A sudden appearance of the star of the series Bab Al-Hara “Umm Essam” with her lover .. and the public was surprised by the severity of her beauty! (see who it is)

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Sana’a – Misra Ismail – Syrian actress, Sabah Al-Jazaery flirted with her husband, Mr. Rabah Al-Taqi in public. Sabah Al-Jazaery posted a photo of her with her husband, Rabah Al-Taki, on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr on her personal page of the Instagram photo and video exchange site.

And the artist, Sabah Al-Jazaery, attached this photo to the comment, saying: “Every year you are a thousand good.

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A sudden appearance of the star of the series Bab Al-Hara “Umm Essam” with her lover .. and the public was surprised by the severity of her beauty! (see who it is)

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Followers of the Syrian star, the heroine of the “Bab Al-Hara series”, interacted with the photo she posted with her Lebanese husband, praising her remarkable beauty.




It should be noted that Sabah Al-Jazaery married the Lebanese Rabah Al-Taki, and they have 3 children (Rasha, Karam and Tarfa), and her daughter Rasha appeared in the series “Bab Al Hara”, when she embodied the character of “Hoda”, the wife of “Issam”, while his daughter Rafa Elle also has an acting career.

A special participation of Sabah Al-Jazaery on the first day of Ramadan 2022
On the other hand, the talented Syrian star Sabah Al-Jazaery caught the eye in the first episode of the “suspended series” of writers Ali Wajih and Yamen Al-Hajali, directed by Seif El-Din Subai’i and produced by “Ebla International”.

Sabah Al-Jazaery appeared in the series as a mother who has a daughter, “Safaa Sultan”, who commits a sin and one of the witches attacks her, so her brothers decide to kill her, but the mother makes believe to the brothers that she is the one who wants to kill her daughter and wash away her shame and smuggle her out after suggesting to everyone that she dug a grave and buried her daughter in it.

It was remarkable the scene before the moment of her death in the series, when she confessed the secret to her male children, while the scene of her conversation with one of the officials was touching when she told him: “The land is in Tunisia. with his children. »

Although Sabah ended her role at the end of the first episode, where the character ended in death, the accolades and praise she received are very high.

It is also interesting that Sabah has not played such a role for a long time, and despite the small number of scenes that do not exceed a few scenes in the series, her approval of her performance reflects her passion and concern for the value of she. presence as an actress despite her busy and rich artistic career. a lot for her.

It should be noted that the series “Suspended” is broadcast on Rotana Drama, MBC Drama and other channels, with Ghassan Masoud, Abbas Al-Nouri, Sulaf Fawakherji, Fadi Sobeih and Safa Sultan.

As for Sabah Al-Jazaery, she is featured in several works, namely the series “Hayed El Hob” directed by Bassem Al-Salka and the writer Fadi Koshoggi, the second season of the series “Haret Al-Qubba by Osama Kokash. and director Rasha Sharbatji, and the second season of the “Al-Kandoush” series written by Hossam Tahsin Bey and directed by Samir Hussain.

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