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When Dafna and Alexandre Cardinale first saw their newborn in September 2019, they immediately noticed that the little girl had darker complexion and hair than the rest of the family, according to their lawyers. And law firm Beaver Wolf explained that “tests have shown that there is no genetic link between Alexander and Dafna and … Read more

Corona Virus: How did a Turkish couple manage to launch the “Netflix food ordering” app?

Staff Dimitropoulos and Will Smell BBC January 18, 2022 published image, YONCA CUBUK comment on the photo, Emre Uzundag and Yonka Kubuk run a professional takeaway business from their home kitchen Spouses Emre Uzundag and Yonka Kubuk say they are “living their little dream now” thanks to a food delivery app. The Turkish couple moved … Read more

Free accommodation with other people…how does a retired couple get it while traveling around the world?

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Traveling the world while staying in other people’s homes for free might sound like an incredible idea, but a semi-retired couple from Norfolk Island, England, have pulled it off. Jonathan and Julie Ashworth, both in their 50s, sold their home in 2017 and now spend their days cruising while … Read more

Discover the list of the most viewed works during Ramadan on the WATCH IT platform

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