Hassan Al-Raddad’s mother refused his marriage to Amy Samir Ghanem, and the reason is shocking!

Many people may not know that Egyptian artist Hassan El Raddad’s mother was against his marriage to star Amy Samir Ghanem.

For several years, Hassan Al-Raddad’s mother stood in the way of his marriage to Amy, as she wanted her son to marry a girl outside the artistic community, which caused him to repeatedly deny his association. with Amy, despite the love affair that lasted. for more than eight years since their artistic debut, but in the end his mother agreed to marry After feeling the strong desire of his son to marry Amy and the love story that united them all these years.

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Hassan Al-Raddad’s mother appeared on air during her son’s encounter with the program ‘Women Don’t Know They Are Lying’ on CBC’s satellite channel in August 2016. She said “The most important thing I like about Hassan is that he is a very nice person, compassionate towards people, and is very nice to me, and he tries to accommodate me in every way, and always.” He comes to himself for me, and he compliments a lot, and it wears him down and wears him out.”

She added: “Hassan is the heir of his father’s kindness, masculinity, stubbornness and magnanimity. He is a very simple man. He loves home and family. He loves hanging out with us anywhere, and he likes to be with him in any situation.

During Al-Raddad’s interview with journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi on Dream TV’s “Ten in the Evening” show (January 2018); His mother gave an intervention in which she expressed her love for the theater and her encouragement for her son since childhood, and she said: “I encouraged him all his life to act, and I was also tempted to play for a long time, but the family refused. He remains an artist or a football player, who imitated Shaaban Abdel Rahim Koyes.

Hassan Al-Raddad responded to his mother’s words by saying: “Mom is the one who imitates very well, I inherited this subject from her, she is terrible in this field. I think my love of the game is the genes which I took from Mama, and her blood is very light.

She also appeared on the air again, when Hassan Al-Raddad arrived, as a guest of the program “Under Control” on the channel “Al-Nahar” (January 2019), and I sent him a message saying, “Hassan tries to make me happy in every way, every need I want to do, even if it’s at the expense of his comfort and his time. It makes me sad that with all this kindness, when he becomes intolerant, he doesn’t know anyone, it becomes a bit difficult.”

Hassan Al-Raddad’s mother revealed her will to him saying, “My will for Hassan is that he adhere to his morals on which he was brought up. In this, saying that I love him very much, and I love Amy, and i want them to keep their lives happy, and God grant them sons and daughters, and they don’t invite needs you always write about them, it’s just lies and talk hollow, no disagreements, no problems, no problems or any need, and may God honor them, O Lord, with 6 children Enough”, which brought his son to tears.

The mother of Egyptian artist Hassan El-Raddad died on January 9, 2021 following a battle with illness.

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