Her voice has become a companion that doesn’t care about permission and doesn’t care about time

Desire touched him and melted A small wooden chair at the entrance to the kitchen was my stable, my refuge and the most important place in our house, I sat on it whenever I wanted to watch my mother spend long hours cooking or preparing vegetables for the next cooking. day, or doing the dishes … Read more

Star designer Khaled Jalal: Entertainment is technically important, but it’s not the primary goal | Dialogue

I dream of a complete creativity center in each province and two scouts for the distinguished The “theatre crisis” is a term for all ages and disappears with the adoption of good art by the State Living legend known behind the scenes of the theater, the stage preserves his movements, but he is always able … Read more

Honesty in love, trust, family and death

Honesty in love, trust, family and death Reem and Wissam Brady with Anas Bukhash face the truth of life Saturday – 13 Shawwal 1443 AH – 14 May 2022 AD Issue No. [ 15873] Anas Bukhash, media player, Wissam Brady, and his wife, model Reem Al-Saidi Beirut: Fatima Abdallah Anas Bukhash mediates a trusted duo: … Read more

A famous artist couldn’t have children and because of her love for her husband, his wife from another woman.. You won’t believe what happened after that!

Thursday, May 12, 2022 Time 03:55 (Ahdath Net/Basma Ahmed) Egyptian cinema’s ‘Abla’, a nickname for which the late artist Koka was famous, after presenting 4 films about the desert lover in which ‘Antarah bin Shaddad’ was prominent, but before the brunette actress appeared before the cameras to embody the character, she was on a date … Read more

Salama writes: Noun Al Niswa .. Sakhnin, Sherine, Jenin! | Book of Ammon

On March 30, 1976, the blood of the martyr Khadija Shawahna stained the land of Sakhnin and all of Galilee, and together with her five companions, the glorious history (Land Day) began, and a major conspiracy against the Arabs of Galileo was stopped. to move them and seize thousands of acres. Sakhnin was the scene, … Read more

“Diverging from the text…again.” An effective prescription for a meaningful start in life

Asma Saad Published on: Friday, May 13, 2022 – 7:28 p.m. | Last update: Friday, May 13, 2022 – 7:28 PM Interdependent texts between the theories of psychiatry and the rules of human relations An elaborate blend of fluid ideas about psychology, psychiatry angles, and human relationships in a seamless narrative form, is the basis … Read more

What we know about the tensions between Russia and Ukraine so far

11:21 p.m. Thursday, January 20, 2022 I wrote – Hoda El-Shimy: Tensions between Ukraine and Russia are at their highest in years, especially after the buildup of Russian forces near the two countries’ borders raised fears of a possible invasion from Moscow. Ukraine has warned that Russia may try to destabilize it ahead of any … Read more

After the announcement of Handa Archil’s engagement: Turkish star relationships, reality or acting?

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Elon Musk: Are there real concerns over US billionaire’s announcement to ‘suspend’ his Twitter acquisition

May 13, 2022, 09:29 GMT Updated 13 minutes ago published image, Getty Images Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, has said he will temporarily put his plans to acquire Twitter on hold. And Musk posted a tweet in which he said he was still awaiting details that fake accounts on the platform amount to no … Read more