Oddities behind bars.. A friend of his life was killed because of dishonesty

In the world of crime, everything is allowed, to accuse, to conceal and to accuse others. In the end, everything can be done behind bars, but despite this, the truth also cannot be hidden, no matter how long it takes, and no matter who did it, the decisive moment must come when the facts are … Read more

Marital bullying…a hidden monster that destroys the husband-wife relationship and destroys the family | shimmer

Evan El-Hayek, Family Counselor: Spousal harassment occurs when a husband or wife deliberately inflicts psychological, emotional, or physical harm on the other party without there being any reason to do so. If there is a reason, it becomes domestic violence and not harassment. 14/12/2021–|Last update: 14/12/20212:05 p.m. (Mecca) Beirut- What to do if you are … Read more

Marital fights during Ramadan | Woman divorces her husband for breaking the fast in front of her children

Written by: Heba Abdel Rahman Some couples take the holy month of Ramadan as a “stake” on which to throw their problems and pressures, forgetting that the divine wisdom of this holy month calls for tolerance, mercy and interdependence, and that the affection prevails between family members and society. as a whole, and instead of … Read more

Interpretation of a dream of a husband marrying his wife

Khabarni – There have been many interpretations of seeing the husband marrying his wife in a dream, as their interpretations differ according to the state of the seer, his relationship with the husband, his relationship with the second wife and the specifications of the new wife There are many other interpretations of this vision with … Read more

One of the signs of a husband’s continued love for his wife is his fear and concern for her.

Tell me – the husband’s love for his wife, there are signs and manifestations that can be evidence of noble feelings of love for the wife, the husband may not always directly express his love for his wife, but his actions indicate his feelings, through his interest in his wife. Indirect signs of husband’s love … Read more

10 years in prison for a husband in psychological difficulty.. for these reasons

Mona Rabi Doubt and jealousy He was blinded by his sight and insight, to the point that he went blind A mentally unstable He doubts everything around him, sees everyone around him greedy for his wife, and even his unhealthy obsessions have reached the point where he doubts that his wife In a relationship with … Read more

Suicide or murder?!.. The mystery of the death of the Dakahlia bride

Habiba Jamal “Your daughter is dead..come quickly,” a call Abeer’s mother received from her father telling her that their daughter the bride She died inside the marital nest, the mother hung up and left to find a means of transport to take her to the next village and there, in her daughter’s apartment, was the … Read more

Evacuation of Aleppo | Lifan under bombardment

2:56 p.m. Saturday, April 16, 2022 I wrote – Doaa Al-Fouli and Hoda El-Shimy: You remember the promise of details like it was yesterday; The long lines of civilians carrying bags to leave, the heavy footsteps to leave Aleppo, the boys playing for the last time in the Syrian city, the frail gaze of the … Read more