Tarawneh writes: O breaking dawn!! | Book of Ammon

Sherine.. O Palestinian dawn, rising from the womb of a nation slaughtered by oppression, tyranny, corruption and the heinous Nazi Nazi occupation.. Glory to Him who brought the living from the dead.. and the light of darkness! !

Shireen..Oh, a Palestinian Arab Hussam who has always been crippled and uplifted in the face of heinous Israeli aggression!

Sherine, O saint, devoted herself, effort, jihad, blood and soul to Jerusalem and Palestine.. She remained the precious witness and became the most precious martyr!!

Sherine.. you living witness.. and the living martyr who carries his coffin on his shoulder since the first lisp on the path of media, truth and truth for more than twenty years!!

Sherine..O Palestinian Arab icon..Yes, Palestinian and Arab..and I mean by the way, and in terms of order, to present the branch on the original..because the militant Palestinian branch is the only one that covers the shame, the weakness and the humiliation of the Arab origin, which is silent on the humiliation, the occupation, the massacre and the humiliation!!

Sherine.. O symbol of courage, selflessness and sacrifice for the good of Palestine in these difficult times when the slogan (and I am my money) prevailed..and the feeling of (Oh alone)!!

Sherine.. O star of the holy morning.. and a Palestinian nashmia, by the grace of God, marched a few days before the anniversary of the Nakba to support the families of the camp (in Jenin). Blood is blood) which is banned internationally. .. they cut down her head lifted up, and she arose as a martyr .. and she left in body, but her immortal soul and her lofty message are still in the consciousness until God wills it!!

It is known that this criminal Zionist military unit took as its emblem a double-edged sword to recall the sword of hatred and treachery used by the Zionist (Ehud bin Gera) when he assassinated the king (Eglon) king of Moab, that the Jews feared with great fear and counted a thousand accounts for him.

She was martyred a short walk from the resting place of the heroic soldier and the son of the brave Arab army who performed well in battle and was martyred in the area of ​​(Tal Al-Dhakhira) near the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Al -Quds Al-Sharif in 1967.. His immaculate body was recently found embracing spear and rifle.. On his wristwatch which indicates the time and moment of his martyrdom.. Our people in Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine carried his immaculate body on their shoulders and celebrated a solemn funeral for him, as if by Jordanian and Palestinian blood they had united in the pure land of Palestine and in the vicinity of Jerusalem, so that the two brothers would form the sign of victory on the way to the rising dawn, God willing. !!

Sherine.. O dear star of Palestine.. We were saddened by your passing and your assassination at the hands of chameleon thugs. it seemed to me that the trunk of the nation was the one who made money !! But the hero Amr Abu Khdeir and his brave fellow Palestinians They quickly lifted the coffin… and carried it over their heads and onto their shoulders, despite the brutality of the Zionist enemy… How the youth of Palestine and the youth of the coffin made us feel when they rained on the chameleon threads of the attackers with a deluge of waterfalls !! And they valiantly prevented the assassination of your coffin, my dear!!

Sherine.. We loved you because you are the free Palestinian icon you wrote by making, by name, and radiant presence, the signs of dawn on the page of Shams al-Haq, which does not don’t disappear!!

Sherine.. O niece of my brother by blood and Arabism.. We loved you because you dedicated yourself and your pure soul for Palestine.. Yes, we loved you because even during your martyrdom you covered the pure soil of Palestine and embraced its sacred wealth!!

Sherine.. we loved you because you came out on tv media text.. and most of the tears in your eyes as you watch and document through the camera the scene of two palestinian children returning from the school only to find their house destroyed by the bulldozers of the occupying Nazi Zionist enemy!!

The two sat on their bags and looked up as if silently calling out to the Lord of the worlds, the One, the Dominator. of the world!!

Sherine .. O Lady of the Screen, we have loved you and we watch your visits to the homes of the families of martyrs and deportees, and you console the families and you carry with our people in Palestine a shoulder in the most difficult circumstances. darker! !

Sherine.. Lady of logic and splendor.. We loved you because at the end of one of your media reports you sighed deeply.. and held up the sign of victory.. Then you looked at the sky and said aloud: O Lord, be with Gaza.. O Lord, be with our people in Gaza!!

Sherine.. we loved you because you are our daughter.. and because you are ours, we are the poor.. and because you are our blood and our flesh.. and because you are the daughter of the cause.. and the daughter of our suffering.. and the daughter of our pain.. and the pioneer of hope!!

Sherine.. we loved you because when you witnessed the truth throughout your media career, you united people’s hearts and feelings with your jihad compass that points only to Jerusalem and Palestine .. and we loved you more when you stood up like a martyr and united the church bells and the bonds of affection between blood brothers, Muslims and Christians. And when the funeral prayer was held for your pure soul in the cemetery!!

So we all stood in the Arab world, sharing their pride in you and praying for you in eternal paradise!!

Sherine..my dear..we loved you so much because the Zionist enemy hated you so much and plotted evil against you and your likes from the loyal fighters for the fatherland, cause and nation!!

We loved you because your pure blood united with the flag of Palestine to form a national scene that angered the scoundrels and sons of the Nazi-Zionist chameleon!!

Sherine.. here I am sad because of your loss like all the honorable people of the Arab world and the world ended with a scene carrying a particular symbolism.. and a verse of poetry which does not lose consciousness ..

As for the scene, it represents Shireen the Palestinian knight in the form of the Statue of Liberty, carrying a radio-shaped torch in the right hand, and the map of Palestine from water to water in the left hand, including including this one towards the heart and in the folds of the ribs!!

And by the way, fairness obliges to say: I salute you, designer, who drew the Statue of Liberty of honorable people, and you were created!!

As for the house of poetry, I borrow it from the stock of Abu al-Tayyib al-Mutanabbi, who wove it from the threads of his heart in an elegy for the Emir of Latakia, Muhammad al-Tanoukhi, when he said:

I didn’t think until you were buried in the burial that the planets in the dust would evaporate

Yes..Your radiant presence will remain on the soil of pure Jerusalem..and your place in the heart of the heart..O Sherine

And you will remain the voice of truth

And the Voice of Palestine… and you will remain a rising dawn on the road to the liberation of Palestine, God willing.

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