International wars are not public relations

According to a survey by an American organization concerned with international polls, “the size of the American public relations industry in 2020 approached $20 billion”. Just compare that figure with the number of NASA space costs between 1959 and 1972, estimated at around $22 billion, most of which went to the Apollo program, which brought … Read more

Asghar Farhadi’s latest film could land him in jail

Critics have swirled around Iranian director Asghar Farhadi’s films like a bracelet. How not, and most of his films combine the hot topic with suspense, using the crises of his heroes as a means of doing so. Today, Farhadi is experiencing one of those crises as the Iranian court found him guilty in a serious … Read more

Royce… an obscure philosopher who saved the reputation of American philosophy

What is strange is that there is not a single Arabic language book about Royce, and only Dr. Zaki Najib Mahmoud mentioned him in his book “The Life of Thought in the New World” and Dr. Azmi Islam in his book “Attitudes in Contemporary Philosophy. Some believe that the only American contribution to modern philosophy … Read more

Is love forbidden until further notice?

Is love forbidden until further notice? He can only defeat accumulated grudges after draining all of his energy Sunday – 12 Rajab 1443 AH – 13 February 2022 AD Issue No. [ 15783] Balzac-Sponville-Albert Camus Hashem Saleh Since the whole world celebrates Valentine’s Day on February 14, let’s chat a bit about this mind-boggling subject, … Read more

Does public relations play a vital role in the future of trainers in Britain?

Many professional managers take advantage of this when it comes to showing up for a particular job “I’m not going to take charge of any of the top four clubs, because my name is Allardyce, not Allardyce,” England manager Sam Allardyce joked almost a decade ago, calling him an English manager, not an Italy manager. … Read more

Priority interests in foreign relations

The current war in Ukraine, or as the Russians like to call it, “special operations”, opens new horizons, especially for Arab countries, in the modernization of the determinants of their external relations with the great powers. What do we mean here by large countries, on the one hand, the United States and the countries of … Read more

Yasmine Sabry to Asharq Al-Awsat: I am a person who loves beauty and sees it in everything

In a hall of the Jumeirah Carlton hotel in London, and during the event of the Arab Women Prize for the year 2022, “Asharq Al-Awsat” captured moments with the ambassador of this event, the artist Egyptian, Yasmine Sabry. It was not difficult to convince her during the interview that she is very passionate about women … Read more