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Ahmed Marwah slaves


In the early eighties of the last century, when we were beginning the study phase at the University of Khartoum and getting acquainted with the political and cultural activity of various colors and stripes, which caught my attention , it is the insistence of the speakers of the “Democracy Front”, the student front of the Communist Party, in the pillars of their discussion and their wall papers, to criticize those who call the name “”America” ​​on the United States- They used to say that the word “America” ​​is a name for two continents, the North and the South, and even North America does not represent the United States, the largest country of this one, but Canada, as if they wanted to say that it is not allowed to give this great name to this “state” !!

Little did we know – and we were still freshmen – that this was part of the ‘Cold War’ culture that the ‘Greater Soviet Union’, the leader of the socialist bloc, is waging against the United States of America. , the leader of the capitalist bloc. Therefore, it should be noted that the term “America” ​​that came in the title of this article means the United States of America.


In the classic sayings of journalism, and more particularly of current affairs, it is said that “if a dog bites a man, it is not news, but if a man bites a dog, it becomes news”; The news, then, is that something unusual has happened. With this logic, we can make an analogy and say if the people of a country loved America, then that’s not news, but if America loved the people of a country, then that’s the news. How not, when America still represents for hundreds of millions of people around the world the land of dreams they aspire to reach, but it is elusive and its guardians refrain from various forms of prevention .

Embodiment of this love, which at first glance seems strange, the American administrations since April 2019 have been repeating that they are falling in love with the Sudanese and their glorious revolution, and the end of the year 2020 has brought significant news, which is the affirmation of the lady of the free world, and if you like the capitalist, her firmness on the love of our people and the communication of the master of the White House personally and his foreign secretary on the telephone with the leaders of our country to confirm that love, and the US Secretary of State visited us directly from Tel Aviv!!


For those who have not read the story carefully, we say that the story of American love in Sudan is not new. Sudan, which was the largest in its African continent and its Arab world, and Sudan, which is rich in its riches on the surface and in its interior, resembles America in many details, including its multi-ethnicity and the fact that it is a people formed through migrations over the centuries, it would have been a “United States of Africa” ​​if the fathers of our independence sixty-six years ago years, had managed its affairs better and how it should be governed!!

It seems that this resemblance, who is in the eyes and who is no longer a smuggler, is what explains part of this love affair, and illuminates the warmth with which President Kennedy received his Sudanese counterpart Ibrahim Abboud during of his visit to the United States. of America in 1961. And he came back with promises At that time, the United States had pledged to pave the Madani-Khartoum road with two lanes each way, and to build a road from Khartoum along the Nile to the north, but Soviet propaganda and its local mouthpieces portrayed this gain as if “America” ​​wanted to build wide roads to serve as landing strips for its planes when it decided to invade Sudan. And they launched a fierce campaign that “succeeded” in stopping this US aid, from which Sudan only gained “Aid Street”!!


The Sudanese’s love for America has not been greatly affected by the nature of successive regimes in power over their country, despite the control of the communist left by its May 1969 military coup on the reins of power. , and his diligence in rejecting capitalism and adopting the policy of nationalization. and confiscation, and demonizing all things “capitalist,” and the new regime’s bias for the eastern camp, America’s love for Sudan and the Sudanese remained constant, and the America succeeded – thanks to its regional weapons at the time – in ridding Sudan of the “working class dictatorship” in less than three years, and after America was reassured that the influence of left of the May regime, foreign aid flowed into Sudan, and Chevron started extracting oil from several fields, including Abu Jabra, and it drilled over (46) productive wells.

The same scenario repeated itself – with the differences necessitated by the nature of the stage – when power in Sudan was transferred to the Islamists in 1989, so America fought them with all kinds of wars and used its agents in this field, and he failed in several attempts, but he did not give up, until he succeeded in dividing the country into two states and then overthrowing the “Islamic regime” under the pretext that he supports terrorism.

And the viewer will find in the essence of American policy toward the various regimes that have successively ruled Sudan that it has not been proven that America has changed its love for our country and its people. republican thought in Sudan, which we quote here as an act: “Your country is the place of our love, and some of your regimes are the place of our war”! !


“sometimes love kills”. It’s also a classic old saying, people watch it and quarrel, and what we mean here is that America’s overwhelming love for Sudan and its people has caused the murder of hundreds of thousands of them, with the war supported by the Americans at one time. , and the side effects of the economic blockade which lasted more than a quarter of a century at other times, and these are the effects of It is difficult to remedy without more love!

America, and the political “transformers” in its orbit since the transition period leaders, have meant to tell the Sudanese that the destruction of your airliners and your railroad carriers, and the deprivation of your patients of medical devices produced or supplied by American companies, and depriving your students and universities of software produced by American companies, and crippled your banking system and isolated it from the world, and prevented your children abroad from transferring their savings through him…etc. It was about clinging to our love for you and seeking to remove the system that extended its control over your country and remained even after we managed to rid one-third of the country and two-thirds of its wealth. of his control. And because we love you, we are ready to give you back everything we stole from you, including the part we separated from your country, provided that your return to the House of Obedience is final and that your repentance be sincere this time!!


America will continue to love us, because we are an important country for its policy in the Africa and Middle East region, and our people will continue to love it because, like the majority of the peoples of the world, he longs for his homeland to become a microcosm of coexistence between its races and for the development and progress that America has achieved, but America’s eternal problem in Sudan is that it was and still wants only one class of rulers who owe him more loyalty than they owe their people should be installed around the necks of the Sudanese, and that is what cools love and turns dreams into nightmares. The pattern the US has been afflicted with in South Sudan is enough to infer its evil deeds!!

A golden opportunity loomed before America and her beloved Sudan, to breathe new life into the old love story and resurrect the soul in her imprisoned body, but slap the wounds and listen to the whispers of semi-expert and temporary fun researchers are not enough for this. America must not be satisfied with what comes to it from the eyes of those who are pleased with its policies and actions, but also, and perhaps most importantly, what comes to it from the eyes of those who are dissatisfied with his method in Sudan and his actions, which a large part of his population considers destructive for their country.

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