A song about Jordan’s independence day 2022 written

A song about Jordan’s independence day 2022 written We are pleased to provide you with the important details of the news that is currently published in all the Arab world, that the researcher wishes to know, and through our article, we will inform you of all the details that interest you through Gulf Press website.

It deals with the Jordanian citizen celebrating independence with many feelings of joy and happiness, as well as a large number of songs and poems that carry between their lines the best marks, and in this we list the following:

Oh Jordan, my country

Oh my love and my heart

Oh my heart, I claim from my emotional depths

I speak to her with a song with the best melodies

I want to desire you, I always want, like a thief, I’m like an absent state, obliged to ‘mother of my time

Like a lost state living a dream of my sorrows

Whoever wants God will protect you from evildoers, and evildoers from my hatred

May God protect him. To you so that the whole universe remains my address

May God protect you, my country, and save the second Abdullah

He made Jordan shine in the heart like a mirror, and the mole heaven gave some of your meanings

Cloth alone, you are the good one, my country

This beauty and magic is so strong

I called your name tenderly

And lift the light from the heart of a dream come true

A poem about the Jordanian independence day 2022 written

Arabic poetry is one of the effects of the Arabic language through which the poet has expressed his love and affection for this language from time to time. Patriotism and others, to enjoy eternity with the pages of history, and the most beautiful poem on the independence of Jordan:

My poems were crowned with your name and became the mouth of time on guitar tours

Jordan.. my homeland, whose breezes are gentle and have a good time in the plains, valleys and valleys that hold the highest place in our consciousness. From its shores we have built walls

The cradle of civilization and from where light traveled the worlds guiding lands and countries
Feats enrich the world with its splendor like a sniper sings in the palm of your hand

A great day decorates the glory at the crossroads of its masters who wrote history with the freedom of the sword in their hands like an enraged rock They do not know the face of death in return

They sacrificed their lives to take the fever of heaven, heroes and relics

Day of the Most High is independence day, mole women breathe flowers and lights

A touching song about Jordan’s independence day 2022 written

The lyrics of the songs carry with their lines great bursts of feelings of love that fill the hearts on a national occasion in which the people have the right to announce joy and happiness, and the most important of these songs are :

Jordan, you are my identity, my love and my sovereignty

O castle that the Glory Books spoke of

In you are the cities, the arteries and the veins that hurt and trouble me

Oman “What kind of secrets do you tell me about Raya and what story about you was comforted

Desire opens in a turbulent thousand called a turbulent barrage

Who drowns in all the torments of his ways and is not shrunk by shame or blame

The plains of “Irbid” have lost their ears

And a throne in the valleys of grapes, if I quickly touched its edges

Sadness and anguish almost kill me

If so, I think the world won’t unite us

This may also be possible at the meeting place

The salt is blooming and the valleys are full of joy

We were roasting in the winter valley as the rain fell

It overlooks the valley from the top of its surroundings

Swarm of passion, so the edge flew

The cypress swam and the birds swam a lot

God realized the amount of gold that enlightened you

Glory is within the borders of “blue” like its pasture

His glory is fragrant, you owe him centuries

And the “blue” circle of thought is linked

Science, forum, poetry and literature

And the army in the desert sands is an approach

Protects from fever, watches over the prospects of future glory in “Karak” illusion and calculation and palm in “Karak” Najla. Apartment and Alliance in Ramada “Karak.

And the light is clear in the “Karak” burns

And the promise to Karak is narrow

Together, kiss, it passed my lips

And it passes over the glow of the fires) In you the men of “Abdullah” have opened

Through the emergency door “Amman

Poetry on Jordan Independence Day 2022

Poets have expressed in many enthusiastic poems their joy and participation in the occasion of Jordan’s Independence Day through a wide range of patriotic poems, and we have chosen to follow you:

Jordan, I agree with everything I have to say

I am proud to repeat all his messages

Jordan the universe and I understand what I’m saying and I know what I mean by the word honor

Jordan, I always have my head held high, I live in Anfa and I can’t live without it

I am Jordanian, Amman is my capital and Abu Al-Hussein is a glorious crown above him. President

I am Jordanian and everyone testifies that I am free

The earth is proud to have my name written on it.

Deira Hawashim is the best of honor and lineage.

Our leader, Abdullah, the gentleman of the Arabs

May the Lord of the House keep us proud

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A beautiful song about the Jordanian Independence Day 2022 written The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan celebrates the Independence Day on the twenty-fifth of May every year, which is after years of the most significant friends of the world. independence comes from:

The flag of blasphemy flashed D, which is one of the distinguished patriotic songs, and its most important words are as follows:

He knocked in his excellence and in his death

In heights and heights above the heads of men. .. in the smile of fertility and kindness

O symbol of majesty and radiance of beauty… and the pride of God comes from the web of jihad and redemption… and the wrath of expulsion is far away

The serenity of the nights and the liberation of the imagination… a good faithful secret which builds pottery and glory… and takes care to fight us.

A Nabataean song on the occasion of independence, and its most important verses are as follows:

O bird that shines in the sky from above and kisses in the clouds

What you have seen above us with glory and wealth. honor

I remember what I saw and said, Strike a good joke, tell the story of our glories, and explain, O bird, and give me

Answer the news, O bird, and you alone Answer me, O my beloved, this news, and O Zeina, bring a flag and a civilian.

He said what is above by God the colors wonder red and green and black and white to draw me to

What is the riddle, our bird, which you described is a sap?

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