Qatar and the United Kingdom… intimacy in the relationship and model of friendship

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has started a working visit to the United Kingdom, as part of strengthening the friendship and strategic cooperation between the two countries.
Relations between Qatar and the United Kingdom maintain an enduring intimacy and distinction at all levels, and are growing in strength and strength over time to serve as a model of what relations between friendly countries should be. The mutual visits of the leaders and senior officials of the two countries reflect the growing concern and sincere desire to develop and develop the ties of friendship and common bilateral interests.
The State of Qatar and the United Kingdom share their positions on many global and regional issues with the aim of ensuring international security and stability, including the situation in Afghanistan and Syria, to make way for a political solution. to the Yemeni crisis and to support dialogue and reconciliation in Libya and elsewhere.
Qatar and the UK also share the achievement of development goals in terms of humanitarian work on issues such as refugees, education, human rights and the fight against extremism and terrorism.
In recent years, relations between Qatar and the United Kingdom have grown, which was clearly reflected in the announcement, at the end of October last year, of the launch of a strategic dialogue between the two countries, highlighting the strength of the bilateral relationship and the mutually beneficial opportunities for the peoples of the two countries to deepen cooperation.
The launch of the Strategic Dialogue also confirms the existence of a close mutual partnership between the State of Qatar and the United Kingdom in the development of trade, investment, defence, security, technology, cooperation in the fight against terrorism, public health, the climate change crisis, energy, culture, sports, education and the promotion of peace and security with friends and allies around the world , which includes infrastructure and investment in developing countries.
Developing relations at the level of strategic dialogue enables both countries to work from a position of strength on the international stage, facilitating and helping to resolve issues of common interest related to development and sustainability, the crisis of change climate change, conflict resolution and defense and security issues.
The State of Qatar is one of the strategic allies of the United Kingdom, and according to previous statements made by Her Excellency Mrs. Liz Terrass, the British Minister for Foreign Affairs and Development, to the Qatar News Agency (QNA ) on the sidelines of her visit to Doha, she confirmed that the State of Qatar is one of the UK’s strategic allies, and described the UK’s relationship with Qatar as “important”, stressing that ‘there are very clear plans on how to work between the two countries for the future.
Relations between Qatar and the UK have recently strengthened in addition to a milestone, perhaps the most notable of which has been the Afghan crisis and Doha’s prominent and active role in the evacuation of foreign nationals, including the British, of course, from Kabul airport in the midst of a crisis in which the whole world witnessed Qatar’s excellence and good management.
The State of Qatar contributed humanitarianly by establishing the largest airlift in history, which helped evacuate more than 75,000 people of different nationalities from Afghanistan and secure their transit through Doha to their final stations.
In the first third of this year alone, Doha has been a destination for visits by senior British government officials and parliamentary delegations as part of the existing friendship and partnership between the two countries, including His Excellency James Cleverly, Minister of State for the Middle East and North Africa, and Lord Ahmed of Wimbledon, Minister of State for Commonwealth Affairs. The United Nations and the Special Representative of the British Prime Minister, His Excellency Lord Vincent Kevini, Mayor of the City of London, His Excellency Lord Gerald Grimston, Minister of State for Investment and His Excellency Mr Nick Dyer, British Special Envoy for Humanitarian Aid, as well as members and British parliamentary delegations.
The past year has also seen a diversification in the areas of cooperation between Qatar and the UK, whether in bilateral relations or in regional issues of common interest.
At the beginning of 2021, the first meeting of the joint counter-terrorism committee was held between the State of Qatar and the United Kingdom, as part of the cooperation between the two parties in this field. During the meeting, ways to strengthen aspects of joint cooperation were discussed and topics of preparations for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, countering terrorist financing and preparations for the State of Qatar were addressed Assessing the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), Aviation Security, Maritime Security, Threat and Risk Management, and other related issues.
