora” from the heart of the American capital, Washington, in the middle great interaction between American players and Moroccan officials.

It should be noted that the Moroccan-American Network was created in 2013 on the initiative of journalist and businessman Mohammed Al-Hajam, and in cooperation with American and Moroccan journalists and entrepreneurs, with the aim of bringing the two countries, to make their cultures known and to discuss ways of cooperation and investment opportunities, by presenting Moroccan cities and their wealth, by welcoming artists and entrepreneurs and by organizing visits between the two countries.

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