Man and woman: how to practice the marital relationship in Islam

How men and women practice marital relationship in Islam There are a number of things that should be taken into consideration when practicing a marital relationship, and Islam has determined the positions a woman should have intercourse with as well as the method, and in our next article, we will learn about the method of intercourse. with a woman in Islam.

Man and woman: how to practice the marital relationship in Islam

Sexual relations are one of the important matters in the life of a Muslim. And the ways in which the servant will be rewarded if he applies them, wanting the face of Almighty God and the guidance of the Prophet, prayer and peace be upon him. him in sexual intercourse, was the most complete guide, with which health is preserved, pleasure and pleasure are filled with it, and he achieves his goals for which he was created, namely: to preserve offspring, to eliminate the water that harms Congestion and congestion in the body, passing the uterus: getting pleasure, and enjoying grace, which is also one of the reasons for maintaining health, and a man can have sex with her woman in all circumstances and positions, whether the woman is sitting, lying or sleeping, whether the sexual intercourse takes place in the place of plowing, and both can The spouses look at the whole body of the other, even the vagina, and intercourse is allowed in the light of the room or in the dark, and the important thing is that it is not in the anus and everything below is allowed.[1]

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The Etiquette of Sex in Islam

There are a number of etiquettes that a Muslim should not overlook to have a band for his wife:[2]

  • Sincerity of intention towards Almighty God: And that he intends by his action to protect himself and his family from the forbidden, and to increase the offspring of the nation, for there is glory in abundance, and he is rewarded for this work.
  • For a man to caress, caress and kiss his wife, The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, used to play with his family and hug them.
  • Say when he comes to his wife: (In the name of God, may God take us away from Satan and take away from Satan what you have provided for us)Satan will not hurt their child if God makes them a child out of their sexual intercourse.
  • It is permissible for a man to have sex with his wife in front of her in any direction, and it is permissible to deliberately have sex with her if the sex takes place in the vagina..
  • It is not allowed for a man to bring his wife into the anusAnd the place of plowing that Almighty God has ordered to come is the vagina, and this is the place of the descent of the child, and Almighty God has cursed anyone who comes to a woman in her anus, because that violates common sense, and misses the woman’s chance of pleasure, and because the anus is a dirty place, there is no need to go there.
  • If a man has sex with his wife and then wants to resume sex with her, it is desirable that he perform ablution, as it is better, purer and more active..
  • Ghusl of impurity is obligatory for both spouses if the two circumcised men meetthat is, if a man inserts his glans into the vulva, and not just by touching it.
  • It is forbidden to have sex with a menstruating woman when she is menstruating. And whoever goes to his wife when she is menstruating, he must give alms and repent of what he has done and never return to the same, but it is permissible to enjoy the woman who is menstruating at except for the vagina.
  • Husband can use condoms or even condoms if he doesn’t want to have childrenThe Companions used to do this in the time of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace.
  • Spouses are prohibited from publishing secrets related to matters of marital cohabitation between them.And this is one of the worst things that the Prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, forbade us and warned us.

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Is a man rewarded for having sex with his wife?

A man will be rewarded for having sex with his wife if he wanted it by it for the love of Almighty God. It was mentioned in the honorable hadith on the authority of Abu Dhar al-Ghafari on the authority of the Prophet, may the prayers of God and peace be upon him, who said: “And in the goods of the one of you there is charity! He said: Do you think if he put him in a forbidden place, would he have been charged with it? [ قالوا : بلى ، قال : ] Likewise, if it is placed in halal, it will have it [ فيها ] salary)[3]The Prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, told his companions that if a man had sex with his wife, he would be rewarded for this act, as it would be alms for him. , prayers and peace of God be upon him, said, and said: Does a man come to his desires for sexual intercourse and is he rewarded for it? Then the Prophet said to them: He will be rewarded for having intercourse with his wife and cohabiting with her in the lawful, just as he is punished for having put his desire in the forbidden, because what is permitted becomes obedience with a sincere intention, therefore if a man dispenses from what is permitted from what is forbidden, he will have a reward for this dispensation.[4]

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Among the benefits of the marital relationship in Islam

There are a number of benefits for which Almighty God has legislated the marital relationship between spouses, and their benefits are:[5]

  • Lowering the gaze, because the legal relationship is a major reason to lower the gaze and avert the eye from all that is prohibited, so that Muslims do not fall into adultery and the mixing of lineages, and this is the most important benefit of the marital relationship.
  • The ability to abstain from what is forbidden Whenever there is a marital relationship based on the teachings and advice of the Prophet, it will absolve the man from anything that is forbidden.
  • Stop the soul, because the soul, when it finds comfort in the marital relationship, will definitely stop everything else, and everything that is forbidden except for the woman.
  • By getting the reward, for whoever goes to his wife as Almighty God has commanded him, and he wants it to be on his way, the Almighty will inevitably receive the reward for both parties, wife and husband.
  • Pass the estrangement, and one of the most important benefits of the marital relationship is to get comfort and pass the estrangement from the woman.
  • To have children, to preserve offspring, and to perpetuate the human race until the kit that Almighty God has ordained for this universe is complete.

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good marital relationship

Islam has honored the woman and removed from her any dark image, and decided for her many rights and duties, as it demanded for men, and of the good marital cohabitation the following: [6]

  • Protect the tongue from accusing each other of congenital or birth defects.
  • None of the spouses should accuse each other of their faults, nor be disgusted with each other, nor manifest their disgust for each other.
  • Not to mention the merits of other than his wife in front of her, because it is no more difficult for a wife than to hear from her husband the merits and qualities of others.
  • Keeping the secrets of the house, Islam has alerted to this important issue, which is to keep the secrets of the marital home and not to take them out of the house for any reason.
  • Saying salaams when entering the house. One thing that makes a woman endearing to her husband to greet her when he enters the house, and peace brings solace and comfort to the soul and spirit of the woman.
  • Calling with beloved names, the man should call his wife the names most loved by her, and the wife should also call her husband with the names he likes, as this leads to an increase in bonding and intimacy between them.

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At the end of our article, we got to know How to Practice Marital Relationship in Islam Islam has identified methods of examination by which the marital relationship between a man and a woman can be practiced in accordance with the guidance of the Prophet and the provisions of the Islamic Shariah.

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