Regarding bilateral cooperation in the regional environment, the State of Qatar, represented by the Qatar Fund for Development, signed in March 2021 a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Kingdom represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of Commonwealth Affairs, with the aim of supporting the education of children in north-west Syria and meeting their holistic needs, by providing support to 130,000 children and 11,683 teachers in 435 schools in the Syrian governorates of Idlib and Aleppo.
In the field of security and military cooperation, the State of Qatar and the United Kingdom maintain exceptional military relations within the framework of the strategic role that the State of Qatar represents in the Gulf and in the region, in addition of its constant efforts to benefit from British training expertise and military capabilities.
Last year, the State of Qatar, represented by the Emiri Air Force, and the United Kingdom, represented by the Royal Air Force, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of expanding the current partnership between the air forces of both countries.
The memorandum called for joint training between the Qatari Air Force and the British Royal Air Force on a squadron of Hawk aircraft, in addition to employing a Voyager aircraft to provide air-to-air refueling for aircraft of the Qatari forces.
This partnership, in addition to the success achieved by the joint No. 12 Typhoon Squadron, will deepen the defense relationship between the two countries and strengthen the ability of both countries to address common security challenges in the region and contribute to its stability.
In terms of economic relations between Qatar and the United Kingdom, the two countries are linked to many joint projects and benefit from enormous investment opportunities which are based on solid foundations, reinforced by a strong and historic friendship.
The two countries are committed to developing their fruitful partnerships and exploiting the opportunities that will arise in the future to strengthen their cooperation in many areas such as green finance, technology and the financial services sector.
According to a statement by His Excellency Lord Vincent Kevini, Mayor of the City of London, to the Qatar News Agency (QNA), the volume of Qatari investments in the UK amounted to around 40 billion pounds a year. latest (2021) in the energy, business and real estate sectors.
The total number of British companies and representative offices operating in Qatar, according to the latest figures available, is around 1,134 companies and representative offices, including 993 joint Qatari-British companies, and two representative offices of UK companies, compared to 104 companies. 100% owned by the British side and 35 companies registered in Qatar Financial Center.
The volume of trade between the two countries stood at approximately 4.1 billion pounds at the end of the third quarter of 2021, of which 2.7 billion pounds are exports from the United Kingdom to Qatar, and approximately 1, 4 billion pounds is the value of Qatari exports. to Britain, whose oil and gas supplies account for about half the value.
The energy and real estate sectors are high on the list of priorities for economic cooperation between Qatar and Britain, and in the past two years alone, these two sectors have experienced a recovery and a remarkable acceleration of growth.
Before the end of 2020, a subsidiary of Qatar Petroleum and National Grid Green LNG in the United Kingdom signed a long-term LNG storage and regasification capacity agreement.
Under the agreement, which will come into effect in 2025 and run for 25 years, the Qatar Petroleum subsidiary will be able to use storage capacity at the Green Island terminal to receive liquefied natural gas in Kent County, D an amount of 7.2 million tons per year.
The agreement comes at the end of the competitive process launched by the company in November 2019, which will guarantee the largest LNG reception terminal in Europe in the future.
Then, in October 2021, Qatar Energy and British Royal Dutch Shell signed an agreement to jointly invest in blue and green hydrogen projects in the UK.
This cooperation aims to direct efforts towards integrated and scalable opportunities in key sectors where hydrogen can support decarbonization solutions, in particular in industrial clusters and in the transport sector, with particular attention to the Greater (London).
This cooperation will exploit both parties’ ability to deliver large-scale and technically complex energy projects.
In the real estate sector, Qatari Diar’s investments, for example, have so far reached nearly £4 billion in UK property projects, rising to £7 billion upon completion of the company’s latest project. company, ‘The Chancery Rosewood’, which has become the official approved name for its latest investment building in the UK capital, London, which is the oldest hotel in the UK historically and has replaced the United States Embassy in London. This contrasts with the world’s best sustainable housing project, Chelsea Barracks, in Belgravia, and other major property developments in the UK.

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